Fall Looks For 2022

Autumn is considered the most atmospheric time of the year. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance by refreshing your closet. Some girls believe that a large number of clothes will help them quickly decide on a new bow. However, this is not the case.

To create an attractive look requires knowledge of fashion trends and style. With them you will be able to create a capsule closet with a minimum number of necessary things. Consider the main trends for fall 2021.

Color palette

Autumn is rich in bright and saturated colors. Therefore, modern trends are characterized by dynamism and catchy colors.

This year’s trendy colors are:

  • gently blue. Light-colored clothing will create a light and airy look;

  • Mint. Another refreshing color, which is better to use for ladies with a light skin tone;

  • Burgundy and wine. The noble colors from the fall palette perfectly combine with the basic shades and make any look spectacular and unforgettable. In contrast to the bright red tones, Burgundy colors look more harmonious and can visually slim down;

  • cream. Nude shades make the look visually lighter and gentler. With clothes in cream shades the image turns out sunny and light;

  • gray. Although this color seems heavy, it continues to be relevant for fall outfits. It can be used by girls and women of all ages. During the day, clothes in gray tones are able to slim down. But the outfit should be diluted with brighter colors, such as with wine or mustard;

  • deep blue. This color will perfectly replace black, which many people consider gloomy and dull;

  • green. Any shades of this spectrum are topical. Green refreshes the look and allows you to bask in the summer colors for a while longer. Grass tones can be combined with other fashionable shades as well as with each other.

Trending Things

The fashionable colors for this fall are solved. And now we must decide on the clothes themselves. This year will be relevant not two or three, but many things:

  • cardigan. At the beginning of the fall season you can still please yourself with clothes that emphasize the figure. Cardigan will fit perfectly into the image with pants, jeans or skirts below the knee. When choosing a model you should take into account your height. High ladies should choose cardigans no longer than knee length. Low-grown ladies prefer to wear options up to mid-thigh;

  • jacket. An item of clothing can be chosen according to the figure or in a loose style. Oversize trend is still on trend. Loose jacket looks harmoniously with blouses and thin blouses. Pants should be chosen close-fitting or straight cut to avoid the impression of a baggy image;

  • sweater. Oversize models are suitable for girls and women of all ages. Voluminous sweaters are perfectly combined with narrow pants, jeans or crisscross skirts. It is recommended to choose shoes with a heel or a platform; models on a low walk will visually give extra weight. This year the oversize sweater can be worn under a loose jacket;

  • pants. To give the fall look spectacular will help pants made of leather. Such models are the solution of bold and creative natures. Fashionable women with a slender figure should focus their attention on narrow pants, emphasizing their advantages. Version of skinny successfully complement the fitted jacket and high-heeled boots. Ladies with wide hips are advised to choose a top, covering the belly. Jeans continue to occupy a significant position in fashion, so a new look without them will not do. In this season, you should choose classic options or models of boyfriends;

  • dress. Another modern trend is the jersey dress. For autumn it is the most excellent solution to create a warm and cozy image. Designers offer a lot of options for a piece of women’s closet. Long dress can be complemented by a thin belt of fabric or leather. It would also look good with a fur vest. The shoes should pick up a high heel. With a knitted dress look ideal and boots.

  • skirt. With this piece of clothing is possible to create both business and romantic look. Designers suggest wearing long skirts in a plaid. The model can be any: classic, flared, asymmetric, with a zipper. Ladies with magnificent forms should choose a skirt with a high waist: such a version will cover the tummy and protruding sides;

  • cape. Poncho and other types of capes can become an alternative to voluminous sweaters. Such clothing can also be combined with pants of different styles. Also suitable long or midi skirts. Complete the image dark boots or boots.


Separately, it is worth mentioning about outerwear. This fall fur coats are in fashion. They can be made of both natural and artificial material. The coats should be chosen below the middle of the thigh. Among the coats are considered fashionable options of cashmere and wool.

Outerwear should be chosen depending on the style that is close to the girl or woman. Also it is necessary to be guided by the case. If the lady was going to the theater or to a formal meeting, then it is more appropriate to choose a long coat with high-heeled shoes. For work or a walk with friends you can wear a raincoat or a fur coat.

Accent parts

Some details can transform the overall female look and make it memorable. Fashion designers advise to pay attention to the following trendy chips:

  • fringe. Dresses with such decorations look attractive and original. They are ideal for parties, but there are quite a few models that are suitable for everyday look;

  • lurex. Fans of flamboyant images should choose clothes with shiny threads. Such details always attract attention. This fall you can experiment with lurex even when composing a casual look;

  • prints. This season’s trends are plaid, stripes and “animal” prints. The pattern can be present on any closet item.

Now you know about all the trends this fall. With the help of fashionable things you can create a lot of interesting images and find your new image, which will pleasantly amaze others.

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