Fashionable Closet For Women After 40

Many women face the problem that sounds like, “I have nothing to wear!” And such a phrase can be heard even from the lips of a lady who has no place in her closet for a new pantsuit or skirt. The problem is the inability to compose a closet and choose things properly. It is possible to look beautiful not only if you have a significant income. It’s enough to have fashionable items from the basic closet. For 40-year-old young women, the task is more complicated because it is necessary to look not only beautiful but also according to their age.


If you decide to make the right closet, it is better to rely on the classic style of clothing, which has fashionable details and jewelry.

The traditional classic style is suitable for ladies whose activities imply the observance of a dress code. In this case, a pencil skirt, all sorts of blouses and pantsuit is a vital necessity. For non-work environment you can choose more feminine models of outfits, fashionable flared skirts, dresses with floral prints.

Active women who often go on business trips and travel suit comfortable urban style. It includes classic models with elements of casual.

Well, if a woman is an executive, she can try on fashionable outfits in the style of Chanel.


A 40-year-old woman can afford such pants – straight flared from the hip, tapered pants, but not tight-fitting. Low-waisted models are undesirable in the closet of a woman over 40 years old. This is especially true for overweight women. The pants suit will be a good choice for office weekdays. Fashionable pants with vertical stripes will suit plus-size women. Vertical stripes are also suitable for short women.

Jeans should be chosen according to the same principle as pants. First, you need to pay attention to the black and blue models, a versatile option.


Dresses are the most desirable clothes in a woman’s closet. It creates the most eye-catching images and most advantageously emphasizes the beauty of the figure.

Dresses for women after 40 years may be the following – a classic cut shirt, dress-shirt, summer dress with a zipper. Dress-front dress is great for large women, for women of short stature. This is a universal style. It is necessary to avoid too short models, tight-fitting outfits.

Since the life of a 40-year-old woman is full of celebrations, her closet should include evening gowns for festive events. What should they be? Evening dresses that are too short are not acceptable. The outfit should be comfortable and of a beautiful colour that suits your appearance. Do not buy black and gray evening dresses. It is better to choose a more interesting shade.


As for skirts, you can afford the following styles – straight, pencil skirt, A-shaped cut. The length that you can afford – to the knee, plus or minus 5 cm. For women of short stature, models slightly above the knee are suitable. For large women, a pencil skirt would be perfect. Ultra-short models are inadmissible. They look absurd on the body of a 40-year-old woman. Also, do not fit puffy styles.

As for the color, for your basic closet, choose skirts in these colors – black, in shades of beige, blue or brown. This palette is relatively versatile and goes with many colors.


Warm up on a chilly summer morning will help with a stylish jacket. It can be fitted or semi-sheer. Underpants you can wear not only a jacket, which is part of a trouser suit but another appropriate one. For example, a jacket in the style of Chanel. It fits perfectly into the classic image. Forbidden styles – with voluminous shoulders. Especially ridiculous they will look at a large woman.


You can afford a fitted cardigan with jeans if a pantsuit is not compulsory workwear for you. Pay attention to fashionable knitted cardigans for summer and warm options for autumn.

Cream cardigan for women after 40

Shirts, Blouses And T-Shirts

It is forbidden to wear shorter models of shirts and T-shirts. A bare stomach is taboo for a 40-year-old lady. A shortened shirt can be worn under pants with a high waist if you will not see the belly. But for overweight women, this option will not work.


A 40-year-old woman can afford outerwear such as a raincoat, coat, and jacket. Choose classic models with a fitted silhouette. They can be worn under a dress and under a pantsuit. A fur coat made of natural fur is ideal for a woman at this age.

It is better to choose a coat in a simple style. Suitable colours – olive, mustard, plum, cherry or bitter chocolate. Such coats have been in trend for a long time, not one season can you wear these clothes. Women with wide hips will suit models with an inflated waist or a trapeze coat.

A basic closet implies a lack of creative items because combining them with other things is difficult. Original models can be purchased if your basic closet is complete.


If you want to look elegant, do not buy leatherette accessories and shoes. Only natural leather and suede. Textile options for the summer season are possible, but must be made of quality fabric and with elite accessories. Shoes can be purchased not only black, but also gray and brown. They look more stylish. For the exit, be sure to buy a chic pair of shoes with a heel.

For every day, buy shoes with a stable heel or wedge heel.

How the closet of a 40-year-old woman changes:

  • At 40, you need to look elegant, so no hoodies should be in your closet. Cardigans can replace them;
  • There should be no shapeless dresses, either. Only outfits that emphasize the waist. If you still have a thin waist, you can wear a belt;
  • Replace black dresses with outfits in natural shades;
  • jewelry must be of high quality, which is noticeable at a glance. Jewelry made of plastic and other cheap materials is prohibited;
  • frank outfits, short skirts and screaming colours are taboo for a woman’s closet.

Modern fashion has advanced not only among celebrities but also among the masses. Women have all the tools and opportunities to look great at age 40. The main thing is to work on yourself and listen to stylists’ advice.

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