Fashionable Looks To Wear With A Shirt Coat In 2022

warm coat shirt

Plaid Shirt Coat

The plaid coat looks like an ordinary shirt: classic collar, patch pockets, buttons on the placket, sometimes epaulets on the shoulders, loose fit.

They are sewn in tweed or wool fabric, eco-leather, flannel, and other fabrics. They fit all girls and women regardless of age and body type.

You need to pick your size and contrast of the print. But here, we should also consider that a cell is not the same as a plaid. According to stylists, the plaid prints can be divided into the following kinds:

    The plaid
  • English classics (dark tones of green and blue combined with black).
  • Goosefoot (black and white, resembles the shape of a goose’s foot).
  • Pepita (looks like a goosefoot, but more like a four-pointed star, that is, a standard cage with curls in the corners).
  • Chess Cage.
  • Burberry (black, white, red, and sand).
  • Scots or tartan (coloring of men’s kilts).
  • Madras (giant rainbow-colored checkerboard).
  • Vichy (French Provence, often used on tablecloths. The primary colors are red and white or blue and white, where the cage is formed by one stripe overlapping another).
  • Glencheck (a combination of white, black, and gray).
  • Cell in different sizes (small, medium, large)

With this outerwear, you can visually hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of your figure:

  • Slim girls are recommended to buy a product with a pattern of the large and contrasting check.
  • Girls with a small stature can visually enhance the silhouette of the top dress in a small and noncontrasting check.
  • To look slimmer, stylists recommend choosing a coat with a checkered pattern that will look more like vertical stripes from afar. You can tie a long scarf with the ends hanging down for the same purpose.
  • Very high girls would suit the model with length up to the middle of the thigh. So visually, the proportions of the body will be balanced.

The plaid shirt coat is convenient in that it keeps you warm in cold weather and combines with almost any clothing and footwear.

It could be jeans, leather pants, a business suit, shorts, a dress or skirt, and footwear options ranging from brutal boots to dainty high-heeled boots:

  • Classic sneakers or solid sneakers in basic shades.
  • Skillets with a thin heel or platform.
  • Boots (with dresses or miniskirts).
  • Thick-soled pumps.
    <Loafers, pumps, stilettoes (with classic suits).

    As an accessory, a bag, a backpack, and a snood or long scarf will do. An important nuance is that the clothes and accessories matched to the checkered shirt coat should be monochrome.

    The coat should be monochrome.


    The midi and maxi length shirt coats are quite an independent piece of clothing, so it’s important not to go overboard with other closet details in the image.

    beige long shirt coat

    A long beige shirt-cut coat looks great with blue jeans and black Cossacks.

    It would suit a fitted or loose model with skinny jeans combined with a cozy sweater, pleated skirt, blouse, or classic business suit.

    Boots are welcome as footwear. If the weather permits, they can also be semi-open-heeled shoes.

    In this case, it’s a good idea to wear a pair of boots.

    The color scheme of the garment combined with the maximum and medium length product should be basic.


    Short models are suitable for lovers of sports style. They repeat the style of a usual shirt entirely, so they are comfortable to wear and do not require a combination with the classic closet.

    Short coat shirt

    Short coat shirts can combine your favorite looks – sporty and classic.

    Although a business suit will look quite good with a coat length just below the waist.

    You can wear jeans and classic t-shirts and sweaters for your casual closet.


    The oversize shirt coat allows fashionistas to use layering in an image.

    coat shirt oversize

    Perfect for every day – an oversize shirt coat with jeans and boots.

    You can wear ripped jeans, a turtleneck, a jacket or sweatshirt, a trench coat, and boots with rough soles for a bold and daring look for a walk around town or a meeting with friends.

    Light up the fall weather’s grayness by wearing a bright sweater with a voluminous collar, a shortened coat overcoat, leather leggings, and high-heeled boots.

    Long, loose-fitting models look great with a fitted noodle dress and elegant stiletto heels.

    Black coat shirt

    It’s much easier to match the rest of your closet with a black coat. Outerwear in this style is worn with a trapeze skirt, various dresses, pants, and leggings.

    With jeans – mom, plaid, banana, straight and cropped, cycling, flared lengthened, or denim short shorts. The black trench coat is well combined with clothes of bright colors or with an unusual print. You can complement the image with accessories of bright shades.

    A black coat shirt is combined with clothes of bright colors or unusual prints.


    Beige combines better with black, gray, or white colors. However, items of clothing in pastel tones also look good with a beige coat.

    The beige coat is a good choice.

    Short models look perfect with tight pants and jeans in black, blue, wine, and brown. Shirts, vests, sweaters, and sweatshirts would suit the top. Shoes for this image are better to choose without a heel.

    Midi and maxi lengths are great for different dresses and can even hide their size. In such a case, classic white sneakers, shoes, brown boots, or black ankle boots would be the proper footwear.

    The midi and maxi lengths are great for different types of dresses.


    Gray belongs to the basic color scheme so that it can be combined with both neutral and bright shades. A short gray shirt coat can be worn over a light blouse and dark pants.

    The short gray coat can be worn over a light blouse and dark pants.

    This look is perfect for the office. You could also wear a mid-length coat and an office suit or a mid-knee-length fitted dress for the same purpose.

    You could also wear a mid-length coat, an office suit, or a mid-knee-length fitted dress.

    For a walk, it is recommended to prefer looser clothing, such as jeans and a t-shirt or sweater. An excellent option for the evening out would be a long gray coat with tight pants, a chiffon blouse, and booties.

    Another option is a short dress and boots above the knees.

    Leather Shirt Coat

    Leather is a versatile material for the off-season.

    Pick calm, classic shades – beige, black, brown, gray. It’s easy to incorporate with any look and style.

    What To Wear In Fall 2021 – Fashionable Looks

    In the fall season, the coat shirt can be worn with turtlenecks, blouses, and sweatshirts combined with pants, jeans, or leggings.

    So almost any footwear will do sneakers, loafers, and boots. You could also wear a knitted dress or sleeveless shirt and skirt for a feminine look.

    And wide-heeled boots, ankle boots, or stiletto heels will harmoniously complement your evening look.

    What To Wear In Winter 2021-2022 – Fashionable Looks

    In winter, most actual models are over-size. Their layering shows off your fashion sense and helps you stay warm in cold weather.

    So, in winter, a coat shirt can be worn with wide-leg jeans, a loose-fitting shirt, or a big-knit sweater with a voluminous collar.

    It also looks good paired with skinny jeans or leather leggings, a warm cardigan, and high boots.

    You can create a romantic look by wearing a short knit dress with a wide leather belt, black booties, and a medium to maxi length coat.

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