Fashionable Faux Leather Skirt: Popular Styles From The Best Designers

Modern fashion designers gladly use faux-leather clothes in their collections. Material of this type is very practical, beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. In appearance it is indistinguishable from genuine leather. For several seasons, faux leather skirts have been the hottest trend. Such a fashionable piece is perfect for young ladies, and stately ladies.


Asymmetric faux leather skirt


Beige faux leather skirt

These skirts surprise with their variety of cut, length, and color. Models made of faux leather can create a stylish image for any occasion: everyday, classic, holiday, romantic. It features all the advantages of shape, looks very rich, allows a girl to be unique and charming.


Burgundy faux leather skirt


Classic faux leather skirt

What Models And Styles Of Faux Leather Skirts Will Suit You?

Buying fashionable skirts made of this material, take into account the peculiarities of your figure. The product should clearly fit your size, not be too tight and not hang on you. Otherwise all your flaws will be exposed.


faux-leather skirt with metallic decor


Pencil skirt in faux leather

There are the most relevant styles of skirts, and it is on them fashionable women are paying attention:

  • Pencil skirt – a great style for a slender girl with an ideal figure (with narrow hips and a thin waist);
  • The product cut “plisse”, it has folds of different performance – wide and narrow. Slim girls such a thing will give additional volume. Not suitable for overweight women;
  • The faux-leather sun-skirt is a unique piece. Crêpe hides the disadvantages of a full figure, will not be visible extra pounds. Also, the flared skirt is suitable for girls with narrow hips, hiding their thinness;
  • straight cut – simple in itself, but suitable for different types of figures. It will help to create a classic, office look;
  • The trapeze skirt is a classic of the genre. Especially suitable for girls with a figure of “pear” type. For full hips this cut is just a godsend.


faux-leather combo skirt


Brown faux leather skirt

Colors Of Fashionable Faux Leather Skirts

You can buy a skirt of any color for your closet – in fashion in 2023 will be both bright colors and restrained pastel colors.

Black faux leather skirt is on trend. It is necessary to create a classic and professional image. The product in black may be worn to a party or date even if you choose a bright top.

Women’s favorite shades include gray, brown, white, burgundy, red, yellow, and green. Skirts of such colors are available in different cuts and styles. The choice for beauties is quite wide!


Red faux leather skirt


Varnished faux leather skirt

For brightly colored products in warm weather, the top can be more subdued. For winter and the off-season brown, gray, black skirts will be in style. They are perfectly combined with more restrained warm clothes.

Dark shades of skirts hide the fullness and are suitable for plump ladies. Light and bright colors can add centimeters – they should be chosen for tall and thin girls.


Metallized faux leather skirt

Skirt Lengths To Suit All Tastes

A stylish faux leather skirt can be any length you like. Before you buy a product, evaluate your budget and weigh all its advantages and disadvantages. After all, the length of the skirt, as well as its cut, will affect the creation of your overall image.


faux-leather sun-skirt

Fashion designers for women offer models of skirts of different lengths:

  • Mini – they have been very popular for a long time and are still trendy today. Suitable for young people, they add sexuality and attractiveness to the image;
  • Midi – it can often be found in fashion collections. The skirt is ideal for creating the image of a businesswoman or office worker;
  • Skirt below the knee – for the romantic nature. It is able to hide the full hips, to draw attention to the legs;
  • maxi is a long, floor-length skirt made of faux leather. This is an extremely rare combination. Such things are an individual choice of a woman. They are made from different pieces of faux leather or from a whole cloth.


Mini faux leather skirt

Finishing And Decorating Skirts

They look very attractive and chic even without decorations. But still apply to decorate some skirt models with faux leather accessories. Designers work on such things as engraving, embossing, inserts, prints, lacquered elements, embroidery, buttons, and zippers. The main thing here is not to go overboard, so that the skirt does not turn out very motley and ridiculous.

A combination of faux leather and lace of the same color or contrasting shades looks beautiful. A girl in a mini-skirt, the length of which is supplemented with lace, looks spectacular.


faux-leather skirt with ruffles


faux-leather perforated skirt

What Does An Faux Leather Skirt Go With?

Such a thing can be worn at any time of the year. In summer and spring it can be worn with a top, T-shirt, tunic. Excessive decor should be avoided. In winter and autumn, faux leather skirts look great with a wool coat, fur coat, jacket, sweater.


Plisse skirt made of faux leather


faux-leather skirt in a casual look

Here are some tips for wearing faux leather skirts:

  • Such a product should be the main element of your image. All other clothes will be chosen under the skirt, but not vice versa.
  • If you want to add a belt to the skirt, it should be a contrasting design or color. The belt should stand out against the background of the skirt.
  • Choose a restrained top to the leather skirt, monochrome or not very bright, the emphasis is on the skirt.
  • With faux leather skirt you can create a status image. The best pair for it will be things made of natural materials. It can be a blouse, cardigan, T-shirt, silk jacket.
  • If you want to create a youthful image, then wear loose shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts to the skirt. Ballet flats or sneakers will be suitable for this image.
  • The ideal thing as an outerwear to such a skirt – cashmere or tweed coat.

It is not recommended to wear a leather skirt to some events. It will not match other leather products in the same image. The exception is if you try to create a biker image.


Trendy straight cut faux leather skirt

Do not combine a leather skirt with sexy, frank things, semi-transparent blouses, tights in fishnets, with high heels. Of course, if you have no plans to create a vulgar image.


Fashionable faux leather skirt with an elastic band

Features Of Faux Leather

There is a reason that faux leather skirts have won the hearts of many girls, and it’s all about the uniqueness of the material. After all, natural leather is expensive to buy, and its substitute meets all expectations.


Fashionable faux leather skirt with embroidery

On the outside, faux leather looks like a natural material. It is extremely difficult at first glance to distinguish between clothes crafted from these two fabrics. Maintaining skirts crafted of faux leather is much easier than leather products. They do not lose their shape and color, and last a long time. But all these characteristics can be applied only to things crafted from quality material, by real professionals.


Fashionable faux leather skirt with high waist

Leather skirts are elite clothing, but their cost is very high. Much cheaper skirt made of faux leather. The advantage of buying it is that you can save money and at the same time wear an elite, stylish thing, no different from one made of genuine leather.


Green faux leather skirt with a slit

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