Fashionable Umbrellas For Women In 2022

Every woman strives to look attractive and stylish in the eyes of others, at any time and in any place. Achievement of this goal is often hampered by a variety of vagaries of the weather – the wind and scorching sun, as well as a more pleasant phenomenon, such as rain. In cloudy, rainy weather, it is necessary to take with you an umbrella.

Women strive to buy for such weather, not just an accessory that easily fits in the purse, but beautiful umbrellas, which give the appearance of attractiveness and style. It is important to approach selecting an umbrella correctly to achieve this goal. This will help turn a standard accessory into a stylish addition to an elegant image in rainy weather.

Wide Variety Of Choices

The choice of modern ladies represented a huge variety of umbrellas, differing in model features and dimensions. These accessories can be divided into several main categories – fully automatic, folding, and umbrella cane female.

Each option has its characteristics, its positive characteristics. A folding umbrella can easily fit in an everyday purse. It will not take up much space. Now you can buy fancy umbrellas that can be folded three or more times. If you want to add a specific style to your image in lousy weather, it is worth giving preference to an umbrella made in the form of a cane. Such an accessory can not go unnoticed.

The variety of accessories is based on colors. In 2022 umbrellas with a pattern on the inside of the accessory are popular. These can be images such as:

  • Sunny skies;
  • An exquisite flower;
  • Heroes of famous movies.

Such drawings will make you happy even in the gloomiest weather, especially if the external coloring is attractive. Fashionable in 2022 are different calm shades – beige, gray, milky, and pastel tones. No less relevant are drawings on the outside, made in the form of checks, oriental hieroglyphs, religious motifs, it may be small flowers.

The choice of ladies’ umbrellas is excellent and, at the same time, diverse. Without exception, all women will find among the fashion accessories that they might like.

Important: Today’s stylists advise to have not one umbrella, but several. Fashionable umbrellas should be different colors and designs. It is recommended to choose them on the basis of the features of closet items, so you always look unique.

Because an umbrella is one of the main accessories and protectors from adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to choose it competently. An elegant and aristocratic stylish umbrella is trendy. It is this accessory that can give its owner a certain chic. Such accessories can demonstrate the perfect taste of their owner, who quickly turns into a real lady. Such a goal can be achieved only if you wear an umbrella correctly and intelligently match it to the chosen closet.

Romantic natures can recommend fashionable women’s umbrellas made in pastel colors decorated with lace or ruffles. Just look for perfect umbrellas or canes that have a pattern on the inside. Many prefer to buy a model with a printed sky image, a flower or a fruit. As for the outside, it is usually done in subdued shades.

Important: This accessory should not be combined with vanity, it is strongly not recommended to wear it under the arm, as it is considered a mauvais ton.

How To Choose an Umbrella?

When choosing an umbrella, it is important to consider various factors, design features and external characteristics. One of the important elements is the handle of an umbrella. It is this part that is in contact with the human hand. The comfort level directly depends on the comfort of the entire design. Choosing such a variant from which the hand will not get tired during a long walk is required.

Choice of handle

The handle can be made of various materials, from ordinary plastic to relatively expensive, such as ivory. When choosing an umbrella handle, you should prefer one that will not break and will not burst from a fall on a hard surface.

The less durable material is plastic, which is present in cheaper models. It is fragile and can therefore be destroyed by a single contact with the asphalt. It would help if you did not buy an umbrella with a gold-plated handle because the paint will wear off and stain clothes and hands. Handles made of wood are a more practical option. Such elements are more durable. At the same time, the look of natural wood, which is covered with varnish, favorably emphasizes the sense of taste.

Choosing an umbrella dome

Modern fashion umbrellas can be made of a variety of materials:

  1. Nylon. Present in the most budget models. A relatively large number of disadvantages characterize the material. This fabric is often torn and dyed in the rain, resulting in a risk of damage to clothing.
  2. Polyester. This material is often similar to satin or silk. The pattern is applied from multicolored threads. More expensive models use polyester with the addition of cotton. It makes the material more resistant to wear and tear.
  3. The best material used for an umbrella dome is eponge. The fabric was developed by scientists from Japan and belonged to the category of the most moisture resistant. The material is produced with the simultaneous addition of Teflon. This gives the material a higher resistance to moisture, as well as attractive appearance characteristics.

The choice of an umbrella with a particular material directly depends on individual preferences on the level of material wealth. That is, umbrellas made of more expensive materials are slightly more expensive.

When choosing the material, it is worth paying attention to the spokes and the rod’s strength. There are two options here: aluminum, which is used in the budget model production process, and steel, which is inherent in more expensive models. Steel is the more durable material.

Type and mechanism of the umbrella

Modern umbrellas, relevant in 2022, are classified according to the general design type. There are variants made in the form of a cane. There are compact folding models. Despite the maximum convenience in the storage and transportation process, these umbrellas are short-lived and more fragile because of the large number of spokes. As for the coverage of the cane-shaped umbrellas, it is much larger.

Mechanisms in umbrellas can also be different. The following models are popular:

  • Full automatons – allow you to unfold and fold umbrellas with a single push;
  • Semi-automatic – unfolded with the help of a button but folded strictly manually;
  • Fully mechanical options – all manipulations with the umbrella have to do manually.

When choosing an umbrella, it is important to remember that it is not just protection from the rain but the best opportunity to emphasize the main advantages of its owner. He must like his owner, whether it is a classic cane or a small umbrella, which is easy and can be placed with a purse. Among the wide variety of options are trendy umbrellas characterized as fully automatic.

Automatic Umbrella Features

Modern and fashionable automatic umbrella – it’s not just the perfect protection from the weather but also a stylish accessory that fits perfectly in an everyday purse. Every woman who considers herself a fashionista remembers that the umbrella must necessarily not only effective protection from the rain but optimally combined with other items of clothing, shoes and bags. When choosing such an accessory, you can follow a couple of the following tips:

  1. If there is a desire to show others about this or that mood, the presence of a sense of humor, it is worth choosing an accessory that will be distinguished by originality and bright colors.
  2. It is worth choosing an umbrella in relatively calm colors to emphasize his austere style.

Sometimes, you can bet not on the form and color but on the quality. It can emphasize the overall status of the owner of an umbrella, not just a woman but a businesswoman.

Important! Every woman understands that the functional side of choosing an umbrella is no less important than the aesthetic side.

For this reason, the first thing to decide is which model will meet those or other individual needs. Many choose models that belong to the category of mechanical. It is possible to open with a button only the dome. There is an opportunity to buy automatic when the accessory mechanism allows the opening and closing by simply pressing a button. The latter option is quite convenient, especially when one hand has to operate the umbrella.

Checking Umbrella Quality

When choosing an automatic umbrella, it is worth relying on what material the dome is made of. Expensive models usually provide umbrellas made of eponge or high-quality Teflon fabric. The following advantages characterize umbrellas of this type:

  • Perfect water repellency;
  • Optimal strength;
  • Excellent exterior features.

During the selection process, it is mandatory to check the mechanics of the umbrella. For this purpose, you should check the tension of the material on the spokes. It is worth shaking the accessory and checking if the dome does not wobble. It is desirable to check how firmly the material is sewn to the spokes. It should not be threaded, but a special cap.

The umbrella must always be tested in action. It is worth a couple of times to open and close it to do this. If the quality of the umbrella is high, all parts will move smoothly without any delays, efforts and creaks, as well as jerks. The presence of special springs on the selected model or the system “anti-wind” contributes to the strength of the machine. More expensive models are usually coated with a special titanium coating, providing greater resistance to wind gusts.

To Summarize

A qualitatively selected umbrella is the most reliable protection from rain and an attractive accessory that looks stylish and elegant. An expensive stylish umbrella will serve its owner for a very long time. It will be convenient to use and become the perfect protection in bad weather.

The choice of umbrellas nowadays is enormous. Women can indulge themselves and pick up several models, each of which is original. Competently choosing the right accessory, you can benefit from complementing your image, so the rain will immediately cease to be an unpleasant nuisance.

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