Fashionable Retro Style Swimsuits

The fashion of retro-style swimsuits has firmly entered modern life. Designers are increasingly offering elegant models made in the style of 60-70’s of the last century. Going to the beach in a vintage swimsuit, a woman is sure to conquer more than a dozen men. This is because the cut, hiding all the charms of the female body, leaves room for imagination.

A Bit Of History

Bathing suits originally had nothing in common with modern swimsuits. Such overalls looked like sleeveless overalls, ending with knee-length shorts. Significant changes in beachwear occurred with the advent of Coco Chanel’s fashion world. With a brand-new model of bathing suit, she presented women with a mini-dress with straps and short shorts, causing a furor among lovers of beautifully dressed people. The model she proposed perfectly fit the figure, hiding flaws at the same time.

By the 1960s Louis Reard had already come up with his own model of swimsuits, now known as retro swimwear. They looked like bikinis, only more closed, with high panties. The two-piece swimsuit has been a favorite ever since.

What Is A Retro Style Swimsuit

  • panties with a high waist. High-fitting panties should cover the navel. This feature allows women with puffy forms and non-ideal waist to take a closer look at swimwear, as this form of bikini visually makes legs slimmer and longer, as well as draws the line of the waist,
  • A wide bandeau or a classic strappy bra. What is remarkable, they are quite closed and at the same time give playfulness and femininity. What adds frankness is a clearly delineated neckline, which is achieved by a bra with a push-up effect and with gel cups.
  • seductively rounded necklines, opening the cleavage area.

Pin Up Style

Particular attention should be paid to fusion swimwear. They will give modern fashionistas the original image. In the original version, the swimsuits were worn with corsets. However, the materials have changed significantly, allowing you to emphasize the silhouette perfectly.

These swimsuits may be considered when choosing a beach suit not only thin girls, but also fashionable women with rounded forms: swimsuits in this style were designed specifically for women with puffy breasts and rounded forms.

The characteristic features of fused swimwear can include:

  • tight waist and chest line corset with a sufficiently deep neckline. The top of the swimsuit trapezoidal, in the form of a straight square or heart.
  • The bottom of the swimsuit is closed, with low cutouts on the hips. Swimsuits in the “pin-up” style may have a short flirty skirt. This increases the hips and visually gives proportionality to the figure.
  • The top of the swimsuit can be either with straps, thin or wide, or without them. The lack of straps visually reduces the shoulders, and owners of a bust should consider a bra with wide straps.

Retro Swimwear Colors

It is possible to see pastel colors and bold prints in the color palette of the retro style beach suit. Swim trunks with a high landing and a bodice in one color (from delicate turquoise and peach to black) perfectly evoke the spirit of the last century. You can choose a bodice and bikini in different colors to create your own image. The designers paid special attention to contrasts, combining completely different colors, thereby obtaining a delightful effect.

Fitted swimsuits are often decorated with embroidery or ruffles, as well as made of prints. Geometry is popular, fashionable in the last century: stripes, rhombuses, abstracts, as well as large and small polka dots. Floral and berry motif will give sophistication and a hint of playfulness to the set.

Leopard black and white print has not escaped the attention of modern designers.

The right retro-style swimsuit will enable girls to conceal figure flaws and visually balance proportions. Small breasts and wide hips can be “deceived” by a light bodice-bando and dark swimwear with a high waist. Vertical or diagonal stripes on the fused swimsuit will elongate the figure and “complement” a slimmer waist.

Conquering The Beach

Coquette help accessories: wide-brimmed hat, elegantly tied scarf, cat-eye glasses, high heels, and, of course, a large beach bag.

Although retro swimwear has a few puritanical ideas (melting with high waistlines, wide bodices, obscuring the female body’s beauty), its original image with a touch of sexuality and femininity is entirely appealing to many modern fashionistas.

Fashion trends of the 50’s and 60’s are relevant today. It is only worth not being afraid to experiment and be original.

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