Fashionable makeup for brown eyes in 2022

Dear brown eyes, this article is just for you! We will tell you about the fashionable makeup for brown eyes in 2022, current trends in summer, autumn, winter, makeup. We will consider make up for a wedding and give schemes how to make a beautiful makeup step by step.

Undoubtedly, the brown eyes already stand out on the face and make their owner bright, but it is still worth emphasizing them. The main thing is to do it correctly, so as not to spoil the overall picture.

Let’s take a look at the nuances of eye makeup for people who have brown eyes or colored lenses.

What kind of makeup is trending?

Let’s define fashionable makeup for brown eyes for all occasions.

The main trend in makeup will be naturalness. This does not mean that you have to throw all the cosmetics in a drawer and forget about styling.

The first thing to do is to take proper care of your skin. To keep your skin fresh, clear and healthy, you need to get regular sleep, eat a proper diet and, of course, do not forget to moisturize and nourish it. No matter how beautiful and professional your eyes and lips are, facial skin defects will spoil the whole image.

The fashion for sculpting, brightly colored highlighter areas, and cheekbone accentuations is finally over. All these “gadgets” can already be hidden in case the fashion for contouring returns (but don’t forget to periodically go through everything and check the expiration date).

Remove sequins, glitters, bronzers, correctors and blushes with a metallic effect. Leave only the natural glow.

In 2022, transparent gloss is back in fashion, it emphasizes the color of your lips, their natural beauty, and give a little volume.

It is necessary to pay attention to the eyebrows. They can either make the face more expressive, or they can make it so ugly that no amount of shadows or pomade can save it. So that you understand the seriousness of the question, I will give you some examples:

How a person’s face changes depending on the shape of the eyebrows

A prime example: “What do we need eyebrows for” =)

So, let’s get back to our topic – clearly delineated wide eyebrows are going out of fashion and are being replaced by sloppy and unbrushed eyebrows. In 2022 you should not darken your eyebrows too much, it is enough to make them darker by 1-2 tones from your own color.

Super trendy eyebrows today can be made with the help of eyebrow lift procedure. The hairs will be easy to style and hold their shape all day long. The effect of such manipulation lasts for 1-2 months.

Nude makeup for every day

It is makeup without makeup. A minimum of pigment, a thin layer of makeup, natural tones (pinkish, brown, beige).

Nude makeup can be perfectly used as a daytime makeup – to wear at work, school and other official events. This makeup adds freshness and expressiveness to a woman’s face and is suitable for all seasons.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a nude makeup for brown eyes:

  1. Using a large eyeshadow brush, apply shade #4 to the entire mobile eyelid and blend it into the crease.
  2. Lighten the inner corner of the eye with color #2, and also shade the middle of the lash line on the lower eyelid.
  3. Brush a bit of shadow color #5 and draw a thin line in the crease of the outer corner of the eye. Brush with a soft brush to the eyebrow and to the middle.
  4. Darken the lower lash line.
  5. Combine the three lightest shades of shadow so that they are close to the shade of your skin and apply under the eyebrow.
  6. Take a brush with beveled bristles, draw dark shadows and draw an arrow. Depending on the shape of the eyes, adjust the length and width of the arrow.
  7. Dyeing eyelashes.
  8. Take an eyebrow gel a couple of shades darker than your color and slightly accentuate the eyebrows.
    Our nude makeup is ready. You can go make the world happy with your natural beauty =)


This means we no longer need bronzers or highlighters, just blushes in several shades and sculpting in draping is done with blushes. Some popular colors include pink and peach.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a draping makeup for girls with brown eyes:

  1. Apply foundation to your face. Choose the density and brand according to your skin type, but in summer makeup artists recommend applying lighter foundations.
  2. Powder your face. Partially or all over your face – it’s up to you to choose, the main thing is to get rid of the greasy shine.
  3. Take a beveled face sculpting brush and apply a darker shade of blush diagonally across the cheekbone. Smoothly blend, first from top to bottom and bottom to top, and then in a circular motion, directing the brush upward.
  4. Smile=) On the apples of the cheeks (the most convex parts) we apply light blush and take it to the top of the cheekbones. Let’s also add pink to the temples.
  5. We arrange the eyebrows, dye the eyelashes. Makeup ready!

Fashionable summer makeup

We all look forward to summer to relax and bask in the sun’s rays, but in addition to the joy of summer, there are some unpleasant moments. The main one is the condition of the skin – pigment spots, allergic reactions and oily shine can appear.

To avoid all these troubles, the skin needs special care and moisturizing. But if you already have problems, you need to mask them with makeup, and you should do it properly so as not to make things worse.

Makeup for summer makeup should be hypoallergenic, water-resistant and have an SPF factor. Since a pencil wears better in the heat than a shadow, it can be applied on the eyelids, shading strokes with a brush.

You should use waterproof mascara, and it is better to use blue or brown shades. Liner should be postponed until the fall: it spreads faster and creates an impression of sloppy makeup.

If you want your lipstick to hold up better, keep it in the refrigerator before applying it.

Colored shadows and bright arrows

This summer you can not be afraid of bright colors and if your soul asks for colors, do not be shy and reflect it in your summer makeup! Summer will please the brown-eyed fashionistas with bright arrows and shadows.

And, you can combine colors as you like, the main thing is to place them correctly on the eye.

Multicolored arrows

A colored eyeliner looks very stylish. It remains in the trend for more than one year. It can be applied not only to the upper eyelid, but also to the lower eyelid, also around the perimeter or in a certain area of the eye.

Honestly, wherever you apply colored eyeliner, you get a stylish look. Especially purple, yellow, red and blue eyeliner will look expressive.

You can use not only colored eyeliners, but also liners and pencils. The main thing is to make sure that the makeup is of good quality and doesn’t roll off from the heat.

Also, it is difficult not to notice that more and more makeup artists began to emphasize the lower eyelid of brown-eyed beauties with bright shadows and eyeliner.

Lovely girls, let’s just stick to the limits of decency. You are not going to go to the office with bright red or yellow arrows, are you? For a walk with friends or on a date such makeup is fine, but in official places, choose a more restrained color palette.

Important! If you have a drooping eyelid, experimenting with an arrow is strictly forbidden!

Bright corners of the eyes

The trend of the summer of 2022 will be highlighting the inner corner of the eye with bright shadows. Such makeup was worn by bloggers, artists, and models at shows of famous fashion houses.

Well, to make fashionable summer makeup, I don’t think any step-by-step instructions are needed. Just take some bright eyeshadow/ eyeliner and start creating beauty!

Makeup without makeup

Naturalness is the main trend of this year, which coexists with the opposite of brightness.

The main goal of this makeup is not to go overboard.

Touch the shadow brush like a butterfly wing. This type of makeup is considered simple, but in vain, because it is important to work the face so that it appears naked.

It is important to use a suitable and inconspicuous foundation, and to move the main, barely noticeable accent to the eyes. For brown-eyed women, it is best to use gold, beige and sandy shades.

A great option to emphasize your lashes and not to go overboard is to use brown, not black mascara.

Wedding makeup

Every bride wants to be memorable and unique. That’s why you should reject the typical classics and look for trendy ideas from bridal shows and fashion weeks. Let’s talk not only about the brides, but also about the bridesmaids’ guests – after all, everyone wants to be beautiful.

Invisible tone

Let’s face it, everyone associates wedding makeup with plaster that has to lay perfectly and last all day.

This year, makeup artists are saying “no to plaster!” and suggest looking at lighter foundations to emphasize the freshness and naturalness of the bride. After all, naturalness is in fashion right now.

A radiant blush

Of course, we should not forget about a healthy facial tone – you do not want to look like a gray mouse in the wedding photos. We’ll give up the matte blush effect in favor of shining particles.

As an option, you can use gel or cream textures with a light, wet finish. But here it is important to consult with the photographer so your face doesn’t look sweaty.

Natural eyebrows

Lightness and naturalness as the main trends in 2022 suggest abandoning the heavy, painted eyebrows. The maximum that should be used is a tinting gel, which at the same time will fix the hairs in the right position.

Lip gloss

Of course, the wedding menu was put together for a reason, but brides rarely get to sit down and have a bite to eat. This is also for the best, because in 2022, they are giving up lipsticks and pulling out glosses from the far shelf. It’s a versatile way to accentuate the natural beauty of the lips and complement any look.

For brides with brown eyes

Brown eyes are usually balanced with bright lips, which give the bride an attractive and seductive look. Specific tones are chosen individually, but bright, berry, juicy shades are in vogue now.

The eyes can be emphasized with arrows and lengthening mascara – and the bride’s look will charm all the guests.

For bridesmaids

Brown-eyed bridesmaids should not attract as much attention as the bride, so they should limit themselves to fashionable lip gloss and emphasize the beauty of brown eyes with cool shades of sequins and shadows.

Smokey Ice

Just a few years ago, this makeup was trendy among brides, and was seen at literally every wedding, but now it’s more of an exception to the rule.

Of course, if you really want to impress everyone with a feline look, be my guest, but choose not too dark shades, especially if the ceremony is in the morning.

Bridesmaids should refuse such aggressive makeup so as not to distract attention from the bride.

Spring Makeup

Spring is a time for experimentation. It is necessary to chase away the gray winter with bright colors of mood and makeup. The motto for this time: do not dare to limit yourself to anyone and show all your creative nature.

Multicolor makeup

While last year’s mono makeup that didn’t distract from your eye color ruled the ball, now it’s a riot of color that catches the eye. Don’t limit yourself to just one shade, but show your imagination. There are no restrictions in spring.


Usually neon awaits us in the zenith of summer, but now you can start with it right away in March. It can be worn anytime, anywhere. Neon arrows, neon tuxedos – whatever you’re brave enough to do. Brown eyes and bright orange – why not?

Without contour

Stop torturing yourself and putting out neat, symmetrical ponytails-it’s no longer the standard. Forget the flawless shape and let the creative mess appear in front of your eyes. Your face is your canvas, paint as your soul dictates.

Shaped arrows

Still can’t live without arrows? Then get away from the usual shape, such as cloudy arrows, wings or Twiggy-style arcs. Blue and red is a great combination for brown eyes.

Autumn Makeup

Minimalism is the main trend of the fall. It emphasizes naturalness and femininity. Nacre is returning to fashion – great news for those who want to draw attention to brown eyes. Let’s list the other trends.

Emphasis on the eyes

It’s clear from the pearlescent shadows. But the main task of autumn is to make the eyes more expressive.

If you’re brave enough, you can use red eyeliner or even red lipstick instead of eye shadow – a great option for brown eyes.

Colored shadows and glitter

The riot of colors on the eyes continues. The most trending colors are pink, blue and purple. For evenings, you can use glitter, glitter or gold.

Smokey Ice

In the fall, tuxedo eyes are traditionally gaining in popularity. It is worth giving preference to a brown color scheme, and at the same time add a lighter shade of blush.

Colored eyelashes

In the fall, the color from the eyelids is also transferred to the lashes. The use of bright neon mascara and the “spider legs” effect are trending.

You can’t go to the office like that, of course, but you can experiment at the party. At the same time to amaze everyone with your languid and penetrating look.

Winter Makeup

Winter is always associated with holidays and fun, so you can safely afford metallics, glitter and other shiny accents. Let’s find out what was fashionable in winter 2021-2022.

Double Emphasis

You can say goodbye to the rule “Highlight either your lips or your eyes. Now you can highlight everything! At least, that’s what makeup artists did when presenting winter collections. Try to apply the same texture to both lips and eyes – you’ll get a beautiful sensual look.

Strokes and strokes

Don’t know how to carefully blend shadow? Good, because you’ll be the most fashionable one this season! Now makeup doesn’t take long: one brush stroke and it’s done!

There are no restrictions on colors – either continue the riot of colors, or use golden shades with glitter, emphasizing the depth of brown eyes.

Glossy coating

Matte textures are farther and farther into the background. In each purse we put a gloss – or better yet, two glosses. Yes, you’ll have to pay for staying power, but no more heals for damaged and dried lips. Naturalness and health are in vogue.

The kissed lips effect

Love tints or don’t like to keep track of the condition of lipstick on your lips? The good news is that bitten or kissed lips are in fashion. Now you can justify everything with this – a smudged line, lack of contour, erased pigment. Makeup is getting easier and faster.

Hollywood makeup – for a party or performance

If in the daytime makeup we can notice the tenderness and striving for naturalness and naturalness, then the evening, or Hollywood version, on the contrary, becomes even more bright and saturated, which only emphasizes the beauty of brown-eyed girls.


Yes, you can afford sequins and glitter even during the day. But rhinestones are the “heavy” artillery for a graduation party, a wedding, or just a party. And these are not little round sparkles, but really noticeable pieces of crystals. Such an image is sure to be remembered for a lifetime!

Wet hair

Yes, it’s not really about makeup, but hair is definitely very important for the image. No, you don’t have to walk in the rain and get sick – it’s enough to buy a lot of different styling products. With this hairstyle you will definitely stand out from the rest.

You can emphasize this idea in your makeup – just add a lot of liquid highlighter to your eyes and cheekbones.

Emphasis on the lips

If you paint your lips with lipstick, then only such that it was most noticeable – dark and scarlet colors will do.

It is important not to overdo it with the eyes, but only to lightly emphasize – mascara, neutral shadows and stacked eyebrows. Adding a riot of color in the form of neon mascara or arrows is not necessary.

Peculiarities of makeup for photo shoots

In 2022, of course, you can’t do without makeup for a photo shoot – Instagram won’t fill itself.

The main thing to remember is that the camera will “eat up” a third of the brightness of your makeup, so you have to make a little more effort.

Do not be afraid to accentuate the lips and eyes at once – it is now possible and fashionable.

Of course, first of all, you need to think about the skin itself – you need to cleanse it, for example, with micellar water, hide imperfections corrector, and then apply the tone.

Although wet and shiny makeup is trendy, it can look unsympathetic in photos, so it is better to use a matte primer and to avoid products with liquid textures. Lips are an exception; otherwise they will look smaller in the photo than they do in real life.

What trends do you already want to repeat?

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