Fashionable Cocktail Dresses 2022: The Most Trendy And Beautiful Styles For Women

Cocktail dress is an indispensable and even demanded element of the closet for every member of the fair sex, who attends exhibitions, theaters, corporate parties and social events. Ladies of all ages wear this outfit. For the new year 2022, designers have created incredibly chic models that are sure to capture anyone’s attention.

Satin strappy cocktail dress

Combination cocktail dress

Simple cut, tenderness and brevity are the main trends for this year. The main highlight will be the texture, prints, a lot of lace, different inserts. The ornaments are characterized by their intricacy and complexity. Oriental motifs are also welcome this year. The most used fabrics are chiffon, satin, silk, tulle, jacquard and cotton.

Models Of Fashionable Cocktail Dresses In 2022

Cocktail dresses of different cuts and colours will allow girls to choose exactly what suits them.

Translucent cocktail dress with rhinestones

Dresses with inserts

Short fitted dresses with lace or guipure inserts. They are made from velvet, as well as from corduroy. Stylish white or pastel coloured dresses will be an indispensable option for a wedding or corporate party. This is a stylish outfit for a hot summer.

Cocktail dress with lace skirt

Cocktail dress with lace insert


The most daring will choose a short fitted dress with a deep neckline. For the more modest, choose a light, not long flared outfit with a small neckline. Such dresses can be found in various colors: from bright to light pastels. Sometimes there are exquisite floral patterns. Such fashionable dresses often have different inserts, ruffles and other decorative elements.

V-neck cocktail dress with velvet trim

Cocktail dress with an open back

Asymmetrical cut

This season’s trend is the fluffy side-skirt. It is layered, with lots of ruffles. There are a variety of sleeves in this outfit, or you can choose to wear it without them. Also one shoulder can be open and the other closed. This dress is a stylish option for the summer. Products made of velvet are very relevant for this model.

Asymmetrical silk cocktail dress

Asymmetrical cut cocktail dress


Dressing like a nightgown is a popular trend among many famous brands.

The image becomes loose and sensual due to the similarity of the dress with lingerie. It uses only delicate soft materials – satin, chiffon, brocade, as well as lace and beads for decoration.

There are both tight-fitting and spacious dresses. To look solemn, you should complement the image with a festive evening hairstyle and makeup. Stylish accessories and exquisite shoes on a thin heel will not be superfluous. Such a cocktail dress is suitable for walks in the summer, romantic dates. Just make sure not to look too vulgar in it!

Cocktail dress as a nightgown

Cocktail dress

Open shoulders

Fashionable cocktail dresses of this cut emphasize a girl’s femininity and sexuality. They draw attention to the exquisite neck and velvet shoulders. Therefore, it is more suitable for girls with a beautiful swan neck and delicate shoulders. The variety of styles, decorations (beads, embroidery, guipure, various inserts) makes it possible to purchase a dress that suits your tastes. If such dresses are supplemented with a belt, they can hide the tummy and refine the figure. Other styles may have sleeves, but with notches on the shoulders.

There are also dresses made of transparent fabrics and with stylish inserts of beads and other decorative elements. Fabrics with prints are very relevant for dresses with open shoulders.

Cocktail dress with open shoulders

Black dress with open shoulders

Open back

These are romantic and flirty outfits, suitable for attending gala evenings, dates with your beloved. The neckline can be not only V-shaped, but also in the form of rhombus, oval, circle. A lady’s outfit can fit around her, or have a flared bottom. The dress acts as an option not only for summer, but also for a cooler time of year. Models with long sleeves are very successful here. Cover yourself with a delicate shawl and you will be irresistible!

Blue lace cocktail dress with open back

V-neck back cocktail dress

Coloring Of Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses 2022 are available in many colours. The most popular ones are:

  • The gray scale. Gray is one of the most important shades in 2022. Cocktail dresses in this range often have textured inserts and prints, decorated with bright details. In addition, gray combines with almost all the shades, so to pick a successful colour scheme of your image will not be difficult. And the interesting cut will give the dresses a style and more festivity.
  • Black remains popular this year as well. It is imperative that black dresses have at least one beautiful detail on which the eye will linger. It can be an insertion of a zipper, openwork or beads, voluminous elements, embroidered details or intricate and interesting cut.
  • Red and close to it coral, orange, burgundy. These colours are used in combination or individually. Fashions are available both screaming open and more modest closed. The use of chiffon, tulle, silk is mandatory. Fashionable dresses with a fitted cut, encircling the waist with a thin belt. In a red dress there may be an insertion of a black fabric. It looks sexy and unusual, allows you to keep your eyes on the lady much longer.
  • White creates a delicate and innocent look. Summer is a great time to go out in a dress of this colour. To decorate it, designers use all sorts of bright details: beads, sequins, rhinestones, shiny threads. Dresses are framed with delicate fringes, ruffles, inserts. Also a great option is a black and white dress, which will never go out of fashion and will look good in all circumstances.
  • Blue. Fashion designers welcome bright colours, so blue cocktail dresses are also gaining popularity. There are decorations in the form of black lace, satin inserts, voluminous details in the outfits.
  • Floral print is a favorite of all designers this year. Smooth lines, creating a sense of easy flow and freedom, transform cocktail dresses and the lady. The fantasy here is limitless, so both the model and the pattern can be any. The main thing is that it looks good on you. The motifs of greenery, associated with new life and prosperity, are acquiring relevance this year.

Perforated cocktail dress

Accessories For Cocktail Dresses

The presence of accessories plays an instrumental role in completing the image. Therefore, you need to think carefully about what you want to complement and decorate your image.

Lace cocktail dress

Neck Jewelry

The choice of necklace depends on the nature of the neckline of the dress. If it is V-shaped, then the necklace must repeat its shape. A necklace with a pendant is the most suitable option. If the neckline is oblong, feel free to choose a bright and catchy necklace.

The smaller the neckline, the more effective the necklace should be.

If the dress opens the shoulders, wear a beautiful diamante necklace around the neck. Some outfits are quite embellished with bright details. If you wear the necklace against their background, it will simply get lost, so you should not wear it.

Necklace in combination with a cocktail dress

Hand Jewelry

More often than not, cocktail dresses feature the absence of sleeves. So you can safely draw attention to the delicate wrist with a bracelet or watch. Make sure to maintain the same style throughout the look. Be careful not to choose a watch that is too large. Give preference to light, “weightless” jewelry. They will show your tenderness and femininity.


Shoes should match the dress or its main details. Don’t wear open sandals and, even more so, don’t wear sandals. Ideal for a cocktail dress are pumps. However, many models can be combined with a variety of shoes. And even very unexpected options. Experiment and don’t be afraid.

Metallized leather shoes under a cocktail dress


Choose not a large bag, but a delicate small clutch bag. It should also complement the whole look. Or you can accent it with a clutch decorated with bright rhinestones or embroidery.

Clutch under a black lace dress

Follow fashion trends and choose a cocktail dress that suits you. If you do not have such an outfit, be sure to get at least one. Such a closet element will always be in demand and will definitely be useful for many occasions.

Large lace cocktail dress

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