Fashionable Women Sun Glasses In 2022

Let’s talk about the fashion trends for sunglasses in 2022. What sunglasses are in fashion, what sunglasses to buy, and how to choose the best branded model for the shape of your face. Why it’s essential to wear sunglasses, first, let’s look at the major trends and then at models from famous designers.

Fashion sunglasses 2022 – top trends and bright trends from designers

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for all seasons. They protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and can help you see better. But it’s also a stylish accessory. In 2022, retro fashion is making a comeback.


Dita Erasur DTS507-03

In-style 70s: round and square

In 2020, fashion from the ’70s was on trend. These models have big lenses and very thin metal temples. The color palette is brown and gold.

With color rimmed

In a world of metallic and black sunglasses, a pretty strong trend has emerged: colored frames. For some, it’s too bright and unusual. But for people who want to take risks and like retro, brightly colored frames will be to their taste.

Wide Frame

For several seasons, minimalism has been so fashionable that the only logical response is a radical turn toward the idea of “the bigger, the better.”

Now, designers suggest wearing sunglasses with maximalist frames and proportions. Such an accessory will occupy much attention in the image, so be careful with it.

With mirrored glass

These are the most fashionable sunglasses of 2022 that immediately give a futuristic look. You can find all shapes of mirrored glass glasses: round, square, oblong, rectangular, hexagonal, and cat’s eye.

Tiny ninety narrow glasses

The nineties were an exciting year for sunglasses. On the one hand, they were ornate models, and on the other, the ultimate expression of minimalism. But what they did have in common was the central touch – the rectangular, flattened glasses.

The slim glasses remind us of the ’90s. They are presented in several styles. They are cat’s eyes and tapered. Try the simplest models, with neutral colored lenses and metal mounts. If you want to take a risk, buy a model in a more extreme and bright shade.

Cat eye

One-size sunglasses with a cat-eye shape are on trend this season. Designed only for women, they are perfect for elongating the face and highlighting the cheekbones. In addition, these glasses add a certain retro vintage touch to your style.

Top rimmed glasses

Spring-summer 2022 sunglasses trends call for a strong focus on top-rimmed glasses with dominant upper edges.


The aviators are back, squares are back to break into street style, and hexagonal glasses have arrived, giving us a new geometry lesson!

According to recent trends, slim hexagonal and octagonal frames are a must for prescriptions and sunglasses. They balance out the rounded shape of the face.

Women’s Ray Ban Sunglasses

Women’s Ray-Ban sunglasses are the best bet for summer 2022. In addition to being beautiful and classic, they have the proper eye protection. Eyewear manufacturer Bausch &Lomb made Ray Ban sunglasses because they were asked to make stylish sunglasses that would protect the eyes from the sun’s rays. That’s when Ray Ban came into existence.

Look out for the Ray-Ban 2299 model in a chic cat-eye shape.


Ray-Ban 2299

Ray-Ban has several models to suit all face shapes and preferences. They look beautiful on the face and give comfort and safety.


Ray-Ban 2299


Balenciaga has always had a special place in fashion. Today, Balenciaga continues to uphold the legacy and undergoes a true creative renewal. The new sunglasses collection embodies breakthrough style and fashion realism. Below are the Balenciaga BB0179S sunglasses on Haley Bieber.


Balenciaga BB0179S

Dynasty in a D-shaped frame in black acetate with black lenses and gold fittings – a fashion trend for 2022.


Balenciaga BB0095S


As seen during the Winter 2021 fashion show, the Dior Signature S2U sunglasses complement the house’s iconic line.


Dior Signature S2U

The couture-style design features a low rectangular shape with a flat top. The black acetate graphic frame shows the signature CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS lettering. It is adorned with metallic lines with gold trim that finish with gray lenses. Modern sunglasses will give any look a decisive Dior style.


DiorSignature S2U

Another model from the Dior Club M2U mask has a curved rectangular shape, attractive for a sporty look.


DiorClub M2U mask

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses For Women

As the name suggests, the aviator is a version of sunglasses worn by aviators. The glasses protect the eyes from the sun’s rays without losing their feminine charm and elegance. The transparent glass allows you to see better, even on cloudy days.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford eschews flashy logos and fancy features in favor of elegant minimalism and carefully chosen details. This approach gives his eyewear a look that is clearly in tune with the moment but, at the same time, appropriate for any era. Tom Ford’s collection conveys luxury, glamour, and exclusivity and guarantees luxury through attention to detail and quality products.


Tom Ford FT0917

Another stylish, popular Tom Ford FT0902 model.


Tom Ford FT0902


Tom Ford Scarlet FT0920


Tom Ford FT0837


The Chanel eyewear collection has a traditional style, sophisticated, understated, and elegant look. But all the decorative elements are bright and spectacular works of art. Chanel glasses and sunglasses are something you’ll cherish and wear for decades to come.


Chanel CH5456QB

Another Chanel CH5441 model showcases elegance and femininity.


Chanel CH5441

Chanel 5435 has a square shape, is made of acetate, and has a heavy appearance.


Channel 5435


The modern evolution of the classic cat-eye, a silhouette that took shape in the late ’50s. This shiny black acetate construction is decorated with gold rivets and Gucci lettering. A translucent lens completes the design. Gucci GG 1082 S.

The Gucci GG 1082 Sunglasses.


Gucci GG1082S

Another stylish Gucci GG1081S model. This is the ultimate version of the classic round frame.


Gucci GG1081S

This Gucci GG 1022 S article is inspired by 80s vintage style and features a removable gold metal chain. Available in black as well.


Gucci GG1022S


The chic square model from Versace 4409 has a light black acetate frame and black lenses. The wide spandrels are embellished with enamel and an image of Medusa on a background of chains.


Versace 4409

If you want something bigger, Versace 4405 is for you.


Versace 4405


Prada has introduced the 17WS model. This bold, wide-frame design has an avant-garde silhouette and angular shape.



Prada 17WS

If you like massive accessories, check out the Prada 08YS option.


Prada 08YS


Prada 17WS


Valentino designs timeless and exquisite products. In 2022 the fashion brand Valentino presents several models.


Valentino 4073

Inspired by the sophisticated style of Valentino Garavani’s 80s collections, the Italian fashion house’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli has designed extravagant Soul Studs sunglasses. A sign of strong, confident femininity.


Valentino 4101


Exuding a ’70s vibe, these square Hannah sunglasses from Chloé combine a gold metal frame with a signature outer rim. The oversized shape emphasizes soft lines and a smooth transition, while gradient peach lenses accentuate the retro spirit.


Chloé Hanah


The Première Cartier collection features contemporary lines, three metal inlays, and finishes in platinum, gold, and ruthenium. The Cartier CT0156S rectangular model, with red lenses, is on-trend for 2022.



Cartier CT0156S

Serengeti Leonora


Serengeti Leonora

Bottega Veneta

These Bottega Veneta BV1102S sunglasses are made of tortoiseshell acetate in a modern cat-eye silhouette.

The sculpted lines and polished hardware accentuate the sophisticated tone of Bottega Veneta BV1035S “cat’s eye” green sunglasses.


Bottega Veneta BV1035S

Another option from Bottega Veneta BV1035S. Black, elegant, and very stylish.


Bottega Veneta BV1035S

Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs sunglasses collection features stylish shades that emphasize new character. Choose from a variety of distinctive shapes and vibrant colors. The Marc Jacobs MJ 1000 S model is shown below by Rita Ora.


Marc Jacobs MJ1000S

Saint Laurent

Since its founding in 1961, Saint Laurent has strongly influenced trends in both fashion and the broader socio-cultural landscape. The fashion house remains synonymous with youth, freedom, and unambiguous modernity. Its strong personality and fashion codes are easily recognizable in its sunglasses collection, characterized by bold elegance and authentic style. Consider the Saint Laurent SL 507 sunglasses.


Saint Laurent SL 507

Another Saint Laurent model is the SL 462 in a butterfly frame with engraved spirits.


Saint Laurent SL 462

Saint Laurent’s white acetate sunglasses have an elegant cat-eye silhouette that emphasizes the signature note of retro-inspired functionality and elegance.


Saint Laurent SL68

Dolce Gabbana

As Dolce & Gabbana proves with its sculpted sunglasses with the DG monogram, the right angles are everything.


Dolce Gabbana 6141


KALEOS reflects everyone’s individuality in every situation, even on a Sunday afternoon. A wide selection of frames with which everyone can identify, from the more traditional and understated to the modern and extravagant. Exquisite design, high quality materials, and very attractive price. The collection is dynamic, constantly growing, updated, and enriched, and it never ceases to amaze us.

Another model in monochrome thick orange acetate. Rectangular shape. Kalos Zajac.


Kaleos Barberella


CHIARA is a large-sized model with rounded profiles inspired by 1970s design. They are CR39 designer lenses with maximum UV protection and high visual comfort. Gigi Studios Chiara sunglasses are perfect for 2022.


Gigi Studios Chiara


These rectangular, translucent white acetate frames in the CELINE eyewear collection are made in Italy and tinted brown lenses with UVA / UVB protection.


Celine CL40193i

The black model from Celine is shaped like a big square, creating a vintage 1970s vibe.


Celine CL40104i

Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona sunglasses are made of biodegradable acetate and highly polarized mineral lenses.


Etnia Barcelona for Open Arms


This season RETROSUPERFUTURE presents an enhanced collection of high-quality, versatile eyewear. Take a look at the product Palazzo.




For the modern urban woman, the Bolon collection has an elegant square frame finished with geometric arcs, giving the entire design a note of high class. This series perfectly reflects both femininity and modernity.


Bolon BL5058 Stella


Bolon BL5058 Stella

How Should Sun Glasses Fit

If you look at the temples, some small numbers are on the inside of the glasses.

Let’s take Ray-Ban Clubmaster glasses as an example. From left to right:

  • The letters RB are the symbol code (Ray-Ban).
  • The numbers below show the model code (5154).
  • Then the color code (2012).
  • The following numbers indicate the size of the model in this order: lens (49), bridge (21), and BTE (140).

But what exactly does that mean?

  1. Lens size refers to the width measured from bridge to end. It is expressed in millimeters. When you buy new glasses, check the width of your old lenses to see what size fits you.
  2. The bridge is the part that connects the two lenses above the nose. The number indicated on the rod expresses its width in millimeters, showing the distance between the lenses. There are several classes of bridges (straight, horseshoe-shaped, narrower, or broader). Glasses with similar bridges usually fit almost equally.
  3. The size of the bTE indicates its overall length. It should be long enough to fit comfortably on your ears.

With all this in mind, there are several things you can look at when trying on glasses that will help you choose the best model for you:

  • The size of the frame should be proportional to the size of your face.
  • The bridge should not fall on your nose but should rest correctly.
  • The bottom edge of the mount should not rest on your cheek. Otherwise, it won’t be enjoyable.
  • Preferably, the top edge of the frame should not cover your eyebrows.

How To Choose Sun Glasses When Shopping Online

Can’t you try them on? Don’t worry; there’s a straightforward trick to figure out if the glasses you see on the screen will look good or too big or small on your face.

There’s no need to worry.

Take a standard-sized card, such as a bank card. Stand in front of a mirror and place the card upright so that one edge corresponds to the center line of your nose.

You’ll be able to see your nose.

Now, if the other edge ends where your eye ends, the standard-size glasses will fit you.

If the frame ends behind the edge of your eye, then small glasses would work best for you. And if, conversely, if the edge of the card doesn’t end at the end of your eye, you’re better suited for more giant glasses.

If the frame ends at the end of your eye, you’re better off with more giant glasses.

What Are Polarized Lenses?

This means that the lenses of your glasses have a filter that allows only good light to pass through, preventing harmful UV rays from coming through. This dramatically reduces the discomfort and risks that flares can cause from reflective objects. Polarization lets you see the panorama, evident relief, and natural color.

What Is Uv400 Protection?

Sunglasses with UV400 protection have lenses with a filter that protects both UVA and UVB rays. This is the most harmful set of rays that affects the human eye. The ‘400’ nomenclature means it protects at a wavelength of 400 nanometers.

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