Fashionable Prom Dresses: Chic Styles In Medium Length

Tender, elegant, emphasizing the grace and celebration of youth – this should be a dress for the prom. To ensure that the holiday will leave the girls with the most vivid memories, it is imperative to take care of the choice of outfit in advance. What will it be? Yesterday’s schoolgirl has her own opinion.

Someone wants to wear an open blue dress and walk around like a movie diva. Someone prefers red, luxurious ball gowns or embroidered Greek dresses with a train. The choice is yours! The main thing is to feel comfortable in a festive dress. To do this, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Emphasize individuality and the dignity of appearance.
  • Conform to fashion.
  • Be original, but no frills.
  • To please a graduate from 9th or 11th grade, to give her a sense of celebration and her irresistibility.

Festive Dress And Features Of The Appearance

Choosing graduation attire after 11th grade, it is imperative for young girls to consider the features of their appearance:

  1. Miniature and low fashionistas should choose a short dress for the prom or a model of medium length.
  2. With an average height, look spectacular in midi, ankle-length dresses.
  3. Tall ladies’ suit prom dresses with a length to the floor.
  4. Fashionable dresses made of chiffon look beautiful on fragile girls.
  5. Graduates with magnificent hips look for cocktail dresses of medium-length A-silhouette and chic Greek dresses.
  6. Girls with slender legs and poorly expressed waist can wear a bouffant dress to the prom and silhouette model of “empire”.
  7. Owners of the figure of “hourglass” can choose dresses to taste – ball gowns, open evening dresses to the floor, and spectacular mini.

Choosing an outfit, you should remember that the trapeze shape gives the figure missing roundness, and models with a V-neck elongate the neck and increase the chest. Focus on the main advantage of the figure. In other words, don’t expose the cleavage while showing off slender legs.

Fashionable Prom Dresses

Graduates are guaranteed an unforgettable evening if they choose one of the most modern outfits:

  • Lace dress – will allow you to create a delicate and elegant image. Its pastel colors are suitable for young romantic ladies. Contrasting dresses (gold and black, white and red, beautiful blue and white) will help to create an epathetic image.
  • Chiffon dress – several layers of translucent flying material will make the image mysterious and the silhouette airy. You can choose layered cocktail dresses or outfits with the illusion of a skirt.
  • Outfits with a bass are ideal for girls with a well-proportioned figure. Fashionable dresses will create an “hourglass” effect and allow you to demonstrate beautiful legs.
  • Elegant asymmetric dresses correct the proportions of the figure. Slits, necklines, open dresses with one sleeve show creativity and excellent taste.
  • A bustier with sequins, stones – will allow you to shine like evening stars. It is important to choose ball gowns, where the decor is located in one part (on the bodice, sleeves, and skirt’s ruffles).
  • Mermaid dress, open-back model – the most win-win option for those who want to stand out at the prom in school after grade 11.

Mistakes When Choosing A Prom Dress

A graduation party for a girl who graduated – celebrates youth and tenderness. It is an occasion for self-expression but should not be confused with a wedding and a movie award. Dresses should not resemble the frank toilets of Hollywood stars and the Christmas tree. Also, you should not wear a white dress with a puffy skirt and a train. It will make the graduate look like a bride, which is inappropriate for a holiday party.

The black dress looks solid and prim and visually adds a few years. This is not the most suitable option for those who graduate from the 11th grade. That is why lovers of black and white may choose dresses in combined colors. It is not necessary to buy expensive, flashy or cheap clothes.

How To Present Yourself In A Winning Light At The Party?

The dress for prom at school should be spectacular, but not provocative. It is worth avoiding screaming colors, an abundance of rhinestones, numerous flounces and folds. The emphasis can be made on spectacular costume jewelery and fashionable shades of clothes. The most popular colors of dresses are: red, burgundy, deep blue, turquoise, golden-beige, yellow and creamy white.

When choosing a shade of dress colorists advise to focus on the peculiarities of your color type:

  • Dark-haired and blue-eyed “winter” girls will suit the brightest shades of outfits. They will be adorned with a wine-red, beautiful emerald, turquoise or fiery yellow evening gown.
  • For girls of a summer color type, you should choose muted pastel colors.
  • Those who belong to the “spring” color type should choose a mint, bright green, yellow or sky blue dress.
  • All shades of gold and bronze suit ladies of the “autumn” color type. Gilded accessories look amazing on them.

Neon colors are allowed to use in accessories. It is not necessary to buy dresses with small flowers or polka dots. Large prints, applications in the form of a bow or a flower are allowed.

Win-Win Options

Deciding on a prom outfit is not easy, but universal options exist. Long dresses for graduation (semi-fitted or with a wide belt) are a sure-fire option for girls with full legs. Minor flaws will be hidden, making you feel more at ease. Girls with flawless skin and figure should choose open cocktail dresses for graduation in grade 11.

What To Combine With A Prom Dress?

Holiday outfits for the prom do not look appropriate without heels. It is imperative to choose comfortable and stylish shoes with a low elegant heel. Also relevant platform, which will complement the prom dresses for full girls. Decorate the outfit with a spectacular clutch bag, fashion jewelry, beautiful hair and neat manicure.

The most stylish prom dress fits perfectly and emphasizes indomitable youth. The festival will bring together a unique constellation of young ladies. Behind them they have 12 classes, and ahead – an amazing life, in which there is a place for adult holidays and bright outfits.

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