Fall Color Type And Its Subtypes

Colour has a powerful power. The slightest colour nuances in clothing can create a certain impression about you, make you more significant, and convey your mood. You may not understand why you like a certain colour and another oppressive effect. People have an opinion about you in the first seconds of a meeting, and it often depends on the colour scheme of your clothes.

Closet for the fall colour type

Designers and artists use colour to communicate, a language with which to tell a story. Because of the variety of colours and the emotional factor of their impact, it is a very effective tool for presenting yourself and creating a capsule closet. With the colour palette, you express the mood, feelings, and reactions you want to convey to those around you. There is a theory for determining the right colour palette. The colour types, winter, spring, summer and fall, divide all people by skin tone, eye and hair shade.

Closet for the fall colour type

Bright colours and warm shades characterize the Autumn colour type. The representatives of this type, which are effective by nature, can use as primary colours of the closet:

  • the warm colour of cream and coffee with milk
  • deep and rich rust colour
  • the dark colour of bottle glass and olives
  • bright orange
  • the rich colour of camel hair

Fall Color Type Is Divided Into Subtypes: Soft Fall, Warm Fall, And Deep Fall

Warm Autumn

  • hair colour: gold pigmented, copper, red, dark red, warm brown
  • eye colour: brown, olive green, warm blue
  • Skin tone: Warm, yellow undertones
  • Representatives: Hilary Duff, Ayla Fisher, Kate Beckinsale, Marcia Cross.

Kate Beckinsale – the representative of the colour type of warm autumn

Hilary Duff – representative of the warm autumn colour type

The best colours in a closet:

  • pumpkin yellow
  • Jade
  • rust colour
  • subdued peach
  • green
  • brown

The neutral colours are cream and dark chocolate. If your hair is dark brown, then red and black colours will suit you in clothing.

Closet for the warm autumn colour type

Soft Autumn

  • hair colour: mousey, ashy
  • eye colour: gray-green, gray-blue, brown
  • neutral skin tone
  • The spokesperson is Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore is a representative of the soft autumn colour type.

Appropriate colours:

  • olive green
  • salmon pink
  • mahogany
  • dusty pink
  • coral
  • Mint
  • purple

Closet for the soft autumn colour type

Closet for the soft autumn colour type

Deep Autumn

  • hair colour: dark brown to black
  • eye colour: brown or dark green
  • skin tone: ivory to olive
  • The spokesperson is Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba is a representative of the deep autumn colour type.

Appropriate colours:

  • salmon pink
  • Peach
  • terracotta
  • dark red
  • turquoise
  • Lemon yellow
  • bronze

Autumn shades are like a reminder of the richest in colour season. Rich golden, amber, green, and brown shades are always appropriate in the closet of autumn women. If you like bold colour combinations, try mixing shades of orange, lime green, greenish-yellow or orange-red colours in your outfit. Avoid monochrome black-and-white combinations – they are too boring and inexpressive for you. Accentuate the details: scarves and shawls in cozy tones of southern spices will attract attention to your face and highlight your features. Almost any colour in earth tones will look fabulous on you. A dress or blouse in orange, olive, deep shades of gold and turquoise should always be present in your closet as base colours.

Closet for the deep fall colour type

Basic Closet

Recreational Clothing:

Safari style, free-cut skirts and pants. Colours: beige, khaki, brown, olive. Lightweight pullover, sweatshirt in neutral colours.

Closet for the fall colour type

Clothes for the office:

  • dark green dress
  • pants the colour of moss or spruce needles
  • Muted red-brown pantsuit
  • cream-coloured, coffee-coloured blouses.

Closet for the fall colour type

Evening wear

For dazzling outings, get outfits in the richest shades of the colour base: emerald green, glowing red, the colour of gold. Add gold jewelry and sparkling powder to the exposed parts of the body.

Closet for the fall colour type

Outerwear and Accessories

  • Coat of rich deep brown shades.
  • Accessories should be in earth tones.
  • Shawls and scarves with a cinnamon colour print.
  • Shoes in beige and brown.
  • Bags in grunge style with interesting finishes, fancy designs, with folklore motifs – anything that allows you to show your creative nature.
  • Shoes should be in the same shades as the clothes. Shades of coffee, tan, glowing beige, and ivory are suitable for any situation and image. Shoes with a tone of clothing will visually lengthen your figure, giving you more airiness.

Look at celebrities like Gisele Bündchen or Katie Holmes – they are always spectacular and look stylish.

Regardless of fashion, some shades will always suit you and those that will make you look tired and sleepless. No colour looks good on everyone. That’s why the colour type theory emerged to determine the right shades for your appearance.

The colour of the hair of the autumn type ranges from neutral golden beige to copper-red and deep chestnut shades. The skin tone is warm. There are women of the fall colour type with lighter hair and a neutral skin tone. Choose colours with golden undertones: camel, warm beige, orange, golden and dark brown. Avoid blue shades. The best colour for costume jewelry is gold, yellow gold. Mix colours, experiment with jewelry, and be bold!

Closet for the fall colour type

The fall palette is rich in colour, combining the primary colours with complementary colours:

  • oil
  • deep red
  • the colour of a mallow

Add to the closet:

  • Green colour. Most shades: moss colour, emerald green, olive, and grass, are suitable for the autumn colour type. Use pure, rich colours, avoiding light yellowish-green shades that make your skin look pale.
  • Neutral shades. Mix your favourite shades with chocolate, light brown and dark blue.
  • Avoid yellow and caramel pink. Bordeaux red is also not the best choice, but blue denim will emphasize the warm colours of an autumn woman.

Celebrities Belonging To The Fall Color Type

Julianne Moore often chooses to look on the red carpet with dresses in rich hues. A ruby red dress gives her cheeks a healthy glow. The key to selecting the right scarlet dress is the right shade. There should be more orange than blue at the base of the colour.

Julianne Moore

Amy Adams looks spectacular in an aubergine-coloured dress. Purple and violet enhance her skin’s warm hue and accentuate her hair’s colour.

Amy Adams

Actress Debra Messing emphasizes her beauty with outfits in brown tones. Cinnamon, chestnut and brick red colours make the look cozy and comfortable.

Debra Messing

Women always look great when they dress according to the colour type theory. The corresponding shades will help you look stunning every day if you belong to the autumnal women.

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