Fashionable Jewelry For The New Season: Extravagant Collections And Retro Pearls

Jewelry is the little things without which the image looks incomplete. Correctly chosen items per the style, preferences and modern trends help create a spectacular and original image. Fall-winter 2021-2022 fashionable bijouterie will be the main accent in the image as it is massive and bright.

The variety of jewelry will confuse even the most experienced fashionista. Designers have emphasized several basic trends based on which to select products. The most fashionable jewelry trends of 2022:

  • chain bundles;
  • metal;
  • retro pearls;
  • royal tiaras;
  • rock crystal;
  • birds of paradise;
  • heart;
  • ethno style;
  • an abundance of rhinestones;
  • abstraction.

Products dominate Valentino shows in chains of anchor or fantasy weave. Moschino and Alexander Wang offer delicate thin chains with pendants of hearts and stars. Gold, silver and platinum shades are the season’s favourites.

In fashionable collections classic pearl threads are intertwined with metal chains. Black pearls or a mineral of milky hue are appropriate. Elegant tiaras with a scattering of stones or laconic silk headbands with pearls are suitable for a festive winter outing. Beautiful hair ornaments are presented in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel.

Rock crystal necklaces and silver-framed earrings are in fashion. Figurines of birds of paradise can adorn any piece of jewelry for girls who love unusual and catchy styles. Fashionable heart-shaped earrings, bracelets and necklaces are offered by Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and other houses so that they can complement any image.

Catchy pieces in rich colours made ethno-style, are popular in autumn-winter and summer 2022. Bright and shiny bijouterie will not be a sign of tastelessness. Plenty of rhinestones to create a trendy, fashionable image. Abstraction is presented in the collections of leading designers. Bracelets, earrings and necklaces will emphasize the openness and originality of the owner.


Small clove earrings are a thing of the past. Today, fashionable bijouterie should be noticeable – reach the middle of the neck or shoulders. A large number of decorative elements and bright shimmers are welcome.

It is appropriate to wear one large earring in the ear while the other remains free. You can buy a set with earrings of different sizes but make in the same style. Balenciaga, Dolce&Gabbana and Isabel Marant present such models.

Tiered chandeliers decorated with pearls, large stones and hammered metal parts are in trend. No less relevant are bulky clips. Chandelier earrings are combined with carnations. Any bold combination is allowed so that you can use all the contents of the box.

It is better to choose fashionable earrings, combining with other jewelry – a bracelet, rings and necklace. This will allow you to create a fashionable image in the same style. Famous designers present in their collections interesting solutions, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off.


A bracelet is one of the main representatives of bijouterie, which will be accentuated in 2022. If you want to impress with a stylish image and not wear many earrings and rings, then a piece of jewelry on the wrist will help. It can be in the form of a bunch of chains, made of sheared fur or in the style of ethno or punk.

Designers presented a rich collection of bracelets. Graceful and sophisticated forms can be found in Roberto Cavalli. They effectively complete the images of models at shows. Oscar de la Renta presented massive and bright products. The most complex intertwining of numerous details can attract the eyes of others and emphasize the extravagance of the image.

In the winter season, fashionistas will appreciate the novelties of the fashion world, one of which is putting a bracelet on a sleeve or glove. At the same time, bijouterie should be eye-catching to be remembered by others. This concept was proposed by the fashion houses Chanel, Lanvin and Prada.


Tight-neck chokers have moved from the youth scene to the fashion catwalks. Designers around the world have worked hard to create unique and diverse pieces. Stylish jewelry has firmly taken its place in high fashion.

Simple velvet chokers have retreated into the background. Today in designers’ collections, there is an abundance of models made of metal, textile, and silk, decorated with rhinestones, crystals and fringes. The product can be chosen for business style or to create a festive image. Original restrained leather chokers perfectly go with office wear.

Designers didn’t skimp on the classic dangling necklaces either. In them, they depicted the layering using amethyst, malachite and jasper. Ethnic motifs are trending, so all amulets and talismans are welcome. To create fashionable image-fit products with images of butterflies, lizards and beetles.

Majestic necklaces amaze with their luxury and the alluring brilliance of multicoloured stones. Fashion trends also allow the wearing of classic exquisite necklaces with pearl strands. Products are suitable for the fair sex of any age. Designers offer products made of quality textures. The more layers of necklaces to wear, the more vivid the image.


Designers of leading fashion houses suggested wearing rings on each finger. They should be made in the same style. This allows you to draw attention to the hands, clothing and handbag. In fashion, massive rings are decorated with semi-precious stones. They harmoniously emphasize the created image.

A large ring is combined with neat pieces as well as thin bracelets with scatterings of stones. Vintage style jewelry is in fashion. It is allowed to choose the jewelry in a single style or effectively combine different textures.

For maintaining a sophisticated look, neat rings are suitable. They are almost invisible on the hands, but they emphasize the beauty of the hands. Fashionable bijouterie can be decorated with rhinestones or stones, imitating sparkling diamonds. Thin fingers will effectively decorate the ring in the form of a snake.


New for the season is brooches in the form of antique or insects. It is a simple and reliable way to emphasize the image and your individuality. Elegant look product with natural or artificial pearls. A brooch can decorate anything: the lapel of a jacket or jacket, a scarf, a dress, etc.

It is appropriate jewelry made of wood, textile, leather, and metal, supplemented with glass and semi-precious stones. Handmade author’s brooches are in fashion. Actual product forms are classical or in the form of animals, plants or insects. Elegantly look at vegetable ornaments. Ornate models with intricate decorations are ideal for an evening out.

In fashion are bright and saturated shades. What brooch looks the most stylish is a decoration in the form of a large spider or with tiered chains. The product should go in a set with other jewelry. Stylists suggest an original way use a brooch – decoration of a hairdo. It can also be pinned on the bag. It is allowed to wear several brooches on one garment at a time.

Jewelry With Pearls

Pearl jewelry for the Fall-Winter 2022 season is at its peak of popularity. Correct forms, nice shades and noble lustre fell in love with many designers. They tried to maximize the variety of jewelry with the stone. They used pearls to create fashionable bijouterie and decorate gloves, bags, belts and shoes.

The stone combines perfectly with the trends of the season: metal, chains and other gems. Original look articles with a scattering of pearls of different sizes. Even a simple piece of jewelry draws attention to the woman and her outfit.

When choosing jewelry, you should not blindly follow fashion trends. Your taste is what is always in fashion. It is enough to choose from the variety of solutions offered by designers what your heart is for.

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