Fashionable Sandals 2022

I will tell you what women’s fashionable sandals in 2022 to choose for the summer. Below you will find photos of stylish models with a heel, platform, wedge, flat sole, and without a heel—sandals with closed heels, closed toe, square and sharp – the season’s main trends.

Fashionable Sandals Summer 2022: Top Trends and Trends – Color, Material, Design

In 2022, familiar trends from the ’90s and modern minimalism are in vogue.

Brown sandals with thin straps – stylish and feminine.

In the new season, in fashion will be all the rainbow colors – yellow, pink, blue, purple, and red. Feel free to choose bright shoes, including neon and acid colors.

Pink is the fashionable shade for summer 2022.

Neon colors rule!

A slight heel and bright color – comfortable and stylish shoes for summer.
Green sandals became famous last year and did not give up positions this year.
Another green model from ZARA with a stable designer heel.

Straps and ties are the main trends for summer 2022. The thinner the straps, the better.

Thin straps around the ankle can be combined with a thick stable heel.
The straps can be a bright color.

Animal prints are topical. If you have long wanted a leopard sandal, now is the right time to buy them.

Geometric, floral, abstract designs, brand logos, and emblems are also trending.

In the new fashion, season remain shades of “metallic” – such sandals will give a flair even to the most tedious and ordinary image. At the same time, black, white, and beige classics are also in trend.

Golden sandals – for a bright evening look.

Among the choice of materials, too, there are no restrictions. You can wear leather, eco-leather, rubber, and fabric shoes. Decorative elements are also in trend:

  • Large bows.
  • Spikes.
  • Beads.
  • Rivets.
  • Rhinestones.
  • Pinstripes.

In terms of style, the trends of the noughties are suddenly returning. The “well forgotten old” is back in fashion:

  • Tankettes.
  • Sharp and square toes.
  • Mules.
  • Sabots.

Platforms continue to gain popularity and height. Even fashionable sneakers use a double sole. Therefore, sandals and sandals are also presented in XXL format. Their advantage is that they are much more comfortable than flat-soled sandals and stiletto shoes.

However, do not rush to get out of the closets shoes of those years – designers have presented many new and exciting ideas inspired by models from the recent past.

Heel Sandals

Feminine heels are replacing the flat sole. A wide variety of styles reigns here – the designers gave free rein to the imagination.

Fashionable women are encouraged to wear micro-heeled shoes as in the 30s and 40s, with a thin stiletto heel or a thick heel. One of the season’s leading trends is the heels of unusual shape. They can be made in the form of anything – a spiral, a glass, an animal’s paw, or any other object – whatever you can imagine.

Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are a more comfortable and stable alternative to heels. Perhaps that’s why they are so popular among fashionistas. Platform shoes are versatile and suitable for any image, from a bow for a party to office wear.

It is one of the key trends on all catwalks. The platform has been at the peak of fashion since the previous season. Do not rush to put on-the-shelf sandals you bought last year. The list of the most trending options for platform shoes is flip-flopped. They look good with wide jeans, cargo pants, breeches, dresses, sundresses, and maxi skirts.

Wedge Heel Sandals

In 2022, wear shoes with a high or low wedge heel because it is also an encouraging trend of the season. Such sandals will go well with jeans and pants, as well as with dresses or skirts.

Flat Sandals

Fans of comfortable flat soles can not worry; these shoes will not lose relevance in the new season. This category has many styles: flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, and even good old ballerinas.

Sandals With Straps And Ties

In the new season, various straps and ties are more relevant than ever. The main trends of the year: sandals, “gladiators,” double straps, braids or ribbons instead of belts, fancy knots and braids, bows, and straps decorated with beads.

Woven Sandals

Woven shoes make the look relaxed in summer while looking elegant and feminine. You can choose both graceful openwork and thicker wicker.

The encouraging trend of the season 2022-2023 is knitted shoes with a heel or a flat sole. These sandals will not be hot for sure. For knitting, use yarn of all colors. Such sandals look light and airy, emphasizing the elegance of a woman’s feet.

Woven Sandals

Shoes with square toes were forgotten until recently, but now they are back on the catwalks.

Inspired by the era of the 90s, designers have created many models with a heel and without it, on a thick or thin sole, with original clasps and prints. Such shoes are perfectly combined with things in a classic style. Also, you can create an actual retro image, combining sandals with clothes in the style of 80-the 90s.

Pointy Toe Sandals

Another trend came to us from the ’90s and 2000’s sharp noses. They are versatile because they are suitable for everything, especially everyday feminine images or office suits. Another good news for fans of the shoes of those years – not only sharp, but very long toes are in fashion, and now they do not look old-fashioned.

Closed Toe Sandals

A trend for those who prefer understated images. Such shoes are characterized by brevity and elegance. Closed-toe sandals are suitable for going to work, business meetings, the theater, or a rest, current.

Closed Toe Sandals

Shoes with a closed heel are comfortable because the foot does not slip and stays firmly in place. In addition, this is one of the trends, and it will not be challenging to choose a fashionable pair of this style in the new season.

Sport Sandals

Sports-style shoes in the new season do not give up their positions. They will appeal to lovers of outdoor activities and long walks. Sporty sandals will not let your feet get tired and will decorate the image. Due to the variety of models, you can pick up a pair for any look and mood.

Mule Sandals

It’s hard to think of a more comfortable and versatile shoe than the mule. Thanks to the absence of the back, you can quickly take them off and put them on without bending over.

A great option – muli with a small stable heel. They are suitable for everyday, office, or evening image, iFashion, and models with prints are decorated with volumetric elements: bows, rivets, and beads.

Transparent Sandals

Spring-Summer 2022 is the right time to choose unusual shoes, for example, fashionable transparent sandals.

Doll’s shoes inspire this trend, so it will make the foot more elegant. Transparent can be not only the top but also the heel of the sandals, which looks exciting and attracts everyone’s attention.

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