Fashionable Sport Hats For The New Season

Modern women and girls live such a dynamic lifestyle that wearing luxurious fur hats or elegant felt hats is not always convenient, so on shelves of women’s closets are increasingly comfortable and warm hats with sports models. Compared with the traditional sports hats of yesteryear, the colour spectrum and the number of decor elements of winter, fall and spring sports hats has significantly expanded. To choose a practical and at the same time beautiful model of such a headwear for the fair sex representatives of any age category will not be difficult at all.

Modern Styles Of Sport Hats

The desire of modern women of any age to be healthy and active leads to the fact that for many people comfortable, uninhibited sports clothes become clothes for every day, so the problem of choosing a stylish and comfortable hat sooner or later stands before every girl or woman. This season the leading fashion designers offer a wide range of trendy models:

  • Hat – cockerel, made of thick knitted fabric, which is familiar to more than one generation of athletes;
  • Comfortable and stylish hats with “ears” on top of the hat, which can be knitted from different types of wool, synthetic, cotton, linen threads or made from fleece or knitted fabrics;
  • Bini hats for young people, simple cut products made of fleece, thin knitted or crocheted fabric, tightly fitting the head;
  • classic knitted from wool, mohair, down or angora, associated with different types of smooth or volumetric knitting, with or without a pompon, with lapels of different widths at the bottom of the hat;
  • Universal hat – a stocking made of different types of yarn or knitwear, which can be worn down to one side or tucking the top part in the fold at the bottom of the hat;
  • Warm woolen hats with earflaps can be knitted from different types of yarn or made from thick knitwear.

There is such a diverse selection of sports style hats that you are sure to find one that suits your needs not just for sportswear. A warm knitted hat with a pompom will organically complement a winter jacket, parka, or down jacket. Children will choose creative models with “ears” or hat-beanie hats, as they seek individuality and novelty. However, when choosing a hat, it is worth considering not only the colour preferences, creativity of décor, but also the shape of the face of the future headwear mistress:

  • Owners of face oval shape will suit all models of hats, so their choice depends only on their own aesthetic preferences;
  • For individuals with a square face contour, it is best to avoid large volume hats, and should opt for knitted hats with lapels, wearing them asymmetrically;
  • For round-faced girls and women, the ideal choice would be a small knitted hat that stretches upward;
  • Fairer sex with a triangular face shape should completely abandon the tight-fitting to the head, thin hats and choose products that give volume to the top of the head;
  • For those whose facial oval is too elongated, wearing hats with a large volume on the sides is recommended, covering the forehead.

When choosing a hat, it is very significant to consider the height of the potential hostess. On the owners of high growth, look stylish voluminous hats, connected by large braids or spikelets.

Girls and ladies of short stature should choose a tight-fitting hat with a pompom, knitted from a thin yarn, made from knitwear or fleece, which will allow them to look taller.

As for the special hats, which are designed for sports activities, such hats have a simple cut and fit perfectly to the head. Today, many retailers offer different models of hats, for different sports. A manufacturer can create warm, yet thin, winter sports hats for skiing, snowboarding, running, cycling, or skating. Such products are particularly comfortable, have high air permeability and have special linings of hygroscopic materials.

Fashionable Colours And Decor Of Sport Hats

In the current season, fashion designers rarely limit the colour choice of women and girls’ headgear for autumn and winter. All fashion designers recommend selecting sports hats that are in tune with the color and style of the outer clothing. In fashion all pastels and natural colours, as well as in the list of trend colours of the fall-winter season are all shades:

  • black and gray;
  • green and brown;
  • red and yellow;
  • blue and white.

This season, melange colors and a combination of several different colors of yarn are very popular when making knitted hats for sports. Much of the choice of colour depends on the individual characteristics of the wearer of the hat, such as skin colour, hair and eyes. Brunettes will look spectacular in fashionable hats of bright, juicy colour shades, and blondes are wise to opt for hats of light pastel or natural colours.

Modern sports hats differ from their predecessors in a large number of decorative elements. Therefore, manufacturers pay careful attention to the original and diverse elements of the decor of fashionable sports hats. Today as decorations are used:

  • traditional small or large, tightly made to the headdress or attached to the laces pompoms made of yarn, natural or artificial fur;
  • logos and emblems of the leading brands that produce sports hats;
  • Colorful prints in checks, stripes, repeating ethnic motifs and various geometric shapes;
  • rivets, buckles, buttons and other metal decorative elements;
  • sequins, rhinestones, synthetic stones, beads and beads;
  • leather, suede, fabric, fur or knitted inserts made of thinner or thicker yarn;
  • embroidery with shiny threads and applications of leaves, flowers, cheerful animals, positive comic book or cartoon characters.

With such a diverse collection of hats decorated in different materials and styles, every girl or woman will be able to choose a warm, comfortable, perfectly matching in style hat for any season. When a woman of any age buys several original hats in different styles, it will not be difficult to find a new and attractive appearance for every day.

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