Fashionable Cargo Pants For Women

It is easier to create a variety of fashionable looks using basic closet items. And such things include not only classic black skirts and white blouses. Cargo pants and cargo skirt (photo below) have long been in demand among fashionistas of different ages.

Features of Women’s Cargo Pants

An on-trend pant features a simple cut and a large number of patch pockets. It has long been the model of unisex style, and on the podiums you could find it in a military closet. Originally things were made from fabrics of various shades of khaki.

Today the women’s lineup is represented by a large number of styles. Cargos are made in different lengths and for all seasons.

Who fits

Since women’s trousers-cargo are made in several styles, designers recommend taking advantage of this when choosing models for the figure:

  • Wide-shouldered pants with large patch pockets at hip level will help to divert attention from the broad shoulders.
  • Visually mask the wide hips will help narrow models without patch pockets at the hip line.
  • Fashionable women with a “rectangular” type of shape should try on pants with a wide top and a high fit. Designers also advise to tie cargos with a wide belt or belt.
  • Low fashionistas are recommended to choose narrow models and wear them with high heels.

It is not recommended for girls with curvy bodies to wear models with voluminous tops or low waistlines. The wise choice is straight cargos with a minimum of flat patch pockets.

Features models

Traditional straight cut products with patch pockets remain relevant. However, models with original patterns and decorative elements are becoming more and more popular.

With pockets

A restrained image will be obtained by combining dress pants and high-heeled shoes (wedge or even platform). The narrowed model with voluminous pockets located at the hip area looks interesting in the image.

Pants with side pockets will give you a sporty look if they are made at knee level. For the top, wear loose sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts.

With an elastic band at the bottom

Models with elastic band cuffs. If you choose the right top and shoes, it is easy to give the image a romantic look. It is enough to combine tapered cargos and a feminine blouse with ruffles, made from floral chiffon. Stylish platform shoes and a small clutch will complete the look.

You can combine jeans-cargo with lace cropped tops, T-shirts, decorated with rhinestones for a daring and original look.


Compose interesting images in casual and street style with skinny cargo pants and an elegant or extravagant top. To attend a social event, you can wear cropped cargos of olive colour and a loose blouse of beige colour. To match the tone of the blouse it is desirable to choose shoes (shoes or sandals with stiletto heels).

What kind of material is used to sew

Fabric for trousers-cargo is chosen based on the season. For the warm weather, wear light natural materials – cotton, viscose, linen, silk. During the cold season, you will be cozier in pants made of warm, dense fabrics (knitwear, wool, corduroy).

From linen

Lightweight pants-cargo will perfectly complement and diversify your summer closet. The traditional look of free pants with high waist, a light tracery top, and a short denim jacket. Complement the image sandals-gladiators. Contrasting accessories – brown wide belt and brown bag – stand out brightly.

A bold and unconventional look – to combine light beige, loose chiffon blouse and beige sneakers.

From knitwear

Knitted pants look beautiful in everyday outfits. Cargo is decorated with cuffs, ties and numerous pockets. Relaxing in shortened pants-cargo will be very comfortable in summer. Loose clothing and flip-flops will emphasize the lightness of the image.

The traditional green-brown palette is most often used when choosing trousers. But stylists are not limited to the usual solutions and offer models of both neutral colours and non-standard shades.


A classic black cardigan is a must-have in your closet. Pants can be easily combined with any top and cut in several styles. It is not difficult to create images in the spirit of street style. Cropped narrow cargo is worn with loose lilac jersey top and golden flip-flops.

In autumn or spring you can combine straight cut cargos with voluminous pockets and high-heeled boots. A light leather jacket will emphasize the brutality of the image.


A neutral colour scheme is “friendly” with any shade. Stylish gray cargo with neat flat pockets will perfectly fit into business images. A fitted cropped navy jacket, a thin navy sweater-golf and black heeled shoes will help to support the restrained office mood. You can store the necessary documents and gadgets in a dark navy suede tote bag or a small briefcase.


In a closet for leisure or for an everyday look, colored pants are appropriate. Designers suggest not to limit yourself to traditional color schemes. Original beige and burgundy cargos and blue cargos are the must have of the fashionable closet. An image of brutal shoes – boots, boots – will add to a “fighting” mood. However, tight-fitting camouflage pants are also great with feminine blouses and sandals with heels.

Military style

Since this is the original style of pants, the colour scheme is appropriate. Muted tones of green, olive, yellow and brown are appropriate. Restrained looks in neutral colours: short cargo pants in a “protective” color, gray T-shirt, black leather jacket, and black sneakers.

What to wear with

To compose organic images it is easier to rely on the colour scheme of pants. The traditional colour palette of cargo is perfectly complemented by the top, which is designed in neutral colours (beige, grey, black, white). A lot of images can be combined with T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, tops.

Tight fitting cargos look more original and go well with a loose top (blouses, over-size sweaters). Models of pants with low waist are combined with a tight-fitting top. When wearing high-waisted cargo pants, blouses or sweaters should be tucked inside the pants.

Spectacular Images

Images can be created by improvising and combining fabrics, bright and neutral colour palettes. If you choose your closet style first, it will be easier to decide what to wear with cargo pants.

Casual look

The easiest way to make a set for every day based on cargo. A stylish solution for a summer vacation in the country – sandy skinny cargo, light olive sleeveless T-shirt and leather sandals. If it gets colder, you can throw a loose monochrome shirt over your shoulders.

The military style will be supported in the off-season by a women’s jacket-cargo, bomber. As for footwear, boots will do. The optimal accessory would be a backpack.

Sporty image

To create a sporty image is not difficult. It is enough to complement straight pants with sneakers, sneakers. The length of the pants can be different. Increase the functionality of the image by wearing pants with an elastic band, made from elastic materials. Such clothes are suitable for active sports, jogging in the city.

Casual Style

Create a harmonious image of the democratic style by wearing slightly skinny pants-cargo. For the color scheme, choose natural shades (olive, gray, light brown). A light shirt, a straight cardigan will stylishly complete the image. Look feminine high-heeled shoes (classic shoes, sandals). A voluminous clutch bag of rich chocolate colour would be a stylish accessory.

Office Style

A bit strange, but organic-looking office closet, created on the basis of trousers-cargo. To get a complete look, choose skinny or wide models in light shades (sandy, beige, light olive). Look elegantly cargos on the cuff or a little above the ankle. A thin sweater with a jacket and boots or shoes with heels will complete the business image.

Stylists recommend choosing things with the same elements (such as shoes and jewelry or a duo – shoes/bag).

Military style for women

To create a look with military influences, wear straight cut pants with exterior pockets at knee level. Pick sweaters knitted with thick threads, tight-fitting sweatshirts, and sweatshirts.

Shoes of “brutal” nature (boots, boots) fit organically into the military style. Neckerchiefs and scarves bring feminine notes to original images.


Camouflage, wide and narrow charges are already prominent in the image. Therefore, for jewelry lovers it is recommended to choose products of restrained appearance (small metal earrings, bracelets). The optimal solution is thin leather bracelets or pendants on cords, leather or rubber.

Slim silk scarves, voluminous knitted scarves, snoods, and loose-fitting hats-bini are easily and stylishly incorporated into closets.

Stylist Tips

Democratic and somewhat hooligan street style allows for unexpected combinations of styles and shades. To avoid a provocative look, designers recommend combining this style with the usual things – t-shirts, tops, shirts. A simple solution is to add jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatshirts to the images.

A more daring option is to wear to the party in a cardigan, made from satin or velvet. It is desirable to “balance” non-standard bottoms with a calm top in the form of a thin turtleneck or a top with long sleeves.

A huge range of trousers-cargo allows you to pick up a model for any purpose. The main thing is to take into account your figure and, of course, be guided by your own taste in order to create a harmonious image.

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