Fashionable Two Tone Dress: Beautiful Models And Colours

In most cases, women wonder where to find an outfit that is suitable for going to the office and for a visit. And it is also desirable that he advantageously emphasized the figure, focusing attention on its strengths and hiding weaknesses. Well, there is such an outfit, and it is available to every woman – a two-colour dress. Stripes can advantageously outline a silhouette in this way, correcting the figure, and a sophisticated look or a lavish one will be appropriate for a party or every day. This article will discuss the features of two-colour dresses, their types, models, and how to combine them.


The most popular combinations of two colours in one dress:

  • If the main colour goes vertically on the central part of the dress, and the second, contrasting colour goes vertically on both sides, this method is a great way to visually make the figure thinner and elongate the silhouette vertically. This method is often used by stars, wearing such a dress “to the floor” of a beautiful fabric. Often you can see a similar version in this colour version: black or other dark colour – in the center, and on the sides – white or nude-coloured. This colour combination creates the illusion of a slim figure, so it is especially suitable for full ladies.
  • A light top with a dark bottom. Also one of the most common combinations. The reception allows you to make visually more voluminous breasts, and the hips – more slender, which is suitable for large women. If there is a need, on the contrary, to make the chest smaller and the hips wider, then choose a dress with the opposite colour combination. Evening options “to the floor” in such a design is an ideal choice for going to a restaurant or a celebration.
  • If the dress consists of two even vertical halves of contrasting colours, you can look as if you are wearing two different outfits. You can make a photo shoot, capturing yourself from both angles. And, looking at the photo, many people later would not even guess that this is you in one outfit. Evening dresses “to the floor” are often made in this way.
  • Diagonal stripe, going obliquely across the monochrome dress, helps to emphasize all the curves of the figure. It looks great on overweight women.
  • The so-called “colour-blocking”, when on a monochrome dress in different places there are inserts of different colours of geometric outlines, will help to make the outfit extravagant and even flamboyant. Such models are great for creative people, will be the perfect outfit for visiting an exhibition or a theater premiere. The inserts can be made from a different fabric than the main one; this option looks good on full-length ladies.
  • Vertical stripes are a great way to make your figure slimmer and taller. This method will help all women who have problems with excess weight. In such a method classic colour combinations are most often used, for example white and blue, black and white, etc. Evening dresses “to the floor” are often made in this version.
  • Horizontal stripes on a dress are considered to add extra pounds. If they are wide enough stripes, then it is true. But small and thin, densely arranged stripes, on the contrary, will make the figure slimmer, so they are suitable for the fat.
  • A contrasting band, wide enough at the waist, will emphasize the waist and make the silhouette slimmer. Usually such a band is a darker colour than the basic tone of the dress.
  • Two-tone dresses with a print are a great way to make an image cheerful and cheerful. Polka dots, applique, floral prints are especially popular now. As an evening variant a two-colour dress “to the floor” with sequins can serve a great service.


What styles and models of two-tone dresses are most in demand among the ladies:

  • Trapeze. A very popular cut. This is not surprising – a graceful trapeze in the most advantageous way emphasizes the figure, making it feminine and giving a mischievous and young-looking image. This style is characterized by the length above the knee, so it may be contraindicated for ladies in age. A wedding dress of this style is a great choice for young brides.
  • A skater cut with a narrow top and a puffy bottom in contrasting colours gives the deceptive impression that a girl is wearing a blouse and skirt rather than a dress.
  • The stylish two-tone “case” is the perfect choice for workdays. Elegant and reserved, this cut has not gone out of fashion for many years due to its versatility and conciseness. Suitable for plump women, advantageously hiding body flaws.
  • Two-colour dress-transformer is a great solution if you do not want to clutter your closet with a lot of things. This model will replace several outfits at once. And at every party in one dress you will look as if you buy a new outfit for every outing.
  • Long evening dresses “to the floor” in contrasting colours – a great choice for the solemn exit.

For the Plus Size

Let’s consider a burning question – whether two-colour models are suitable for women “in the body” and what styles will be most appropriate.

Two-tone dresses – this is the type of clothing, which is designed for large women. Contrasting inserts, stripes, lines, belts – these are the most effective ways to visually mask the extra pounds and give a slender silhouette. But only if the colour, style and fabric are chosen correctly.

Selection tips:

  • It is desirable that one of the colours is black. This “slimming” colour will hide excess weight and help to emphasize the waist or a beautiful chest, disguise overly bouffant thighs. A great option is when the base colour is light and a long vertical strip of black, going through the entire dress. This technique will make the figure look slimmer and taller. Wear the dress with high heels – you will look even slimmer. The black and white version of this model is a great choice.
  • A contrasting strip, which goes diagonally along the hem, will visually make the silhouette graceful. For example, a “floor-length” wedding dress with such a stripe will turn a chubby bride into a graceful and slender one.
  • It is better not to use horizontal stripes. But if you want to emphasize the chest and draw attention away from the full hips, you can buy a model with one horizontal stripe in the chest area.
  • The best choice would be a two-tone dress made of fine jersey. This material perfectly emphasizes seductive curves, stretches well, holds its shape. Floor-length knitted model will look appropriate for fuller ladies.

What to combine it with

What accessories would be the most appropriate companions for a two-tone dress:

  • Since in the model there are already two different colours, all the other accessories according to the laws of classics should be of the third colour, so that the outfit does not combine more than three different shades. Handbags and shoes do not need to buy the same colour – this rule is no longer relevant.
  • If the model with bright colours, then choose accessories of more restrained, natural shades. This rule will help not to overdo it and make the image harmonious.
  • Combine the wedding dress with discreet accessories, as such models themselves are very decorative. There is even a black and white version.


Consider this important question before caring for a two-tone dress.

The main problem will arise when washing. After all, if the dress has contrasting colours, there is always the fear that it might fade. It is especially likely in the case of black and white outfits or if one of their colours is red. To avoid such an unpleasant mishap, you can advise to buy only high-quality clothes from reputable manufacturers, and carefully observe the temperature regime when washing. Not all paint can withstand high temperatures.

For expensive and complicated models, with intricate decorations, and evening gowns, dry cleaning is the most suitable solution.

If the dress is not machine washable, wash it in a basin in a warm soapy solution by hand. Fix the fabric dye with a fabric dye fixer.

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