Fashionable Lightweight Dresses: Beach Style

Throughout summer, free women’s outfits allow you to feel as at home in the midst of a hot asphalt jungle as on the shore of a warm sea. It is the time of beach fashion, bright colors, and actions.

Under the scorching sun at the peak of popularity – lightweight dresses, comfortable and seductive. Different styles, colours and lengths, they can correct silhouette flaws and highlight attractive curves. They are suitable for young girls, for young women, and for established ladies in their 50s. Romantic styles made of chiffon or viscose – modern fashion offers many options.

Fashionable Summer Dresses

Modern designers offer a variety of summer outfits for women. Most often on the catwalks appear models in the retro style:

  • Short dresses made of light fabrics, cut to fit the silhouette and accentuate the waist;
  • Tight bodice with an accentuated cleavage area;
  • flared or loose skirts to the knees;
  • small bags with floral prints and rounded shapes;
  • A dress that fits exactly the shape of a jacket;
  • geometric prints.

The hottest word in summer fashion is minimalism. Simple graphic or loose silhouettes of dresses to the knee or to the floor, monochrome or with a calm print, which does not catch the eye. Dresses in the styles of “retro” and “minimalism” are perfect for hot days in the city and for girls in their 20s, and for stylish ladies in their 50s. A sophisticated casual closet for summer is assured!

Popular long dresses with a bright pattern made of viscose, chiffon, cotton, linen, silk. They look harmonious on vacation, if you’re going on a date to a restaurant or just want to stroll along the boulevard.

The white long dress is a stylish choice for lovers of light, clean, elegant ethnic or “country” style. Ideal model for tanned girls.

The most popular models are in white:

  • Free white dress with thin straps and lace inserts;
  • tunic in the ancient Greek style, shifting the emphasis from the waist to the bodice;
  • Shirt dress, perfect for vacation;
  • A safari dress, a stylish urban option, which reeks of colonial romance.

Short models are ideal for people with slender legs. At the peak of popularity are silk mini-dresses with ethnic and colourful geometric patterns.

Knitted Summer Dresses

For many women, especially those who are into needlework, the most comfortable outfit in hot weather is knitted dresses. They can not only buy, but also make it yourself, in the desired colour scheme and style. Of course, without a cover such an outfit is better to wear only on vacation.

Knitted summer dresses and sundresses are characterized by femininity and softness of lines. Lace models are often standard – open shoulders and loose silhouette. Close-fitting lace dresses are better for slim girls. This is ideal for a date and a party.

To decorate knitted dresses, use bags in tone, belts, jewelry, scarves or hats. But you should not overdo it with accessories, because the knitted thing is quite saturated. Accessories may contain only a small insertion of lace. An exception is a dress and bag of the same texture and color.

Beach Fashion

Beach dresses and tunics occupy a special place in the closet of women. In spite of this, leisurewear is often open and can, if poorly chosen, emphasize the disadvantages of its owner’s figure, and add years to his or her life span. And the beach is always the most severe critic. Therefore, beachwear should be chosen according to your figure. For women on the beach, it is imperative not only to get your dose of “sun vitamin”, but also to look attractive. To raise your own self-esteem, to make your companion proud to be near you. Or for the purpose of finding new acquaintances. After all, summer is the time of travel and love.

How To Choose A Beach Dress?

  • Give preference to natural fabrics, because in the heat the skin should breathe freely;
  • If you have a figure resembling a pear (narrow shoulders and wide hips), then choose a dress of medium length, with a V-neck and A-skirt, open shoulders. Categorically do not wear short dresses and puffed skirts;
  • Women with the figure of “apple” (equal in width of the chest, waist and hips) will decorate the beach dresses with a loose waist, with a thin belt just above the hips. Heavy belts and tight models – not for you;
  • Women with an hourglass figure (thin waist, hips and chest are wider and about the same) are the most fortunate. They can wear almost any model that will emphasize their feminine forms. This applies even to overweight women in their 50s;
  • A “banana” figure (shoulders, chest, waist, and torso are about the same width). It is necessary to choose beach dresses that add volume to the chest and hips. Draping, round neckline or V-neckline, ruffles, tight around the waist belt will make the figure more feminine;
  • Women with a triangular figure will adorn flowing light chiffon dresses with a voluminous skirt, midi length, large textured bags in hand;
  • Full arms, unfortunately, will not allow its owner to wear strappy sundresses. Three-quarter length or light flying long sleeves are your choice;
  • If you have a small chest, then choose dresses with decorative accents at the top of the model, refuse the deep necklines;
  • Large women will decorate dress-coats in pastel colours. Avoid any bright prints and colours. White beach clothes you also will not do. Beach dress large size, freely sitting on the figure, visually must do slimmer, and the skirts cover the problem areas in the hips. Large bags, knitwear, long flying dresses made of chiffon will not make you fit tighter. Moderation in all things is your motto! Beach pareo discreet colour will help to hide flaws in the figure when you’re going to swim.

The Best Beach Tunics For A Hot Summer

Resting on the beach is not always a heavenly pleasure for large women. After all, a small swimsuit will not hide figure flaws. Therefore, often the owners of magnificent figures are stiff at the beach. For slender women, there is no swimsuit that allows them to move freely on the beach. For instance, going to a bar or playground in one bikini will not be allowed. Also on hand is the beach tunic – an outfit that is suitable for women of all ages, from 20 to 50, and for thin as well as plus sized women. The beach tunic has a long history – it originated from the shores of the Mediterranean, where the figures were hidden from the unsightly eyes of the beautiful Athenians. Now it can be purchased at swimwear stores. Typically, this outfit is made from chiffon, elastane, cotton, polyamide. Fashionistas often choose beach tunics made of chiffon, because it is translucent, flowing seductively in wind gusts.

Hand-knitted tunics have a special chic, you can customize them according to your figure and personal style. Decorate with seashells, colourful threads, decorative flowers, as well as knitted beach bags, hats and panama hats.

How To Choose The Right Beachwear?

  • For moving on vacation, if you are not staying in a major city or hotel, beach dresses are suitable. Lightweight, comfortable and allowing the skin to breathe.
  • For staying on the beach, in addition to a swimsuit, be sure to buy a beach tunic. It not only meets the requirements of the beach dress code, but also protects you from the sun.
  • For a large belly suit beachwear without a belt or with lacing above the waist.
  • Beach fashion allows tunics and light dresses with a back neckline. A great option for the owners of a beautiful back curve.
  • Women of short stature is better to buy a beach dress with a belt under the breast, which visually stretches the legs.
  • Bags, jewelry and other accessories should be coordinated in design with the outfit. For example, large bags with stones, flowers and prints will suit monochrome short dresses.

Beach fashion dictates its terms. Wear comfortable bags, bright summer jewelry, and lightweight dresses made of natural fabrics that will protect you from the sun and make you irresistible.

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