Fashionable Woman Hats With Cat Ears

A pretty and cute hat with cat ears is increasingly becoming a favorite closet item for girls. Indeed, a girl in such a hat turns into a terribly cute creature, which you want to protect and protect.

Now you can find women’s models of hats for every taste, colour and size. There are hats with ears for summer and winter, and, of course, for autumn-winter weather, too. Sold in fleece and knitted models – the choice is huge.

The style was made popular by American designer Anna Sui. With her light hand the trend was picked up by other designers. It is safe to say that women’s hats with ears are definitely a very popular trend.

These hats are particularly stylish and harmonious when combined with youth informal style. Young girls can choose these fashionable headpieces without fear and doubts.

What are the main trends for hats with ears in 2022:

  • The focus is on practicality. The main task is to protect from weather conditions. Therefore, now women’s hat with ears gravitates towards more austerity and minimal decorations.
  • In trend – white colouring, as well as light beige.
  • The main print is an animal skin. Even fleece hats can now be chosen with a leopard or zebra pattern.
  • Handmade is still in vogue. Many designers introduced hats imitating handmade products. Knitted model is practical and looks nice.
  • The novelty of the last fashion seasons – the colour of the hat does not need to match the tone of the outer clothing. On the contrary, it is better if it is contrasting.

What You Need To Know About Hats With Ears

  • Originality. In such a hat it is difficult to go unnoticed. A girl, putting on such an extravagant headgear, must be ready for a lot of views. Especially if it is a model with a visor or knitted with a particularly large knitting.
  • Warm and comfortable. Despite their decorative effect, hats with ears remain for women, first and foremost, a headwear, so they are designed to perform a protective function. What they successfully do. Fur hats are warm in winter, and felt and knit hats are useful in the fall and spring. In addition, a hat for the warmer months, as a rule, is equipped with a warm fleece lining, which will make it cozy.
  • Practicality. Hats do not require special care, do not take up much space, most models can be washed in the machine. Except for fedoras, fur hats and hats with a visor, of course.

But there is one disadvantage to this charming model. It is that such hats should not be paired with evening and holiday dresses. They are suitable for everyday images. Especially fashionable now is a knit cap with ears.

What Are The Different Types Of Hats With Ears?


Women’s hats with an imitation owl’s face look childishly attractive. It looks, a bit factory-made, as if it was made by your own hands. This gives it a bit more charm. Often such models are equipped with claws, eyes, tassels on the ears of an owl, which gives the hat a bit more realism.

For cold weather, such a product is a wise choice. You can buy such hats for your child and yourself and roll in them from the slide in the winter if you have the opportunity.

As a rule, they are made of warm soft fleece or knitwear. You can wear such a hat with a knitted dress – the more knitted, the better. Leggings will look harmoniously under the dress: warm and fashionable at the same time. As outerwear with a hat, combine a parka or a short fur coat, preferably artificial – black or brown.

Jeans and a down jacket would also make a worthy addition to the charming fleece owl cap. You can wear it in puddles and other winter sports.


A hat with ears looks especially charming on young, fragile girls. Hats with wolf ears are usually made from thick, long fur, which makes them very warm and suitable for severe frosts.

It is essentially a converted hat with earflaps. Only the ears are not tied, as in the classic version, and freely stick out on the sides. Hats like this can be worn by both women and men. First of all, the hat was designed to convey an informal image in a youthful, slightly carefree urban style. It will also look great with sportswear.

It is strongly not recommended to combine such a hat with other fur products. A fashionable wolf hat should be the central component of the image, and nothing should overshadow it.

Would look great with a down jacket and a jacket without down. Clothing can be either bright, even neon, or muted, marshy, vintage. Black hats, as well as other natural colors, are very interesting to look at.

It is better to combine a hat with wolf ears with shoes without a heel. Thick soles will look especially harmonious. Stilettos and wolf hats will not be tolerated near you.


This hat with the ears of a charming and cute animal is probably the most popular model for spring. It is made of a huge variety of materials – from fur and fleece to lace. The knitted model is also very popular. This is a playful and mischievous version of the headgear. Anna Sui made her famous collection of hats with name ears based on cats.

Such hats are especially popular for all kinds of decorations, even if they are made of simple fleece. Lace, rhinestones, sequins and other decorative elements are used. Openwork hat with kitty ears, perfect for parties and dates with your loved one.

A variant of such a hat made of bright faux fur will be appropriate for winter. It will lift your spirits during gloomy winter days. Similarly, fashionable products will also look harmonious in natural colors imitating cat fur. Especially popular colours: cream, sand, brown, black, gray.

Even a strict office suit looks good with a hat with cat ears. This cute and graceful knitted hat softens the classic coldness of a strict suit.


What materials and fabrics designers use to create hats with animal ears:

  • Knitwear. Coarse and fine knitting – everything is allowed when creating such models. Often there are ties to such hats, imitating braided plaits. For spring it is a wonderful and fashionable option.
  • Faux fur. This democratic material will look especially good when creating winter everyday looks for walking. Such winter fur hats, as a rule, have a soft fleece lining, which makes them especially warm and pleasant.
  • Natural fur. An option for true connoisseurs. Especially popular is the fur of mink. A mink hat with ears is sexy and very cute option. It can be worn even with a classic jacket or coat.
  • Felt. Such a hat will help to create a beautiful image in the fall. This hat combines perfectly with outfits in a boho-style, with retro images, vintage direction, by the way, very fashionable now. Yes, and with jeans and classic outfits a fedora will go perfectly.
  • Straw. Hat, knitted from straw – an option for summer for fashionistas.
  • Hood with ears. This is actually a hat, just in the form of a hood. It is usually made of knitted fabric. Such a hat is very warm and can be an indispensable and favorite headgear in cold weather. It does not blow through the wind and protects from frost – what more do you need for our harsh winters? They are sold online, or you can knit your own. Such styles have not yet been seen on store shelves.

How To Wear A Hat With Ears

It is clear that not everyone can afford such a bold and eye-catching accessory. A few tips on wearing the product:

  • Young girls. By the way, you need to be brave enough to wear such a flashy headdress. For active and cheerful girls it is a wonderful option.
  • Round-faced beauties will especially like the fashionable ears model. The ears on the sides will visually elongate the face, making it narrower and longer.
  • Choose a hat based on your colour type. This approach will help to better emphasize your eye colour and skin tone.
  • A beautiful openwork hat with elegant ears is perfect for a youth party.

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