Fashionable Women Breeches And Capri Pants

Women’s breeches are comfortable, stylish and up-to-date clothes found in most modern women’s closets. They are suitable for both a desperate fashionista, ready for huge financial and moral sacrifices for a new piece of couture and the average representative of the fair sex, whose way is not from Paris to London by plane but from work to home through kindergarten and the store on their own two feet.

The modern market offers a lot of models for all tastes. For skinny and plus size figures, large sizes and children, sports and leisure, and even winter options. Cotton, sports, denim, knit, classic and even glamorous breeches in rhinestones and lace – the choice is yours.

A Brief History Of Women’s Pants: Pros And Cons

Women wearing pants were burned at stake by the Catholic Inquisition. This symbol of emancipation of the weaker sex, freedom and equality was forbidden for many centuries. Only men had the right to wear pants. It was believed that if a woman emphasizes the lines of her body and clearly highlights the legs, she has no right to be called decent. Pants only in the form of pantaloons – underwear – were allowed in the Middle Ages. The only occasion when a lady could wear pants and not be considered tainted was war. However, women were not often seen in war; Joan of Arc was the only commonly known example. The inquisitors reminded her of this unflattering detail when sending the Maid of Orleans to the stake.

Who would have thought that nothing less than the bicycle would free women from their skirt clutches! The mass worldwide fascination with this sport has led to the fact that pants have settled in the closet of every advanced woman. After all, pedaling in a skirt is deadly. Before the First World War the Parisian fashion houses offered a variety of options for women’s pants not only for sports. The mother of the new style could be rightly considered the magnificent Marlene Dietrich, a movie star, who adored pants.

History Of Breeches

Back in the distant XVI century, cropped to the knees and close-fitting leg pants were worn by wealthy men on horseback. In subsequent centuries, the wave of popularity for the stronger sex were culottes and for women – bloomers. The culottes were pants that fastened below the knee. In France, during the times of the Sun King, they were worn only by aristocrats. Bloomers came much later and looked like tights with an elastic band at the ankle.

After World War I, during the radical changes in the world of women’s fashion, breeches became a popular garment for emancipated women and even movie stars. Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot loved these elongated shorts not only in life but also appeared in them in the frame. In Funny Face, Hepburn dances and sings in beige breeches and black patent boots. Following her idol, thousands of girls began to imitate the Oscar-winning beauty in clothes.

After World War II, the popularity of breeches declined. Again they appeared on the podium only in the 90s of the XX century. Modern businesswomen liked classic breeches and capri pants, and lovers of outdoor activities and trips to the countryside chose sports and denim models. In 2006 an American brand of the Fisher family called “Gap,” producing clothes for the whole family, swimwear, underwear, and shoes, presented a whole line of breeches for men and women, which caused a new wave of popularity of these cropped pants or elongated shorts. The firm began by selling the world-famous “Levi’s” brand of jeans.

The modern fashion dictionary does not often use the word “breeches.” Mainly the term “capri” is used. They are also long shorts, loose around the hips and fixed in the middle of the shin. It is believed that the classic capri was invented by a native of the Italian resort island of the same name, Sonia de Lennart, who created this model of pants for walks along the coast. You can walk barefoot along the beach and even soak your feet in such clothes, not being afraid that the pants will get wet. Marilyn Monroe loved this sexy and comfortable model. She often posed in it for photo shoots and interviews.

Classic Breeches And Capri: What’S The Difference?

  • The first and the second things are a much shorter version of pants or a longer version of shorts.
  • The main difference between the shorts in their length – breeches are often up to mid-knee, capri are dropped to the middle of the shin or ankle.
  • A loose fit characterizes Capri. Breeches are tight around the leg, so they are often tucked into high boots, loose on the hip and narrowed to the knee, and can be fixed with a clasp with an elastic band.
  • The breeches are suitable for thin women. They are often worn in sports while riding.
  • Women’s capri look harmonious and on large legs.

However, in practice, the differences from the models are not so significant. In today’s clothing market, the boundaries are being erased, and it makes no sense to pick on the use of this or that fashion term.

Denim Models

Jeans are comfortable to wear, look stylish and combine with various accessories and shoes. Especially popular are models with pockets, rivets, rhinestones, lace, metal jewelry and other bright accents. They are suitable for slender girls because they perfectly emphasize the waist and thin legs. An excellent option for summer is fashionable jeans, shorts and ballet flats or sandals. Dressing them with pumps, high heels or platforms, a fitted jacket, and a silk blouse gives you an image of elegance and business so that you can go to work or a meeting with colleagues. A top, denim lengthened shorts, plus popular nowadays creepers or simple sneakers – a comfortable and practical summer outfit for a walk in the city or nature. Overhead sweatshirts, pits, denim jackets or sweatshirts will suit you well – they will be cozy, beautiful and in step with the times.

Tight denim models will look great with bootcut boots. It’s a classic pre-war version that still looks stylish and sexy today.

Linen Capri

Hot summer loves light clothes that do not cramp the movement and look easy and comfortable to wear. When mini-skirts are annoying or inappropriate, pants are too hot clothing. Fashionable linen capri pants come to the rescue. This echo of the “safari” style can be safely worn in the urban stripes. White and beige summer models are good to combine with light shirts, T-shirts the colour of wet asphalt or blouses with a print. Women’s linen wide elongated free-cut shorts are good for large women – it is not difficult to find these models of large sizes. They turn extra pounds into an appetizing form and conceal disharmony in the figure.

Cotton And Knitwear

Long wide shorts made of natural fabrics are indispensable in the hot season, for summer. Knitted cotton women’s capri is suitable for both skinny and not. Larger sizes of such pants are in demand in the following variants:

  • They should not be light – black, blue, in the extreme, or beige. White adds extra pounds.
  • The cut should not be straight and loose, preferably jacketed knit pants with a minimum of colour, metal accents, and pockets.
  • If you have big calves – look for a length just above or below the mid-calf and large ankles – above the mid-calf, so the emphasis is shifted from your shortcomings in the figure.
  • Large sizes look harmonious if the bottom is fixed with an elastic band or clasp.

How To Choose The Right Model?

Here are a few rules on how to choose elongated linen or knit, cotton or denim seamless women’s shorts to fit:

  • If your figure is not fashionable, avoid tight and flared styles. Galifes, straight cuts and wide models fixed at the bottom with an elastic band are your options.
  • During the cold season, the salvation of large legs – black and noble brown cropped pants, in summer give preference to muted shades of beige and gray
  • The longer the shorts should be, the taller you are.
  • For large legs and short height, will not suit the low waist breeches
  • taboo for larger sizes – shorts made of thin fabric. Optimal is classic denim and linen, heavy knitwear

Here are a couple of tips on what model of shorts to stop at, depending on where you’re going:

  • Classic fashionable capri pants should be worn to work. They are sewn from dense suit fabrics of restrained colours – black, navy blue, and gray. It may be checked or striped. Bright patterns, lace and other provocative decorations are unacceptable.
  • Summer beach options – from bright light fabrics, for example, satin, with colourful prints. They can be matched to the tone of the swimsuit. This clothing for the summer will protect feet from UV rays and emphasize your style – you will not be unnoticed on the beach!
  • The urban style is “safari” or “colonial.” A great summer outfit for the concrete asphalt tropics. Not hot, stylish, and effective.
  • Home and sports long shorts – often seamless, made of plain cotton. Always needed for sports, household chores, in the vacation suitcase. Do not stop at the common gray colour – please yourself and your family with bright prints and acid colours of your home clothes. It is very easy to choose large sizes of such clothes.

Today every girl, woman and even girl’s closet has capri pants. Summer, knitted, cotton and linen, warm and summer, for fitness and outdoor recreation, skinny and large size – women’s shorts are indispensable.

Fashion Kids

Shortened pants are an excellent choice for skinny girls. A Baby “in the body” with a balanced character will look absurd in such an outfit. Their mothers prefer to dress their daughters in the style of “princesses” – sundresses and dresses, skirts, decorated blouses and fluffy sweaters. Slim and energetic girls will look organic in comfortable, lightweight sports clothing – sweatshirts, bright T-shirts, denim or cotton breeches and pants. Lengthened shorts will not restrict the movement, and a variety of decor will give a playful and effective outfit. Beautiful pants, both skinny and large sizes, you can wear even to the graduation party in kindergarten or early development school, to a concert or the theatre. Add a bright purse with the child’s favourite cartoon character, a stylish headband or hairpins, mischievous curls or laconic straight strands, and a spectacular T-shirt – your daughter, will be on top!

Homemade or seamless can be worn to a sports club or for a walk in the sandbox, or on the playground. Wear them at home when it’s cold and on vacation because summer loves comfortable loose shorts!

Women’s breeches and capri are always on the wave of popularity. They will make you a fragile princess, awaken sexuality and self-confidence!

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