Fashionable Women Pants 2022: What To Choose?

Women and girls have finally adopted the attribute of men’s clothing – pants. They are comfortable, practical, suitable for women of any build and figure. It is easy to wear pants to work, on the road or for a walk, and a silk or velvet trouser suit is a wonderful outfit for a special occasion.

Fabrics And Colours

Fashionable women’s pants from Autumn-Winter 2022 are made from natural fabrics – gabardine, tweed, dense knitwear.

For dressy pants use velvet, satin, jacquard fabric. For summer models – cotton, linen, fine knitwear, silk, viscose.

Leather does not fade out of fashion, both natural and eco-leather. Roberto Cavalli offers a variety of color trends to fans of this material – products not only traditional, black or brown, but also bordeaux, chocolate, dark green, and olive. Fashions for leather pants 2022 classic and free cut, wide – look gorgeous on tall slender girls.

Fashionable women’s pants for autumn have a muted, calm colour palette of navy blue, brown, black or gray.

Summer models are made from light or rich monochrome fabrics. The use of bright large prints, flowers, leaves, and leopard or geometric prints is another trend in colour. Of course, white pants in summer are always on trend, making the image elegant and dressy.

The plaid pants are topical this season, especially in oversize style. The increased attention is paid by Chanel designers to both large and bright, and small, barely noticeable plaid.

Many manufacturers, including Alberta Feretti, use stripes of different widths to hide flaws and make a woman look slimmer.

Fashion in winter 2022 and the following year, 2022, aims for natural proportions – styles are laconic, comfortable and practical, not overloaded with details and complicated cuts.

The Classics Are Timeless

What models of women’s pants are always in fashion? Of course, classic, the designers only slightly enhanced this cut with fashionable details. Usually, in such models, the fit is assumed at the waistline. This remains relevant, but the latest proposals demonstrate an overestimation of the line.

Also returned smoothed along the entire length of the arrows, which visually lengthen the legs. Such pants are worn with a small strap in a contrasting colour or in the tone of the fabric. It is safe to say that the classic is still a basic item in a woman’s closet in 2022. Michael Kors, Hermes and other well-known brands presented many models in their new collections.

The length of classic models can reach to the middle of the heel. Also in fashion are shortened pants. A pair of natural fabric pants with arrows is an excellent choice for the office.

The Culottes

In the XVI century, culottes (French for “short pants”) were the possessions of aristocrats. They returned to present-day fashion in the 30s of the last century. They resemble a skirt, which gives femininity to the image. As in this year, popularity will peak in 2022. Their characteristic feature is a wide cut on the bottom, the length is usually 15 cm below the knee, they have been on trend for several years. However, the styles are changing, new details and elements appear.

Culottes for winter 2022 and next year will be made from a thick tweed or gabardine fabric, giving the checkered pattern or, especially popular, the “houndstooth” print its special color.

Flared And Wide

Slightly hooligan look with flared pants, amazingly young women. It is excellent for hiding flaws – overweight, imperfect forms.

In addition to flared from the hip or knee, wide pants have been fashionable for several years. This is a universal thing – you need to choose the right style. They will emphasize the advantages of an ideal figure and hide the disadvantages of an imperfect figure.

When wearing fashionable wide pants you should follow the golden rule – wide bottom – narrow top. Close-fitting shirts, light blouses made of chiffon, tops, in cooler seasons – leather fitted jackets or cropped coats.


The trend of 2022, which will undoubtedly continue to be fashionable in the next year 2022, has its own history. The brand Chloe proposed this option. At first, pants with stripes looked strange at fashionable parties or in restaurants, but fashionistas were not embarrassed by it.

Lapels can be monochrome, two-colour, checkered, in the tone of the main fabric or contrasting. Models with leather, knitwear, and denim.

Trousers For European Beauties

Wide pants came to Europe from the East, a characteristic detail of pants is a large elastic band at the waist and at the bottom of pants. Wide trousers create volume, so the top should be tight. In this case, shirts look stylish, and a fitted jacket or denim shirt will do in a cool evening. Keeping the image from becoming too bright is crucial – if the top has a pattern, the bottom should be monochrome, and vice versa.

What Fits Plus Size Ladies

Large women should not wear wide trousers, shapeless clothes, or clothes made of corduroy with wide ribbing.

Pants for large women must hide “accumulations” in the abdominal area, so they do not stare into the eyes. They can be hidden by a special cut – without a belt and landing at the waist line, it is better to sew the clasp on the side. The colours should be calm, muted and not too light. Winter models could be black, blue or brown. In summer, saturated colours are preferable.

Banana pants are pants with a loose top and skinny bottom, shortened above the ankle. Purchase them now to be in style for the next year or even several years since they will be exceptionally fashionable in 2022.

With a long blouson or cardigan covering the hips, tapered bananas look fashionable and elegant. In 2022, fashionable bananas will be slightly shorter – up to the ankles.

Listen to the advice of fashion designers and you will always be on-trend, elegant and modern. It does not matter the age and complexion, among the variety of styles available, you will find something that will make you flawless.

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