Fashion Sneakers 2022 Top Trends For Women

I’ll tell you all about fashionable sneakers in 2022, the main trends in the world of sports shoes, and trends you should pay attention to.

Fashion sneakers for women – 2022 trends

There was a time when sneakers were exclusively an element of sportswear. It was considered bad taste to wear them anywhere but in the gym or the field.

Today they are worn with classic suits, dresses, sundresses, and skirts.

With jeans and a jacket

The range of models and colors is so extensive that even for wedding shoes, some brides are happy to trade for comfortable sneakers. Find out what sneakers are in fashion in 2022.👇

Sneaker Trends 2022

The relevant models for the coming year 2022 will go with any outfit, in any weather and time of year. Designers and stylists have developed some new designs that have captivated the hearts of every fashionista and sports chic fan.

The play of shape, color, texture, and material combinations has expanded the possibilities for designers, who have tried their best with many new models of athletic shoes.

In fashion, classic models and retro from the 90s

In 2022, the following models will be the most popular:

  • Heeled.
  • Heeled.
  • Platform.
  • High (boot-like in appearance).
  • Limbed.
  • Half-transparent.
  • Bright colored.
  • Printed.

With an abundance of materials and color palettes, sneakers made of:

  • Natural leather.
  • Fur.
  • Nylon or polyester mesh.
  • Suede.
  • Textile.
  • Denim.
  • Faux materials (eco-leather and faux fur are trending).

The shoes can additionally be decorated with the following decorative elements:

  • Large or small chains.
  • Buckles.
  • Metal buttons.
  • Belts and straps.
  • Bolts and straps.
  • Fur.
  • Bolts.
  • Attachable bands.

    The 2022 fashion shows featured sneakers in these color palette options:

    • Maspberry.
    • Lavender.
    • Deep blue.
    • Vibrant green.
    • Vibrant red.
    • Bright orange.
    • Lime yellow.

    Naturally, colors like white, beige, and black are also welcome.

    Colored white sneakers never go out of style.

    Sneakers with inserts of other materials (suede, velvet) and multi-colored prints are also in fashion:

    • Gradient.
    • Graffiti, lettering, logos, and images.
    • Aquatic.
    • Blots.
    • Camouflage.
    • Stretch of color.
    • Animal and floral print.
    • Metallic.

    The fashion statement has been the sneakers with tops or bottoms made of translucent materials.

    The sneakers themselves are very striking and catch the eye of the wearer.

    The sneaker socks are also still relevant, combining two features at once: epatage and comfort. Thanks to their seamless design, these shoes are comfortable for walking and playing active sports.

    For many models, designers have added striking elements like eye-catching lacing, bubbly soles, rhinestones, white or dark flecks, shiny pendants, and large decorations. Massive models remain relevant as well.

    Classic Sneakers

    It’s hard to believe, but the list of fashionable sneakers for women also has a place for the good old classics – the usual converts and white sneakers.

    The classic sneaker version is just for you if you’re not a fan of fashion and avant-garde style.

    Characteristics of classic athletic shoes: discreet color, standard exterior shape, no decorations, platform, heels.

    One small pattern of straight or slightly curved lines and a company logo are allowed. Such a shoe can fully enter the closet as part of a basic capsule.

    Retro Sneakers

    Many of the world’s most famous brands have included retro-inspired sneakers for women’s collections.

    Of course, some new elements have been added to the design of the shoes, but overall, they look pretty organic. Retro sneakers can be worn with ripped jeans, bikinis, plaid shorts, hoodies, shirts, and tank tops.


    High-top athletic shoes were designed for playing basketball or skateboarding. They lock securely around the foot and protect the ankle.

    In addition, high-top sneakers have been released that aren’t just for sports. They are warm and dry in the off-season. In winter, the recommendation is to get a pair of high-top sneakers insulated with fur.

    These can be worn with warm tights, skinny jeans, and wool suits. Light models look great with wide-leg jeans, loose-fitting shorts, and light dresses.

    Leather Sneakers

    The leather sneakers are solid and durable. They are well ventilated, don’t chafe with blisters, and are easy to care for.

    These sneakers are also easy to care for.

    These shoes in a monochrome color can be worn with classic office suits. White or black leather shoes without bright prints and décor will be consistent even with a strict dress code.

    These shoes can be worn in the office.

    And leather sneakers in a bright color and with an unusual design will attract the attention of others to your feet and image in general. Wear them with boyfriend jeans, moms and skinnies, leggings, palazzo pants, different length and style skirts, and dresses.

    Suede Sneakers

    Look beautiful and original, keep warm in cold weather, and be breathable in heat—one disadvantage – not very practical. Suede shoes are very sticky with dirt and dust, and the cleaning of suede shoes should be meticulous not to damage the material’s surface.

    Jordan Sneakers Models 2022

    Jordans are the most popular sneakers in the world.

    Fashionable models feature a reinforced back and heel, mesh inserts, a lace-up clip, and a combination of two or three bright colors. Wear them with bomber jackets, leather jackets, wide jeans, tights, leggings, and shorts.

    Nike Sneakers Models 2022

    Among the variety of women’s sneakers brands, Nike can find textiles, suede, basketball, and others.

    The brand makes sneakers for running, fitness, basketball, and other sports activities. Models that haven’t lost their popularity for decades and will still be fashionable in 2022 are Nike Air and Nike Air Jordan.

    Find models from the following series: Zoom Rival, Cortez, Huarache, Dunk, Phantom. Excellent fixation on the foot and good cushioning are a sign of quality. Nike is well combined not only with tracksuits but also with other casual wear.

    Adidas Sneakers Models 2022

    The Adidas sneakers are of good quality and so famous and recognizable.

    They’re loved for their stylish performance, anatomically comfortable footbed, specially designed cushioned sole, breathable material, fantastic range, and affordable price. Adidas sneakers for running, basketball, and tennis are popular in 2022, as well as leather, suede, and lace-up models.

    There will be trending sneakers with Velcro, buckles, or nothing. Models worthy of attention in the new year – Superstar, beloved by many Stan Smith, NMD Originals, Tubular, and the famous Yeezy.

    Puma Sneakers Models 2022

    The Puma brand competes well with shoe moguls like Nike and Adidas.

    Puma makes sneakers that are different and loved not only by comfort lovers and athletes but also by followers of fashion trends. The classic version (Puma Suede Classic) is still on trend. You can wear them with any outfit. Standard sporty style fans will love the Puma Cell Endura.

    New Balance Models 2022

    These are win-win options. They fit into any look. Their classic shape and design suit women of all ages.

    Sneakers With Color Inserts

    For those who want to add more color to their everyday look, designers have created sneakers with colored inserts.

    These models can be found in Balenciaga’s Track series and among Nike’s sneakers.

    Platform Sneakers

    Platform sports shoes have been on trend for a few seasons now. Ultra-high, solid, and fluted soles are on trend.

    The platform shoes are on trend.

    Although platform sneakers are comfortable, using them as shoes for sports is not recommended. But for walking in the city, they are good enough. To walk in them is much more comfortable than in heels. To make the image more feminine, cute, and attractive, give preference to the shoes on a wedge instead of a massive platform.

    Futuristic Sneakers

    Futuristic shoes feature a typical outer shape, high platform, concise color scheme, many clasps, and luminous neon elements.

    As a rule, they are chosen by bold girls who like to experiment with their appearance and image.

    Velcro Sneakers

    Lipcuts, clasps, and straps are a great alternative to lacing.

    Bright Color Sneakers

    Bright neon-colored shoes are also relevant in 2022. And the more brilliant, the better! Sneakers are not a trendsetter for 2022; they’re not going out of style. The rhythm of the modern world requires us to move all the time, so comfortable shoes are not a luxury but a necessity.

    White Sneakers

    Wearing white sneakers during slush and mud is impractical, so wearing them in late spring or summer 2022 is recommended. It’s classic – they go with any outfit in any color scheme.

    Black Sneakers Fashion Trends

    The most practical shoes are comfortable, stain-free, beautiful, and stylish. Looks are best achieved with a plain black or white outfit.

    You can mix both of these colors for the same look. Wear them with a white shirt, skinny blue jeans, a bright t-shirt and black shorts, bike or leggings, a light turtleneck, and a black leather sundress.

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