Fashionable Red Earrings Of 2022: How To Combine Red Stones

Red earrings are a piece of jewelry that has their own exceptional aesthetic. They are unlike any other kind of jewelry because the scarlet shade evokes associations with passion. It is a symbol of vital energy. Red earrings help their owner to stand out from the crowd. They do not know their equal among other jewelry. This jewelry is for bold women. These earrings look bright, but in combination with clothes of calm shades, they look elegant and stylish.

Earrings With A Red Stone: Features

The red colour has been used in jewelry since ancient times, so people formed certain characteristics attributed to this bright shade:

  • Red is the colour of passion. Women who like to wear jewelry of this shade are strong-willed people, and at the same time, they are very sexy and liberated;
  • The beautiful and bright design of the jewelry allows them to be very noticeable. At the same time, the red colour is very elegant, so jewelry of this shade will not look tasteless;
  • Red-coloured costume jewelry allows you to create a memorable and eye-catching image. Red earrings can become a central element. The main thing here is to choose the right clothes, which will be in harmony with the jewelry.

Red has always been a symbol of beauty, youth and health. In addition, red is the embodiment of power and love. Red crystals are very popular, but in nature, their number is limited. Jewelry with red stones can be combined with other precious or semi-precious stones, such as diamonds and cubic zirconia.

Varieties Of Red Stones

Precious or semi-precious stones that are set in jewelry metal are the best jewelry. They always draw attention, and earrings with a red stone can instantly turn a girl into the queen of a party or other festive event. You can choose earrings with such stones in a jewelry store:

  • Garnet;
  • Rubin;
  • Coral.

Ruby is the most famous red gemstone. It is used to make unique and expensive jewelry. Often, ruby earrings are adorned with diamonds or artificially grown crystals, such as fianites.

Tourmaline comes in a unique red-green colour, making it look like watermelon slices. In the sun and artificial light, tourmaline is a wonderful colour. This crystal is very valuable in the jewelry industry and is quite expensive.

Garnet is a semi-precious crystal, its hues are pink, red and cherry. It possesses a luxurious luster and shimmers in the sun.Jewelry with garnet was a symbol of family welfare and love. The earrings with this crystal are not expensive, and are often used as a substitute for more expensive jewelry.

Coral is a stone of organic origin. In ancient times, it was considered a symbol of longevity. It is called a “living stone” because it is the fossilized remains of marine coral reefs. Coral earrings are fragile jewelry and should be protected from knocks, high temperatures and sunlight.

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony. It symbolizes life and faith. It is a semi-transparent crystal with a heterogeneous structure, which is translucent in the sun. The earrings with carnelian are set in silver and are not expensive.

Earrings With Ceramic Jewelry

Very beautiful earrings with jewelry, ceramics and crystals. Also very popular are silver earrings with red flowers, for example, earrings with tea roses, made of modern polymer ceramics and decorated with a scattering of elegant cubic zirconia.

Fashionable Red Brush Earrings

In the new season, very popular tassel earrings look catchy and unusual. This is a stylish accessory which is suitable for creating a lot of beautiful and fashionable images. Earrings in the form of tassels go well with elegant evening dresses and casual wear. The exception that can be made for them is office style and business meetings, but for all other occasions, tassels will suit perfectly, as this costume jewelry is on trend.

Long red earrings are very refreshing image; with their unusual appearance they distract attention from other accessories and closet elements. They are made of beads, suede, silk, leather, and decorated with beads and rhinestones.

The trend of wearing dangling mono-earrings is not losing its position, so you can buy earrings and then wear them as a pair, or use only one of them, and for the other ear, pick up a small pousette earring in a suitable style. Choose short tassels to wear during the day, and the evening version of luxury earrings can be shoulder-length. Red tassel earrings are especially suitable for girls with a round or square face shape, as they visually correct these flaws. They make the image original, feminine and sophisticated.

Fashionable Earrings

One of the main trends of the season is the earrings-cuffs. This original jewelry allows you to create an image with oriental notes, and the red gemstones – garnets or rubies – will add a unique beauty. Large cuffs are worn by wearing only one earring, and you must choose a small earring nail for the other ear. Stylists believe that small-sized cuffs with discreet designs can be worn in the office.

Red earrings are a bright accent in an everyday image. They are combined with white, gray, and blue clothes and will suit denim, a little black dress or a luxurious evening dress of a rich hue. You should not be afraid to experiment with unusual accessories to look fashionable and beautiful.

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