Fashionable Office Blouses: Let’S Make Every Day Stylish

The strict rules of the dress code cannot prevent the fairer sex from looking elegant and feminine and, at the same time, fully comply with such a concept as the ability to dress in office style. Today designers and leading fashion houses can offer girls and women office blouses from different fabrics for any season, which will allow feeling comfortable during a business meeting or in the office environment. It is very important to choose not only the colour and model of the blouse but also the pants, skirt, accessories, and shoes to create a harmonious image of a businesswoman.

A Variety Of Blouses For The Office

Clothing for the office, including women’s blouses, should not only comply with the usual dress code but also support the general business mood of its owner and colleagues during the working day.

Do not choose a blouse with a deep neckline, sleeveless, sewn from fabrics with a transparent structure, products with too bright colours. Not suitable for business settings models, decorated with a large number of large decorative elements.

Blouses will look especially appropriate and, at the same time, stylish in the office work atmosphere:

  • Classic men’s cut with darts and collars with sharp or rounded edges, stand-up collars;
  • Decorated with delicate ruffles, ruffles and even small volume jabots, which will bring a small but very effective decorative element to the appearance of a businesswoman;
  • with an elegant bow in the tone of the product or in a contrasting colour, which will be a harmonious and, at the same time, strict decoration of the set of office clothing;
  • free cut, with a front placket or collar in a contrasting colour, will organically complement the office suit;
  • with a bass back on the fashion podiums, which advantageously emphasizes the femininity of its hostess without violating the generally accepted dress code;
  • with lantern sleeves can decorate a girl or woman and do not violate the overall business style of the working set of clothes;
  • The ideal model of a business blouse for fat women will be silhouettes of a straight or slightly fitted cut.

To organically complete the image of a stylish businesswoman, it is necessary to choose the other details of the set of office style. This season’s fashionable blouse styles are perfectly combined:

  • with classic pants of different widths, with a low or high fit;
  • with flannel dresses or simple cut sundresses;
  • vests, business jackets and sweaters made of thin knitwear;
  • with long straight skirts, pencil skirts or appropriate office skirts to the middle of the knee;
  • with a shirt, jacket or sweater knitted with fine or openwork knitting.

As for the length of the blouse for the office, it is worth choosing based on the figure of the potential hostess. The sleeve length can be three-quarters, up to the elbow or short for light summer models. Sleeveless blouses will be inappropriate in a business office environment. Wear elegant blouses that can be both worn outside and tucked into pants or a skirt.

Office Blouses: Colors, Fabrics, Accessories

Office style makes special demands on the fabrics used to make fashionable blouses for work. For such products is completely unacceptable to use transparent and openwork materials under which the underwear details may be viewed. It is best in this situation to purchase products, in the sewing of which used:

  • natural cotton shirt fabrics;
  • satin fabrics in pastel or dark colours;
  • Dense opaque types of chiffon;
  • natural silk of various thicknesses.

The colour scheme of blouses for business meetings and office activities has a certain number of restrictions, so the most universal is considered white blouses.

The dress code of many companies does not allow employees to wear too bright, flashy colours. However, a woman can always choose a suitable option from a reasonably wide range, recommended for business settings and colour shades, so you should opt for a blouse:

  • classic white colour;
  • beige and other light natural tones;
  • of fabrics with prints in small stripes, delicate shades of check, and not very large polka dots;
  • black in a tight fit;
  • light blue, pink, and other light pastel shades.

A sufficiently diverse range of colours of women’s shirts allows their owners to present their hair and eye colour in a favourable light and make the image of a woman spectacular even in office conditions. Another way to make business clothing more feminine and attractive is the selection of accessories. To decorate such a set of clothes will help:

  • belts of different widths made of soft natural suede or finely embossed leather;
  • classic ties or small bows;
  • Silk, velvet, or satin belts tied with a beautiful knot or bow;
  • Classic jewelry made of natural stone in natural colours;
  • modern costume jewelry fits the style to the overall solution of a woman’s appearance for work in the office.

Choosing accessories is recommended to be guided by a sense of proportion, which will help to avoid using too bulky, bright and large decorations of the suit for work. A great addition would be a comfortable leather bag, the colour of which is in harmony with a fashionable, laconic cut blouse, shoes or other items of women’s business clothing. The shoes are suitable classic shoes with a thin or thick comfortable heel of leather or suede.

The presence of several models of blouses for office work in a woman’s closet will help her make a set, allowing her to look unique every day. Still, it should be remembered that such clothes should not only look stylish and attractive, emphasizing the advantages and hiding flaws of the appearance of its owner. It is very important to choose comfortable models of office blouses, which will give comfort throughout the working day.

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