Fashionable Evening Gowns: Opening The Royal Season

For the fall season of 2022, designers are advised to avoid bright colors and pretentious cuts. Instead, they are advised to pay all attention to the expensive spectacular fabric of gentle shades and the creation of an overall harmonious image. A woman in a fashionable evening gown should look like a wonderful rare flower in the garden, but not like a tropical butterfly. The fashionable silhouette in 2022 is a close-fitting bodice and a long flowing skirt of several layers of fabric. Lace, silk, organza, thin draping knitwear and tulle are in fashion.

Evening Classics

When Christian Dior in the forties of the last century, offered “futuristic look” dresses to women tired of the war years, he hardly thought that this style would become a classic of the evening fashion. However, the fashion of open shoulders, accentuated waistlines and puffed skirts never fade away, remaining the standard of femininity and elegance. This season on the catwalks there are models made of expensive stretch lace, hand stitched on a thin nude-colored net. The woman appears slightly covered in some places by openwork fabric in this outfit, although all decorum is observed.

You should choose models that are made of fine wool or knitwear for a winter party.

Into A Fairy Tale For One Evening: Princess Style

Wear a dress in the style of a princess from a fairy tale at least once. Such an occasion is often before the most solemn day in life. Wedding dresses in the ” princess ” style are always relevant and do not fade out of fashion. The skirt is layered with translucent tulle and delicate guipure.

Empire Style Dresses: Simplicity And Nobility

These dresses were worn in ancient Greece and are still in fashion. The style took shape during the Napoleonic era, when silk dresses replaced the bulky Victorian gowns with corsets and crinolines with an open bodice and long flowing skirt outlining the body with every step.

If you want to show beautiful cleavage and hide a couple of extra pounds on the waist, pick a stylish evening dress of this style in 2022. Couturiers recommend pairing an asymmetric top with draperies and an elongated silk skirt, coquettishly hugging the knees when walking to create a fashionable silhouette. A white outfit with a gold-trimmed bodice will make you a real Greek girl. A dress of saturated colors will make the Swarovski crystals made on the corsage play in a new way.

Lingerie Dresses For Extravagant Ladies

You are desperate, prone to outrage and have a gorgeous figure – you will surely be delighted with a dress in the style of “lingerie”. This fashionable style 2022 distinguishes itself by its supermini length, deep necklines, radical colors, and see-through fabrics.

Asymmetry Once Again Catches The Eye

The asymmetrical cut has always been topical for evening gowns; in 2022 it is back in fashion. Designers recommend dresses with one open shoulder. A dress of this style seems carelessly thrown over one shoulder and ready to slip, and a fragile lady in such a dress is a graceful statuette. Fine silk and clever draperies will not go unnoticed. As well as the dress, the jewelry chosen for it is asymmetrical – several bracelets on one wrist, or earrings of varying lengths.

My Little Black Dress

No, after all, Christian Dior and Coco Chanel are long overdue for a monument. At least one for two: Gabrielle in a simple black dress, and the imposing cavalier offers ideas for transforming it into his favorite “new look”. Both are in a cloud of perfume, created either by the maestro or his famous companion. They would have a lot to talk about.

These two famous Frenchmen saved millions of women from the torment of choosing an evening gown by offering two completely different, but win-win options. If you’re a fan of the simple black dress, it’s worth finding out what cut and fabrics will be relevant for it in 2022. Designers divided their hands on this question – you can stitch it however you like. Yes, you got it right – any dress of any material, but not cheap. The main thing is that the dress should fit you, then you in your simple black dress will look famous and be in the spotlight.

Look in the mirror and try to figure out which cut and fabric will suit you better and will be comfortable in character. A romantic lady can choose lace, and an impulsive biker’s girlfriend – leather. A dress-flat will emphasize a feminine figure and add sex appeal to the image, and a modest neckline and a fluffy short skirt with pleats will make the owner girlishly tender and charming.

Play with your dress, changing everything – the length, the shape of the neckline, different fabrics, until the chosen style speaks for you, telling about your character, habits and dreams. Leave only black and remember: the dress should not be too long, a midi length is enough. Then the success of society will be assured.

A Royal Size Is A Royal Outfit

Long are the days when ladies of considerable size bashfully hid in a corner at any event, dressed in a semblance of a sofa cover. A lady of a royal size behaves like a king, but finds her clothing carefully. First, find a winning color, following the rule – the older, the more saturated. And then find a fashionable style that will emphasize not the extra weight, but a luxurious neckline, a beautiful neck and the gentle oval of your face. Once you find your style, you will surely be able to find a fashionable evening dress for the overweight in 2022.

Designers recommend layers of thin drapery fabrics for Fall 2022 and the season of 2022. Several layers of fabric will hide everything superfluous and add lightness to the silhouette. Lace on net, a hit of the season, will be ideal for full dresses.

Fashionable Colors In 2022

On the catwalks already this year, unnaturally bright colors were replaced by soft, natural shades:

  • Instead of acid green, the trendsetters suggest a blue green, reminiscent of the ocean depths.
  • Bright pink Barbie doll outfits are better replaced by peach or beige.
  • Instead of the screaming shade of orange, choose its soft undertones – orange, amber, and terracotta. These tones are perfect for women with red and blond hair.
  • Replace the lemon yellow with mustard or egg yolk color.
  • The coffee color prevails in the brown palette. Combine it with beige.

But all shades of blue in the next season will remain bright and clean: from aquamarine to cobalt. Dresses of this color are traditionally complemented by silver-colored jewelry.

White and black never go out of fashion. But, if the halftones of ivory – cream and milk – are in style next season, the faded shade of black should be avoided. A dress of this color will always seem shabby. An ivory dress can be combined with a gold fabric or gold-colored jewelry. Outfits of cream or milk colors are combined with darker colors – light brown or coffee.

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