Fashionable Dresses With Bare Shoulders: Long And Short Models

Girls approach the choice of clothing, especially dresses, with significant responsibility. Not only should the design and style be attractive, but the figure should also be presented advantageously. These criteria are satisfied today by a dress with open shoulders. Such a cut wonderfully demonstrates the sophistication of female silhouette, exposing the decollete area, neck and shoulders. The most effective model of the outfit will sit on the owners of wide hips and a thin waist – visually the figure will be maximally close to the standard “hourglass”.

Depending on the material and style of the outfit, a floor-length dress with open shoulders will be appropriate for both an everyday and evening look. Today the choice of dresses with open shoulders is very diverse, but you need to buy something that will suit you. As a result, choosing the right clothing, its material, and style is essential to highlighting your beauty, fragility, and femininity.

Variety Of Styles

Dress with open shoulders has long ceased to be an attribute of only a “ballroom” or wedding image. Today, a similar style can be seen at various evening events. In this evening dress may be quite different – cocktail dress, corset-style, long to the floor.

Summer dresses made of lightweight chiffon are a wise choice in case of hot weather. Such a dress can be worn on the beach and as a graceful and spectacular addition to the beach image.

2. If you’re going on a date or going for a stroll during the day, you can pick up a “peasant girl” dress that will create a romantic and delicate image.

3. It is only necessary to choose the appropriate style, as you can wear bare shoulders with strict office dress. For example, you can use a dress with open shoulders up to the knees, but with closed sleeves of three-quarter length or up to the wrist. The color of such a dress should be dark gray or pure black.

4. For a summer party, look for a denim outfit, a cocktail evening dress with an open top, a tunic dress or a kimono dress. These will go well with skinny jeans or leggings.

Dresses with open shoulders can be different styles, have no straps, including having straps down, as well as straps that are crossed at the neck. Long dresses with down sleeves on the elastic band and open shoulders are very popular. Dresses can also be made in a variety of colors: red, white, black and the like. Colors and materials should be chosen according to your taste, as well as the place where you are traveling.

Who Is Suitable For A Dress With Open Shoulders

Outfits should be chosen taking into account the peculiarities of your figure. It is especially critical to observe this rule for dresses with open shoulders, regardless of whether it is short or long to the floor. The most flattering way such a summer dress will look on girls who have an ideal “hourglass” figure – small shoulders, hips and waist. You should choose a long dress to the floor or to the knee, without emphasizing the belt, if you are embarrassed by your quite broad shoulders. An excellent option would be a dress of “Greek” cut, with an elevated waistline and a floor-length hem.

The owners of a magnificent bust usually prefer a style that can emphasize their main dignity. However, there is no need to go overboard, exposing too much of the body. It is best to avoid overly rigid summer clothing, choose free-cut styles instead. A dress with open shoulders will fit, if you pick it up with a bow or flounces.

Those who are slim or tall can have a dress with open shoulders of varying lengths – even a floor-length or a mini. But girls who have a small height are recommended to buy a dress to the knees or to the floor. Asymmetric bottom will look gorgeous on girls who have beautiful and long legs.

Sheath Dress

If the shoulders are lined up properly and the size is chosen correctly, an open-shoulder dress can provide a perfect image. This style’s comfort, elegance, and universality make it a winner. Dress style is recommended for both slim and puffy women. For a festive occasion, a dress-case will be characterized by the richness of matter and the presence of decorative elements.

Dress casual will help to elongate the silhouette and legs perfectly, and the open shoulders will help draw attention to a certain body part. The waist can be accentuated with the usual belt or strap, chosen in contrast. A hat or a purse would be a wonderful addition to the dress, besides the beauty of the dress can be emphasized by any brooch. The jacket comes in various colors, including a white and red combination, and is a strict length. However, when choosing an office dress, you should know that screaming and bright colors will not work, as there should be patience in strict or pastel colors.

Short Dresses

Short dresses with open backs should be chosen according to the figure. Slim young ladies are better off choosing short dresses with puffy skirts. Those not distinguished by remarkable forms can pay more attention to dresses with bright overhead elements, enhancing the volume visually. For the summer, it will look great with short dresses and tunics with bright floral patterns. Dresses with a slit skirt and graceful shoulders will look very stylish.

If you prefer a more elegant and modest image, you should consider short dresses in dark colors with open shoulders and V-neck. Such a dress can be spectacularly complemented by bright contrasting patterns and accessories that match the color.

How To Wear Dresses With Open Shoulders

  1. If the dress has a well-defined waist, then in this case it is necessary to emphasize the belt, so as to visually make it a little thinner. This can be an ornate shiny chain or a strap, chosen in tone with accessories or dress.
  2. To a dress with open shoulders of any length it is best to wear high-heeled shoes or sandals. With shortened youth dresses tunics will look great with platform sandals or summer boots. They will also be appropriate with loose dresses.
  3. Jewelry for such models of dresses must be chosen especially carefully. A necklace or chain must have an optimal length. Beads and necklaces should not be worn to the dress, the straps of which converge on the neck. A brooch, carefully matched in style, can also be an unusual decoration for such a dress.
  4. To evening dresses in a romantic style, without protruding elements, you can pick up bolero from lace fabric or with embroidery, as well as lightweight silk shawls-shawls. If it is cool, even light summer smart coats will be appropriate.

Decorations For The Dress

The most appropriate decoration for such a dress would be soft and smooth skin in the neck and décolletage area. In addition, care should be taken to make the armpit area look neat.

  1. Beautiful jewelry to complete the look is best matched with an evening outfit. The most common choice would be earrings-grosses that hang down to the shoulders. They can be classic thin with white stones, or massive, brightly and richly decorated.
  2. Massive stones used to adorn the ears and neck will go well with a long dress.
  3. When choosing a slip dress, you should choose a suitable shade of precious metals with bright stones.
  4. A dress with open shoulders, but with puffy sleeves already looks quite expressive. That’s why here you should limit yourself to simple in texture and design embellishments.
  5. Dress “peasant” can be decorated with unusual natural materials, for example, wooden beads.

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