Fashionable Tops For Women: Styles For Every Occasion

Women’s tops have become an indispensable and popular type of clothing that can be used literally on all occasions. Tops have become a necessity for women, and if you look into any woman’s closet, there will certainly be a couple of tops. This element of women’s closet is combined with other clothing items: business suits, jeans, mini or maxi skirts, evening tops, sports pants, and blouses with sleeves and sleeveless. They can be complemented, tucked in, and worn to graduation. They are suitable for any age and time of year. This piece is truly versatile!

Let’s understand the styles and styles of women’s tops in more detail.

Fashionable Tops

Today there are many styles of tops, as well as names. Cropped tops, bandeau tops, etc. They differ only in appearance.

If it is a tube top, it is necessarily close-fitting to the body and strapless. An ordinary tank top with thin straps is called a tank top. Open on the backside. The houndstooth top is tied around the neck. The tops may differ with inserts, basques, frills and ruffles. They can be similar to sleeveless blouses, crocheted and crocheted, lace, casual and weekend, home and evening.

In short, there are so many types and styles of women’s tops in the world that one can’t help but wonder what we would do without them. But the most interesting thing is that a top can be made with your own hands literally from everything: from a T-shirt, blouse, T-shirt, blouse, it is only necessary to get rid of the sleeves. Such a magical transformation.

How To Choose A Fashionable Top?

First of all, you should pay attention to your physique, to the features of your figure, so that in no case is your silhouette not affected. All tops have different necklines: heart-shaped, V-shaped, square, round, high at the neck, and even with a collar. Tops come in different lengths and sizes, so pick a fashionable option that emphasizes your virtues.

Slim girls with small breasts are recommended tops with lots of frills, ruffles and other decorative elements. They will visually enlarge the chest. Here will be appropriate lace tops. Women slightly older in these models seem a bit playful. They will be transformed and become more mysterious. A blouse with lace sleeves will also add a little frivolity.

But more mature women should abandon these infantile details in the form of ruffles. A top and blouse are a surefire option. Girls can safely wear bright colours and experiment with length. For women over 35, blouses and tops should wear monochrome, calm, pastel colours. In summer, a universal variant of a top and blouse will serve you well. After all, you can use a blouse with sleeves if it is cool, and vice versa, take it off when it’s hot. And fashionable and practical!

A silk blouse top with sleeves would be perfect for an evening at the theatre. But a silk top will also be comfortable at home with the same silk shorts.

Cropped Tops: With What To Wear?

The bravest fashionistas worldwide have fallen in love with this type of top. It is the perfect clothing for summer. Cropped tops are good for women with two types of figures: “pear” and “inverted triangle.” The first should wear loose crops or strapless tops with a not puffy skirt. “Triangles,” on the contrary: a top that fits the body, and the skirt – “princess.” The crop is good with a pencil skirt, a maxi skirt, and skinny pants. But also with democratic clothes, such as jeans, the cut looks great.

Leather Tops

Leather tops are still popular. It is so brutal and interesting. Tops made of leather are created for women with perfect figures and small sizes. They fit tightly around the body and emphasize the advantages. Leather tops do not conceal flaws. Leather shorts or narrow pants look great with this kind of top.

Knitted Tops

A knitted top will come in handy in spring and summer, and it does, no matter how dense it is. Knitted things look great with a silk skirt, as well as with jeans. This is a universal option for the whole season. Knitted tops can be both openwork and tightly knit, short and elongated. They look good over a T-shirt and a silk blouse.

Among the distinctive qualities of knitted tops: practicality and durability. Both knitted leggings and boots will be appropriate here. Such a top is easy to knit yourself or ask a friend who knows how to do it. Such a top can be made with leather inserts, and with knitted ruffles – there is no limit for imagination here.

Top For Sports

This is usually a lightweight jersey with good stretch, not constraining the movements when doing sports. This is the same T-shirt, but piquant, not having anything extra, only the most necessary. The tracksuit can be any colour, and a white top will decorate it. However, it all depends on the colour that suits you. There are tops with a hood or without, with lacing at the waist or underneath. The sports top is usually short. It perfectly combines with pants, shorts and jeans. Top for sports can easily be made from a T-shirt with his hands. It is simply indispensable in summer: at sea, on a hike and at home.

Tops can help visually remove some of a woman’s flaws, especially if she has a large size. Top with a V-neck as if lengthening the neck, and the woman looks slimmer. Small and graceful ladies should wear strappy tops with large necklines. For slender and young women, there are no restrictions on wearing tops! Nowadays, tops with one strap or without a strap are very popular.

The Indispensability Of Fashion Tops

T-shirts and tops for women there are completely different shapes and sizes.

Classic models of tops are becoming popular, especially in the business, office sphere. Such tops replace blouses under the business suit and look great. Designers try to somehow spice up the strict look of such models with an original print, neckline, interesting silhouette. What if after work you find yourself at a party? Then you can boldly take off the strict jacket and feel confident in the original top.

Do not be afraid to experiment with tops, this versatile type of clothing will allow you to look stylish, fashionable, irresistible and free!

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