Fashionable Vintage Dresses: Beautiful Styles

Unique vintage dresses remain popular with girls and women who like to prove themselves and do not want to be like others. Such an outfit usually exists in a single copy, so you are unlikely to meet a girl in similar clothes on the streets of the city.

Features Of Vintage Dresses

You can find fashionable retro dresses of any style in the outlets – in polka dots, with floral patterns, or monochrome. The characteristic of such outfits is the highest quality fabrics that have survived more than a decade. Vintage refers to a particular style created through the use of things from the past, which were at the peak of fashion in their time, demonstrating its distinctiveness. Vintage dresses cannot be less than 20 years old.

Retro-style clothes are in the fashion collections of famous designers – foreign and domestic. Among them are Michael Core, Derek Lem, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta and others. They drew inspiration from the past, adding their designs and creativity to retro products. The result was unique and original models.

Have their own characteristics of vintage-style clothing in different years. After all, clothing styles were improved periodically, new details were added to them, length of dresses, and their color, and style were changed.

How Vintage Fashion Has Changed Over The Years

Among the current and trendy trends in vintage clothing are:

  • unique dresses of the 20’s – they are characterized by impressive cutouts on the back, straight cut, lack of sleeves, asymmetrical “torn” hem. The style of the 20’s clothing emphasizes the slimness of the female figure;
  • The loosened up beautiful outfits of the 30’s – they were performed in pink or in bright hues. They were characterized by square shoulders, which are being revived again today, as well as three-quarter or long sleeves and a stand-up collar. Fashionable short dresses decorated with geometric prints were at the peak of popularity in the 30’s;
  • The volume of the 40’s – skirts in this period became fluffier and longer, made from several layers of fabric. The cut of dresses also changed: their hem became wider, shoulders narrower and the waist thinner. In the trend – the fabric in small patterns, such as polka dots, lush lace bows and sleeves-flapjacks;
  • bright dresses of the 50’s – in fashion came a charming, elegant style. Girls began to wear models to the floor – up to the ankles, with a puffed skirt. Under them wore stockings with a seam, shoes with high heels. In the category of fashionable in the 50’s were products in check, polka dots, things combining pink and gray colors;
  • Sexy vintage dresses of the 60’s – their main features are refined silhouettes, simple cut, bright, noticeable colors and shades. In fashion in the 60’s were short dresses made of faux leather. Lace or dimensionless tights, boots without heels complemented them;
  • The hippie outfits of the ’70s were a bright and memorable decade that gave fashionistas interesting variations of different styles of dresses. The trend was for floor-length loose-fitting garments and shapeless hoodies. The choice of women was influenced by the fashionable in those years style of disco. Fashionable women gladly wore short dresses, dress-shirts and leggings. Such models were adorned with large floral prints.

When buying vintage dresses, pay attention to the cut and model, they must fit your figure. Fashionable and stylish cocktail dresses are on sale in many different styles. They differ in color, design, and style. There are models in monochrome, bright and pastel colors, polka dots, plaids, stripes, etc.

In a business closet, a black cocktail dress in retro style is indispensable. Eye-catching lace outfits are still popular today. For vintage cocktail dresses choose fabrics such as chiffon, crepe de Chiffon, velvet, silk, decorated with colored patterns or lace. The variety of shades will allow you to choose clothing that matches your color type.

Vintage Prom Dresses

Prom night is one of the most exciting events in a girl’s life. A bright and stylish image will help you choose a unique vintage prom dress – no one will have the same outfit as you. Among the most popular prom dresses are outfits from the 20s complemented by modern details and models from the 50s – puffy dresses to the floor in bright colors – red, pink, turquoise, yellow.

For prom girls choose short outfits in the style of the 20s, complementing them with hats, long gloves, vintage jewelry. Very elegant look lace prom dresses, as well as products decorated with floral patterns, polka dots – small or large. It is possible to modernize a vintage style graduation dress with a skilful combination of retro and modern elements. Often fashion designers sew copies of vintage prom dresses – they cost much less than the original.

Wedding Dress And Vintage Style

It is quite possible for a bride who is still undecided about the choice of wedding gowns to opt for vintage wedding gowns to the floor. They have such advantages:

  • Give a feminine image, emphasizing the elegance of the bride, her youthfulness and beauty;
  • Uniqueness and uniqueness – suitable for those brides who want to deviate from the templates and organize their wedding in retro style. Don’t forget that the bride’s outfit should match the groom’s suit as well – choose everything in the same style;
  • Individuality – you will not find in catalogs such a second dress, as will you;
  • A variety of models – we offer dresses of different styles, colors, cut. This can be a long lace dress to the floor, with a magnificent skirt or short cocktail dress.

Sew fashionable wedding dresses in vintage style from light, luxurious fabrics. Popular among brides are wedding dresses from the 1950s. This is the time when the fashions were set by Christian Dior, then dresses began to be complemented by a lavish lace skirt. Such an attire is always advantageous to the bride.

Vintage Outfits For Every Day And Celebration

Unusual retro dress can be worn for a night out – to the theater, to a restaurant, to a party with friends. There are models for every day – they are worn at work in the office, at business meetings. Look elegant vintage evening dresses of different lengths, including floor-length, mini and midi. These outfits are made of monochromatic fabrics in different shades, from fabrics with polka dots to those with floral or geometric prints.

Retro outfits convey the character and characteristics of a woman, her preferences and taste. Feel free to wear products with playful polka dots, strict plaid, with flirty lace or without extra details. It all depends on your mood. Vintage pieces can be found in the closets of our grandmothers. Ennoble them, add some modern elements, and wear them with pride. Such items are in fashion now and cost a lot of money, they will be the pride of the most stylish woman.

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