Fashionable Down Jackets For Winter

Down jacket. What can be more comfortable than this clothing for dank autumn and freezing winter? The choice of down jackets today is huge – I do not want to choose. But down jackets have different qualities, and to select a good, warm, but most importantly for girls – fashionable down jacket, you need to learn a lot about this clothing. We will try to tell the whole truth about down jackets to help you with your choice.

Fashionable down jackets for winter 2015-2016.

Down Jacket History

The first down jackets appeared in the 15th century in Asia and the East. Down jackets were remembered only in the 20th century. Sailors, military, polar explorers and mountaineers gladly wore down jackets in the cold season. In the fashion world, down jackets broke into the 70s: women and men began to wear long, baggy coats of bologna stuffed with down. Gaining popularity over time, down jackets almost superseded fur coats – so comfortable and practical they seemed to fashionable women. Today there is a down jacket in the closet of every young lady who knows how to look stylish, concise and, at the same time, not freeze.

White down jacket with a wide black strap.

Down Jackets: What Types Are There?

There are two types of down jackets today. The first type is one-layer down jackets and the second type is two-layer. One-layer down jackets are more suitable for active recreation or sports. These down jackets perfectly retain heat inside, preventing overheating of the body, and moving in a down jacket is easy and relaxed, which the two-layer version can not be said. Because of its dimensional size, its movement is difficult, so it is better to put it on when you have to move to a minimum.

Yellow down jacket with fur hood.

According to the type of filling, down jackets can be:

  • Down jackets with pure down (eider, duck, goose, swan) – “Down” – that’s what the label will say.
  • Down jackets filled with down + feather – this composition is indicated on the label word “Feather.”
  • Down jackets with a wool lining – its presence can be detected by the word “Wool.”
  • Down jackets with synthetic lining – illustrated by the inscription “Polyester.”
  • Down jackets with substandard wadding are labelled “Cotton.”

How To Choose A Down Jacket?

First of all, you have to look at the main sides.

  • Down. It is clear that the more down, the warmer the jacket will be. But at the eye, so you can not determine – whether enough down in a jacket or not. For this, you need to look at the label: the first two figures – the percentage of down in the jacket, the second two figures – the down content. A quality down jacket should have at least 50% down.
  • Elasticity. To check this indicator of the quality of the down jacket, squeeze it hard in your hands. If, after squeezing, it quickly returns to shape, it is a quality down jacket. For more confidence, you should again look at the label. The letters FP tell about the elasticity of the down jacket, and the numbers next to it tell about the degree of elasticity. The down jacket is quality if it is from 550 to 800.
  • Down packs. They can be seen only in down jackets of excellent quality. Down bags prevent the down from falling out, and the warmth in such a down jacket is better preserved.
  • Thermal insulation. Again, refer to the label and look for the letters CLO – a measure of insulation, that is, how long the down jacket can keep warm. If the CLO is 3, you should not worry – be sure that this down jacket will keep you warm in the bitterest cold.
  • Impurities in the filling. Adding additional materials to the main filler, such as holofiber or synthetics, indicates only a low-quality down jacket. A quality down jacket should have a “clean,” unadulterated lining.
  • Material for the tops. The ideal material for tops is polyester and nylon – they wash perfectly.
  • Stitching. This applies to all products in the clothing industry, but it is not unreasonable to repeat it when talking about a down jacket. A quality down jacket should have even stitching, and the threads should be the same colour.
  • Fittings. A good, branded down jacket always has the manufacturer’s logo: on the chest part, buttons or buttons.
  • Fur trim. Manufacturers of down jackets as fur trim use both natural and artificial fur. But this does not mean that a good down jacket – necessarily with natural fur trim. The faux fur on the down jacket looks even more effective. But if you like the first option, choose the down jacket with fox or raccoon fur trim – so it will be easier to clean it.

Beige quilted down jacket.

What Are The Most Fashionable Down Jackets?

So now you know how to choose a quality down jacket. Now let’s find out how to select a fashionable down jacket. Consider the fashion trends embodied in this season’s down jackets.

Cropped down jacket

This is the most influential trend of the season. Designers even create models that can be worn over an evening gown. The down jackets are stylish and elegant but also incredibly practical: car ladies appreciate them at their actual value.

White short down jacket.

Long straight cut down jacket

This down jacket, of course, is uncomfortable to wear while driving, but all other events in this down jacket can be safely attended. The down jacket is laconic and simple – it fits both under stiletto boots and uggs – depending on what style you choose. By the way, a long straight-down jacket is the favourite model of actress Angelina Jolie.

Straight long down jacket.

Trapeze down jacket

This is a classic that will never lose relevance. Trapeze down jacket emphasizes the femininity and elegance of its hostess, giving the image of coquetry and playfulness.

Trapeze down jacket.

Puffer poncho

The brand Junya Watanabe offered such an original solution. It looks very effective and unconventional.

Puffer poncho.


Junya Watanabe.

Down jacket dress

Another unconventional model. The fashion house Burberry Prorsum released the down jacket so that girls can feel at the peak of femininity even in wintertime.

Black down jacket dress.


Beige down jacket dress.


Burberry Prorsum.

As for colours, pastel colours are topical this season: beige, pink, and cream. Actual is a combination of contrasting colours: black, white and beige. Among the prints on down jackets that are considered fashionable: are camouflage prints, floral and animal prints.

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