Fashionable Denim Backpacks: Decorate With Your Hands

Recently, the backpack has become a fashion trend not only in Europe. Its popularity is because it is handy, freeing your hands for endless selfies. If previously, women preferred to wear bags, modern urban fashion is not without backpacks. Already no one considers a backpack a bag for schoolchildren. People with an active lifestyle wear them.

Women Denim Backpack

Fashionistas love wearing denim backpacks, especially with scuffs, rhinestones, embroidery, and prints. Denim is a durable, dense material. Things made from it are more durable and wear-resistant. And showing a little imagination, you can turn the pouch into an original and fashionable accessory, as well as handy for travelling, hiking and walking. If necessary, models made of denim can be washed. That’s why many brands of women’s backpacks made of denim have appeared. The most famous are:

  1. New Look. The younger generation loves to wear the British denim brand. The company has created a huge number of accessories made of denim. The novelty was a quilted denim backpack with an acid wash effect. This model will suit those who want to create a new image but dislike embroidery, rhinestones and lace.
  2. MiPac. Feminine, romantic girls choose this brand with a unique stunning print. It’s nice to think of summer, flowers and greenery, looking at the pattern of such a bag.
  3. ASOS. In London, talented designers work daily in workshops, capable of creating true masterpieces. Fashionistas wear these denim backpacks with refined taste. The front of the bag is 100% cotton. Only high-quality materials are used in sewing this brand.

Denim Backpack Models

Wear a denim backpack that can be with any casual youth look. Unisex suggests discreet and discreet colours. For those who like brighter models, you should pay attention to printed denim. It can be:

  • print in small flowers;
  • large peas;
  • lace trim;
  • colourful stripes;
  • abstract patterns decorating denim;
  • The image of animals, such as a cat;
  • rhinestone embellishment;
  • leather trim.

Very strong make backpack leather straps, which are attached to the fittings.

Recommendations For Backpackers

When choosing a denim shoulder bag with rhinestones, lace or no jewelry, you need to know that:

  • Children choose a frame backpack;
  • Floral and polka dot prints look the most stylish;
  • When buying a denim backpack, inspect it carefully and make sure there are no extra dangling threads;
  • The volume of the bag is important;
  • Be sure to try it on. The backpack should be comfortable.

Denim backpacks are the very practicality, so stylists recommend wearing them with any shoes. Summer is popular with images of things assembled from different in texture and tone denim. Each fashionista can show a lot of imagination and create her own unique image. It is better to wear discreet shoes, so as not to spoil the effect of the application of different textures.

This accessory will go well with a print shirt, sweatshirt, maxi dress, bomber, or chain. Everything will look spectacular.

Diy Backpack

Want to create a stylish new handmade backpack without spending almost a penny on it? And such an accessory that no one else has anything similar? And in the closet, lying idle a few annoying men’s or women’s jeans? Then get to work. A beginner in sewing will have to choose easier options. First, you need to decide on the following:

  • Who is the backpack for;
  • where it is supposed to go with it;
  • What will be its capacity;
  • How and what to decorate a shoulder bag;
  • how many and where to place the flaps and pockets.

The next step will be the pattern, which must be done correctly so that the denim bag does not have to be redone.

Backpack for adults

To sew a men’s or women’s youth backpack, you must prepare old jeans and scissors. You may need scraps of any fabric. On the backing should be:

  • buttons;
  • cord;
  • fleece;
  • Six eyelets;
  • Two metal rings for straps;
  • acrylic paint (as needed);
  • thread to match the colour of the jeans;
  • sewing machine.

Jeans should be ripped ahead, and a pattern should be made on paper. The dimensions may be as follows:

  • Rectangle 73 X 37 cm;
  • The bottom of the bag is an oval measuring 27 X 16 cm;
  • Two straps 100 X 10 cm;
  • valve.

On a thin fleece, you need to embroider the edge trimmings of the fabric. You get three parts. One is used on the pattern of the top part of the flap, the second – on both straps, and the third – on the backpack’s body.

For the jeans, you need to cut two pieces of the same size. On one side, you have to stitch. On the other side, youmusto sew a piece with made-in fabric edges.

Parts of the flap stitch from the wrong side and turn out, and then sew a loop on it and decorate it with a cord.

Next is the turn of the bottom of the backpack. It needs to be carefully made in and made on the hem. The eyelets are placed in the hem, or small loops are made, in which the cord for tying is inserted.

Straps are made under the flap on the back side of the product.

Children’s version

Backpack for a child should be bright and comfortable.

Before the work, you need to prepare the following:

  • jeans in 2 colours;
  • adhesive-based fleece;
  • plastic;
  • lining fabric;
  • threads in the right colours.

The pattern is made of jeans of one colour. The second is used for finishing.

Details that will be needed:

  • rectangle 25×32 cm – 2 pieces;
  • oval bottom 13×22 cm;
  • square for the pocket 15×15 cm in a different colour;
  • straps 60×10 cm – 2 parts;
  • a detail for the handle;
  • valve.

To prevent the edges of the parts from cracking, later on, you need to overlap them. Sew the parts better, to begin with, the straps and the handle. Stitch them from the wrong side lengthwise, then turn them out and iron them.

Double stitching is made from a pocket to one of the two parts of a small backpack.

The plastic bottom is glued to the fleece and then attached to the oval pattern. Then the bottom and walls are made, and the parts are stitched.

All left is to sew on the handle and straps, and inside is a gasket. You can decorate the pockets with funny cats or owls to amuse the child. Fancy backpack ready.

Selfmade Elements Of Decor

Denim is a beautiful material. A backpack created from old jeans has its own decor: pockets, stitching, labels, other trimmings. This is already original. If there is an irresistible desire to decorate your denim shoulder bag for yourself, for your taste and mood, apply for this rhinestones, small mirrors, multicoloured cords, terry, lace and flowers. You’ll get a great youth option.

Denim backpacks, made with their own hands, will attract attention to the stylish image of the owner of an exclusive.

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