Fashionable Gold, Silver Or Titanium Piercing Jewelry

Piercing has been considered a profitable service in the world of cosmetic services for more than twenty years. It is used by owners of piercing salons and jewelry because many jewelry pieces are made of gold, titanium, and silver with the addition of precious stones. Such things are bought not only by the youth or participants of subcultures but also by people who have passed the threshold of 35 years. If we talk about gender, women use the piercing service more often than men. This is due to the historical background when in many tribes, the earrings and metal decorating the girl’s body were considered a sign of wealth and beauty. Men, on the other hand, used body piercing as a religious act or in certain professions. Today, many professional cosmetic salons offer piercings of any body part with various decorations. Jewelry for piercings can be purchased at a jewelry or theme store. The choice is left to the client on what to decorate his body with. There are only a few tips.

What Kind Of Jewelry Is Better To Use?

Eyebrow piercing jewelry

If this area is pierced for the first time, it is recommended to use eyebrow jewelry in the form of micro-bows or micro-bananas. The only difference is the appearance. The length of the product until the moment of healing should not exceed 1 cm so as not to stretch or damage the tissue. The rings should not be removed from the eyebrow area.

Ear piercing jewelry

The ear area is the most “loyal” for piercings, so any earring or tunnel is allowed for the first time, and the jewelry should not weigh you down. Bananas, designed for belly button piercing, will also look good and quickly take root on the earlobe. The tragus and inner cartilage of the ear should be pierced with a small micro-hose, 1 cm long.

Nose piercing jewelry

Micro-labrets and small carnations for a nose piercing are excellent, as this area is problematic regarding healing, so it is better not to choose jewelry with a decorative stone, to begin with. After the final healing, you can use jewelry like horseshoes and rings. The nasal septum can be pierced with a barbell-type earring.

Lip piercing jewelry

For the first time, it is better to pierce the lips with natural metal, gold or silver labrets. Titanium is also harmless. The same metals should be rings. The ring diameter should not be more than 1-1.2 cm. Jewelry should not be more than two at once because on the lips, the vessels are very close to each other, and the healing channels will take longer. It would be best if you had a diet and no tobacco to heal the earring on the lip.

Decorations for tongue piercing

The bars and micro-bananas are mostly used and should be made of natural metals. Other jewelry, such as rings, can be used on an already-healed piercing. Re-piercing can be done only when the first hole is completely healed. If the tongue frenulum is too long, a frenulum incision is made so the jewelry can be put on.

Breast piercing jewelry

In most cases, small bars and rings are used. For the first breast piercing, there is not much difference in the thickness or length of the earring. Healing depends on the care of the piercing. Mostly it is about two months.

When healing, the channels narrow, so you can not use more than one piece of jewelry, otherwise oxygen access will not be supplied, breast piercings will not take root.

Belly button piercing jewelry

Any kind of piercing jewelry is suitable for the first belly button piercing. This area takes root well, but sharp-edged jewelry harms the still-healing skin. At large periods of pregnancy, it is recommended to change the long “hanging” earrings for a small bar made of gold and silver. Surgical steel is not always conducive to rapid healing, so it is better not to take risks.

Jewelry for implant piercings

A “P” type bar or a horseshoe up to 2 cm in length is used for the first piercing. More voluminous jewelry can be used after the previous piercing has completely healed. Subcutaneous implants can be done in the number of several at once. Healing takes up to 3 months if the piercing is properly cared for. The piercing does not always take root, especially if it is superficial. It depends on the metal of the jewelry. Medical steel does not take root in the body.

Material For Decorations

Titanium jewelry. Titanium earrings, called G23, are more popular because the steel fits everybody. Two varieties of titanium are common: black and gold. The metal is inert, meaning that the toxins released and enter the blood are not oxidized. When implanted globally, titanium dyes are recognized as the best for piercings. The jewelry and the alloy have been selected and approved by Swiss and American standards. Titanium can be combined with precious jewelry and stones and alloys of metals such as gold, silver, and medical steel.

Titanium is used to pierce the most delicate areas, eyebrows, breasts, lips, earlobes.

Jewelry made of PTFE. Jewelry made of polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon, is considered the most hypoallergenic and harmless. The components contained in Teflon, if released into the blood and lymph, do not contaminate harmful substances. The metal is very flexible, so dyes made of this steel are recommended for implant piercing and eyebrow piercing and are also suitable as jewelry for pregnancy piercings. This applies to belly button piercings. When the size of the belly changes, the metal takes its shape.

Gold jewelry. The 750 proof is the most suitable for piercings. The sample shows the percentage of impurities and gold content. The 750th standard contains 75% natural gold without any impurities, and the remaining 25% is harmful metals and elements entering the body. Also, the 585th standard is used, but it is more dangerous for the body. There is slightly more than 50% of natural metal. The chest, lips, eyebrows and tongue should not be pierced with such jewelry. As there is a possibility of an allergic reaction, gold of any standard is not recommended for full-fledged jewelry during pregnancy. Gold can be a compliment or pollen to titanium.

Jewelry made of surgical steel. America and some European countries have banned selling piercing jewelry containing medical steel. Surgical metal has nickel, which comes into contact with blood and lymph. This alloy contains a high level of toxicity. The use of surgical steel jewelry for the first piercing of any part of the body is excluded. Subsequent punctures of the lips, eyebrows, tongue, and ear can be used as a supplement of titanium alloy. Pregnant women are contraindicated with this metal.

Silver jewelry can be used as plating or an additional accessory to the earring (attachment or chain, embedding). Silver is rather aggressive, so you should not use silver earrings for the first piercing. As the metal is actively oxidized with lymph and human blood, the body rejects the jewelry, so the resulting oxide will not give the healing effect, the skin will be inflamed, and pus and black spots will appear on the puncture site. Silver takes root on earlobes.

How Will The Piercing Look Like?

Not everyone thinks about why piercings are necessary. Is it just following fashion trends or a desire not to be like everyone else? Would it be appropriate to decorate the bridge of the nose with a barbell for the director of a large law firm? Or a tongue or lip piercing for a university professor?

  • The bridge (bridge of the nose). The jewelry for this kind of piercing must be adapted to an upright position. It will look soft but bright and original.
  • The upper and lower part of the navel. Perhaps the most popular piercing option. The upper part does not heal well. After a year, the piercing canal can dry up due to a lack of oxygen and poor-quality jewelry. To avoid such a thing, it is better to make the piercing in the area of the sides or the lower part of the navel. This unusual placement will stand out from the owners of piercings. Hanging jewelry or multicoloured stones look good. It looks neat.
  • Breast Piercing. It should not be aggressive jewelry with sharp corners and edges and dangling objects, as the piercing will cause discomfort. It looks very spicy and bold.
  • Tongue Piercing. There is an opinion that a small balloon in the tongue that can be rolled around in the mouth is a great option for those who want to quit smoking. It is distracting. Hanging and sharp jewelry can hurt the cheek or palate. But passionate kisses with such an accessory are assured.
  • Ear piercing. Absolutely all girls started getting their ears pierced. First, it was earlobes, then cartilages. It is possible to pierce with several decorations at once. Do not choose too weighty earrings. They stretch the ear.


To avoid problems with piercings, stick to a few tips.

  1. It would be best if you did not trust piercing to non-professionals. In most cases, these are at-home artisans. A man with his own equipped salon and client base is serious about promoting his business and maintaining a level of quality.
  2. Think about the image and the place of the piercing. Remember that it is quite a drastic step. The skin will take a long time to heal. You can consult a doctor who will tell you the best place for a piercing.
  3. The quality of the jewelry is important, so don’t skimp on expensive and high-quality jewelry. For the first piercing, the material is important, and already after healing, you can think about aesthetic beauty.
  4. Listen to the master’s advice on caring for your skin and jewelry. Sterilize it regularly to prevent the ingress of germs and dirt.

The choice of piercing jewelry directly depends on the further healing, as well as the appearance. A quality earring will adorn any part of the body, and will be a joy to the eye for a long time.

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