Eyelash Extensions: Effects Types Techniques Pros And Cons

It’s cool to wake up with beautiful, fluffy, voluminous lashes. Eyelash extensions make this possible. You do not need to waste time on makeup and suffer with mascara. It saves time on cosmetics. There is a procedure of its pros and cons. Let’s look into them.

Eyelash Extensions – Pros And Cons

Every beauty procedure has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of false eyelashes:

  • A beautiful look around the clock. Eyes look expressive at all times – this is why all women get extensions. It gives a great sense of confidence. Many women can no longer give up the procedure after trying it once. The eyes become huge and can easily detract from existing flaws, such as a large nose.
  • The effect lasts for a long time. You can go for the procedure and forget about the correction for 3-4 weeks. It is very convenient if you are going on vacation or to the sea and want to stay beautiful 24 hours a day.
  • You are saving on cosmetics. You can do without mascara, eyeliner, and shadows. The look becomes expressive, and there is no need to use decorative cosmetics to emphasize it.
  • You can change the shape of your eyes. If you like almond-shaped or fox-shaped looks, you can achieve this with the shape and size of the lashes. An experienced master will fulfill any whim.

The disadvantages of false eyelashes:

  • Allergic reactions. Some women may react to the glue. This results in redness of the mucosa, lacrimation, and burning. Such a reaction usually does not last more than 1-2 days.
  • Changes in the washing procedure. Do not soak your eyes with water, and do not use cleansers. It would help if you tried to avoid any exposure of the eye area to water, especially in the first few days after the procedure.
  • Stress, harm to natural eyelashes. If your eyelashes are thin or weakened, the additional load of glue and artificial hairs can cause them to fall out or break.
  • You will have to change your eye care routine. Do not use oily, moisturizing products in the eye area.
  • Correction. Every three weeks, you need to make a correction.
  • You should not sleep on your stomach. Sleeping with your head down and resting on a pillow can damage your eyelashes. It is preferable to sleep on your back or your side.

Types Of Lashe Extensions: Mink, Silk, Sable

The species is the material from which they are made. The material can be natural or synthetic. But most often, it is synthetic ones that are used. They are less likely to cause allergies. The most popular:

  • Mink. Suitable for lovers of the natural effect. Soft and gentle. They are not very long and not very thick. Ideal for those who have fragile and weakened eyelashes. They need more frequent correction – every 2-3 weeks. They can bend and wrinkle, so special care is required.
  • Silk. Delicate, thin, soft. But if you compare it to Mink, they are denser, longer, and more durable. A plasticizer is added to them, making them more elastic and softer. Correction is necessary every four weeks. Comfortable to wear.
  • Sable. Light, soft and flexible. Thickness 0,15-0,25 mm. For extending thick eyelashes.
  • Silicone. The densest and most durable. Very easy to wear and care for. But because of its weight, it is unsuitable for women with weak, thin eyelashes.

We have decided on the material. Let’s move on to density, curvature, and length.

The density is the number of hairs. The more there are, the thicker and lusher the effect will be
The curve – the bigger it is, the more open look you get. Natural or doll-like.
Length – here, it all depends on personal preference.

Curves of false eyelashes

The curl is indicated by a letter. Each one shows the degree of curl:

  • J has a soft curl, almost straight hair, and a natural look.
  • B – a light, natural bend. Used to create a beautiful natural effect
  • C is a medium curve. Makes a beautiful, open look. Women most often choose it to get a stunning, expressive effect.
  • D is an expressive curl. If you are preparing for an important celebration, a photo shoot, you can choose it.
  • L is the largest curl for creating doll-like, expressive looks.

Effects Of Eyelashes Extensions

Playing with the position, bend, and length can have different effects.


The effect speaks for itself. It looks as natural as possible. If you like calm and natural makeup, it’s perfect for you. Suppose you want to make your short eyelashes longer. Natural will be the best choice for women working in organizations with a strict dress code.


The main feature is long hair in the outer corners of the eyes and shorter hair in the center. It’s like drawing an arrow. If you want to make your eyes more elongated visually, this effect will suit you to narrow them. The look gets a seductive squint.


It looks interesting, beautiful, and natural. The hairs of different lengths are glued all over the volume at a set interval.

Eyeliner effect

If drawing arrows and eyeliner on the upper eyelid is a usual daily ritual, choose this effect. With its help, it is possible to emphasize the upper eyelid. Give the desired volume and expressiveness. You will save time for your morning makeup.

Cat’s eye

It differs from the fox’s one in having an elongated outer corner and a more rounded center. This effect enlarges the eyes and makes them more “spread out” from each other.


The effect is very noticeable and expressive. To create it, use a great length and curve. It is suitable for lovers of bright and spectacular images. The only disadvantage is that it does not look natural and immediately catches the eye.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian often shows her experiments with makeup on her Instagram. Repeat fashionistas around the world follow her. Kim Kardashian’s effect is similar to sparse. It is a different length of hair throughout the volume. It turns out to be attractive, stand-out bundles. They look lush and natural.

Kylie Jenner

Another Instagram star and sister of Kim Kardashian is Kylie Jenner. The Kylie effect is a new fashion trend in eyelash extensions. It’s a lengthening on the outer corners, and messy long hairs flared all over the volume.

Butterfly wings

Fake hairs of different lengths are spread throughout the volume.   It is very detailed work. But the effect is worth it. Minus – more time to create.


The rays are longer hairs that make their way out of all the volume. It looks spectacular and beautiful.


This includes a pair of colored hairs in the regular black volume. They can be placed on the edge or up half of the volume. You can choose a shade that matches the color of your eyes or vice versa, very bright.


Similar to fox and cat, the hairs on the outer corner are longer and have a sharp transition.
It looks bright, stretches the shape, and attracts attention.


Ombré is another color option. It’s a transition from black length to bright, colored tips. It’s almost as if the recommendations have been swept with colored mascara. It looks spectacular.

Eyelash Extension Techniques

There are many techniques, and each solves a specific problem.

Classic, 2D and 3D extensions – what’s the difference

These techniques differ in how many hairs are glued onto the natural ones. Each method has its thickness.

  • Classic – only one artificial one is glued to one natural one.
  • 2D – two artificial ones are glued to one natural one.
  • 3D – three artificial ones are glued to one natural one.

Japanese – mascara extensions

One artificial hair is glued to one natural one. The length varies depending on the wishes and preferences of the woman. Hypoallergenic materials are used for fixation.


These are the 2D above and 3D effects on one natural hair glued to whole bundles of artificial hair. Fragile and light ones are used. The more of them, the more plump and fluffy the effect is.


For the American one, rubber and silicone hairs are used. This is the proper method for you if you go on vacation, to the sea, or often to the pool.


A distinctive feature is the composition of the glue. Its design includes an oud complex of vitamins and nutrients. Thanks to such a composition, it is possible to obtain a beautiful effect and additional care of natural eyelashes.


The main advantage is the time spent; it takes much less than other techniques. For the work, they use ready-made bundles, which are glued. There is a disadvantage of bundle extensions – it is less durable and requires frequent correction.

How To Take Care Of Eyelashes Extensions

Proper care for false eyelashes will prolong their wearing time. The main rules immediately after the procedure, which are advised to observe for a couple of days:

  1. Do not soak for a day.
  2. Sleep on your back, so you don’t accidentally wrinkle your hair.
  3. Do not touch or rub your eyes; brush your eyelashes.
  4. Do not use eye makeup.
  5. Exclude using cream, oil, and gel in the eye area.
  6. You can not swim in the pool, bodies of water, go to the sauna, bathing.

Care in the following days:

  • Every morning you need to comb through them with a special brush.
  • After each wash, blot with a cotton pad and comb through.
  • Remove makeup with a water-based product that does NOT contain alcohol or oils.

How to brush eyelashes properly.

You need a special brush for combing. Most often, it is given by the master after the first extension. But it can be purchased. How to brush:

  1. Take a brush and a mirror
  2. We look in the mirror and go all over the volume with the movements that we usually apply mascara.
  3. Do it no more than once a day.

Do not brush at the root zone! Brushing from the top, along the lashes. This will break the glue layer and they will quickly start to fall out.

How to wash with false eyelashes

Washing is no different from regular washing. The main thing is not to rub your eyes. Apply the cleanser to the palms of your hands or a sponge and gently massage the skin, avoiding the eye area. Then rinse off the foam with water. Rinse with water, if necessary, over your eyes and gently blot your face with a paper towel. Your eyes can be gently dabbed with a cotton pad, and your eyelashes can be combed with a brush.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last

The most perfect, beautiful result lasts for a week. Then they start to fall out little by little. This is normal. Every day we lose hair, and this process cannot be stopped. If you don’t rub them, don’t visit the sauna or bath, and don’t apply greasy and oily products, they will stay with you for 3-4 weeks. Then you will need a correction.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

To remove false eyelashes at home, you need to soften the glue. You can use Remover, Debonder – professional glue removers, or cosmetic oils.

  • Remover. It can be gel or cream. Price from 200 rubles. It is applied to the lashes and left for 10 minutes. Carefully remove the lashes with a brush.
  • Debonder. Price from 100 rubles. If using Debonder, place a tissue under the lower eyelid to insulate the skin from the product. Close your eye and apply the product along the growth of lashes, at the root zone, using a cotton swab. Leave for 5 minutes and gently remove loose lashes with a brush.
  • Oil. If you use oil, heat to a comfortable temperature any cosmetic oil – almond, grape seed, jojoba. Apply it to your eyelashes and place a cotton pad soaked in warm oil on top. Leave it for 30 minutes. You can comfortably lie down, set a timer for 30 minutes, and lie with your eyes closed with the oil compresses. Afterward, gently remove the hairs with a brush.

Can I color my eyelashes?

You can. Use mascaras with silicones without alcohol or oils in the composition. Oils and alcohol destroy the fixing compound. Water-resistant mascara is not suitable.

Apply the mascara carefully, without pressing hard. Wash off without using milk or makeup remover. Just moisten a cotton swab or a cotton pad in water and pass it gently over the lashes.

Why do eyelashes fall out?

There may be several reasons why false eyelashes fall out, fall off, or fall off.

  • Improper care and not following recommendations in the first two days. Do not wet, rub, or scratch. Sleep on your stomach put makeup on your eyes. You were visiting the sauna and swimming in the pool.
  • My eyelashes are fragile, thin, and short. The material wasn’t chosen correctly, and they couldn’t take the strain.
  • Poor-quality materials and violations of technology during the performance of the work. Only apply to experienced artisans with good references.

Eyelash extensions before and after photos

In the before and after photos, you can see how much the look changes.

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