Fashionable Floor Skirts: What To Wear And How To Choose Correctly

Femininity has always been in fashion. And what better way to accentuate the soft feminine features than with a skirt? Especially popular in the summer are maxi skirts. They are comfortable to wear in the summer heat, gaining airiness and weightlessness.

Designers are able to create long skirts with a variety of models to fit the most extortionate requirements and special tastes. A variety of fabrics in different colors and patterns, as well as the ability to match with different clothes, make these fashionable skirts extremely versatile and necessary in every wardrobe. They use a variety of fabrics, ranging from heavy denim to lightweight and fluffy chiffon. The use of wide belts and elastic bands helps to highlight the waist.

Basic Rules To Follow Wearing A Maxi Skirt

But despite all the simplicity, the floor skirt has some restrictions and rules for wearing:

  1. Choose light materials for such a decoration like tulle or chiffon, avoiding heavy and very dense fabrics. Then you can easily get a flowing weightless look.
  2. Remember: the longer the length of the skirt, the higher the heel should be. The combination of a maxi skirt with ballet flats or sneakers does not look as beautiful as you might think at first glance.
  3. The shoes repeat the colour scheme of the skirt. There is no need to introduce unnecessary colour combinations.
  4. In order for a floor-length skirt to really create a “feet from the ears” effect, you need to stick to the right proportions of bottoms and tops – 1/4 or 1/3, where one is your height. Heels are still the same necessary element in the clothes!
  5. For harmony in a woman’s image and shape combine voluminous skirts with a narrow top, and straight on the contrary.

How To Combine A Floor Length Skirt

Solved with the general rules, remains unsolved the main question: what to wear a long skirt? In summer it can be worn with a t-shirt, shirt and top. Clothing can be both contrasting and monochrome. For example, a long blue skirt is combined with a yellow or red blouse and t-shirt. The white long skirt goes well with any color combination of the top. The main thing is to imagine exactly what image you want to achieve. For business women, a brown or pastel blouse will do. For everyday wear, choose a top or a soft sweater.

A stylish maxi outfit is combined with a clutch bag and a lightweight shoulder bag. Massive lush bags are not suitable for this style.

Stylish and delicate skirts of this cut will go well with a bold top – leather leather jacket or denim jacket over a tight-fitting top or T-shirt.

Long Skirts: What Material Is Suitable

To sew a skirt to the floor in a variety of fabrics – winter or summer. Among them the most popular:

  • flowing chiffon and flowing tulle;
  • lightweight silk and practical viscose;
  • linen and jacquard are natural materials;
  • denim and gabardine.

Long Skirts: What’s Fashionable This Summer

Trending in the summer of 2016 are long skirts made of tulle and chiffon. They can be monochrome or made from fabric in floral, polka dots, with prints. Nylon chiffon is an excellent material for a skirt that forms gentle waves.

The current season’s top features a long skirt with a zipper, which will be made in both daily and evening versions. The figure will be perfectly disguised with such a thing. A solemn variant of this type of skirt is a model that is shortened in front and long, like a train, in the back. Combine in such products fabrics of different textures – a dense lining and a light chiffon top. The colour combinations are bright and unusual. Red combined with black or white is excellent. With such a combination it is easy to create a stylish image.

The colouring of long skirts in oriental style is in fashion. Stylish puffed outfits with paisley prints are at the peak of popularity.

Purple, lilac, and red outfits are available for women. Ethnic prints are also welcome.

Skirt Styles For Women With Different Shapes

The floor skirt is an excellent way to hide any significant flaws in the figure of women with magnificent forms. For full girls, there are certain restrictions when choosing a maxi skirt, which must be adhered to:

  1. Maxis with a low waist are not for bouffant shapes. But wide waistbands or elastic waistbands are ideal for such girls.
  2. To avoid creating additional volumes, avoid large prints and additional details on the outfit (pockets, appliques). As well as layering and ruffles.
  3. Despite the high trend flared skirts to the floor, for large women, they are forbidden, because they add size.

Based on these tips, women with full volumes will become slimmer and more sophisticated. To avoid looking even smaller, wear shoes with a high heel or a platform under such clothes if you are not tall.

You should choose styles with low and high waists with elastic bands if your hips are narrow. Avoid straight long skirts, which will only “ground” your image.

Skirt, flared to the bottom, creating an A-silhouette, suitable for girls with broad shoulders. More modern styles with small pleats are also acceptable.

For female forms with enlarged hips, a straight, slim cut, narrowed down outfit is recommended.

For models with an undefined waist, fashion designers advise to choose a pleated maxi with lots of folds. Skirts of this type can have a thin elastic band or belt, as well as a wide one.

How To Wear A Long Skirt In The Summer?

Summer is the time of bright colours and freedom. Therefore, the floor skirts are catchy, with all sorts of prints and accessories.

Long half-length skirt is an incredible trend this summer. Chiffon and tulle, as well as a variety of patterns on fabrics, create a festive and dazzling look.

For those who still need to stick to a business style in the summer, a black floor-length skirt is recommended. This is a classic style that remains fashionable in every season. The top of such a thing is white, milky or pale pink. The sandals are black or brown. Don’t forget about the accessory, which can be a bright large necklace or a light transparent scarf.

There is an option for brave girls to choose a black translucent maxi skirt. It is not only relevant and ideal to wear in the heat of summer, but also incredibly sexy.

There is also a long slit skirt for those who love extravagance. Such an outfit of chiffon or tulle combined with a delicate blouse or a bright red short top is suitable for a festive exit.

The white long skirt is another versatile attire, which will suit almost everything: from lightweight tops and delicate blouses, to a rough denim fabric. Combining the fashionable red colour with the festive theme creates a stylish festive look.

Long skirts are the most fashionable positions this season. And for the right reason, because such a comfortable thing will be indispensable in the closet of every woman who wants to be bright and stylish.

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