Eyebrow Makeup: From Classic Makeup To Conceptually New Microblading

The eyebrows can be called almost the most important part of the face. They give it shape, complement the image, make it look much more expressive, and make the features more harmonious. Makeup eyebrows – an important step in creating a spectacular appearance. It is noteworthy that the most insignificant detail can completely ruin the face. Some girls have already managed to fall in love with the new trend – permanent eyebrow makeup, considering the new features eternal.

What Is Permanent Eyebrow Makeup?

Permanent makeup and eyebrow tattooing is a conceptually new technique that allows you to give your eyebrows the desired colour, shape, curve and even the intensity of colour filling. However, these two terms should be distinguished, and it is necessary to understand what they represent. Only in this way, a girl who has decided on eternal beauty can choose the most optimal variant of transformation for herself.

Types And Differences

Microblading or permanent makeup is a special technique that allows you to create beautiful eyebrow makeup with the help of micro pigmentation. As such, it has a lot in common with tattooing, but there are also significant differences.

The main differences:

  • A tattoo is a regular tattoo that will last a lifetime. To make fashionable wide eyebrows using the tattoo method, at the very least, is unwise. Such a trend will remain on the face forever. You will not be able to change anything. Permanent eyebrow makeup will please only a few years, and over time, the pigment will disappear, and it will be possible to proceed to new experiments;
  • In tattooing, the pigment is hammered extremely deeply into the dermal tissue. Permanent eyebrow makeup (the technique in particular) involves the effect only on the upper layers of the skin;
  • Tattooing can be done everywhere – all over the body, and microblading is practiced only for the face.

Because the depth of exposure in tattooing is greater, the treated areas will take longer to heal – up to 1 month. Clients tolerate all types of permanent makeup well (healing time is about two weeks).

Eyebrow Microblading Techniques

Eyebrow makeup with shadows or pencils is a chore and thankless job, forcing girls to stand in front of the mirror for a long time, giving their eyebrows the desired shape. Permanent makeup saves women from the daily need to correct their appearance.


There are several types of microblading:

  • Hair dyeing is one of the ways to enhance the image, to make eyebrows expressive, adhering to the principles of natural beauty;
  • Shading eyebrows is a rather soft shading, also known as the shadow watercolour technique. Such a method of spraying is better for tinting or correcting the eyebrows’ colour to give a particular shade depth and saturation. If a girl has a naturally beautiful shape and well-defined lines of her eyebrows, but they are rather pale or not very dense, shock-jetting is the best option;
  • Permanent Makeup Permanent 3D is the most modern and unusual method. The hairs are preliminarily removed, and several pigments are applied to the skin, which forms the so-called “volumetric” pattern. The resulting makeup must be in harmony with the face and the image. The technique is complex, even regarding how to choose the colour of the eyebrows. This method is available only to the best specialists with solid experience in microblading.

However, microblading and tattooing can only be done by professionals. If pencil eyebrow makeup can be removed in a matter of minutes, it will not work with permanent makeup.

About The Disadvantages Of Permanent Makeup

Many girls do not know how to do eyebrow makeup on their own, so they are happy to use the services of tattoo and microblading masters. However, not everything is perfect, and the permanent makeup technique has disadvantages. The main disadvantages of permanent eyebrow makeup:

  • The procedure is painful. Women who are hypersensitive and susceptible to pain experience severe discomfort even despite local anesthesia;
  • Immediately after or even during the procedure, patients will feel increasing skin irritation, itching, redness, and swelling, which will only intensify;
  • The procedure itself will be expensive in any case. Although, considering how much time, effort and cosmetics will be saved in the end, the price does not seem so high.

When choosing the best method to make your eyebrows look gorgeous and fashionable, it is worth considering each method from the perspective of the disadvantages and advantages. Whatever the choice, the talent and accuracy of the master always play a key role.

Preparing For Permanent Makeup

Two days before the procedure, you must exclude the intake of drugs that affect blood clotting. It is better to use only hygienic lipstick, and you should also give up alcohol and coffee three to five days before the procedure.

All methods of eyebrow correction are relevant only when a girl has no critical days. Otherwise, the body can react to the procedure most unexpectedly: not accepting the pigment, increased sensitivity, or painfulness can be observed.

How To Do Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Before starting the procedure, the master will ask the client about possible contraindications. A discussion about the pattern follows this. It is important not only to consider fashion trends but also to find the right contour and curve. The eyebrow should be organic and look natural.

The colour of future eyebrows should be in harmony with the tone of the skin, fit the shade of hair and the colour type of the girl’s appearance as a whole. The most important thing is that the result pleased the client, so the master should not impose his opinion, and listen exclusively to the wishes of the girl.

Next, the skin is treated with a special antiseptic. The master draws something like a sketch and agrees on all the details with the client immediately before the work areas where the master will be working, treated with anesthetic gel. Less commonly, an injection method of local anesthesia is used.

The main working tool of the master of microblading is a dermopigmenter. This device is somewhat reminiscent of a ballpoint pen. The master carefully draws all the lines according to the sketch. In general, the procedure lasts about 1 hour.

How The Eyebrows Should Be

Correct eyebrow makeup involves observing several rules. A good master knows them, but the client also needs to know at least the basics of this science. This is necessary for one simple reason – to do eyebrow makeup at home, it is necessary to understand how to do it correctly.

In addition, do not forget that the eyebrows after the microblading procedure still need proper care. For evening makeup or a more original image, you will need to adjust the colour and shape of the eyebrows properly.

Eyebrow Colour

The correction of eyebrows usually begins with the selection of colour. The choice of dyes, as well as decorative cosmetics for daily or holiday makeup, is made with the following principles in mind:

  • The makeup of light eyebrows created with shades of chocolate;
  • Brown-haired and fair-skinned ladies with “cold” hair colour should choose colours of a cold palette (dark gray tones);
  • Owners of lighter hair shades can choose a suitable tone from the light brown palette. The optimal choice is a colour 2 or 3 shades lighter than the curls of a blond girl;
  • Lovers of black eyebrows can afford such a bold experiment only if their skin is quite tan and the colour of their hair is quite dark;
  • The blond hair with ashy shimmer combines well with the eyebrows in a similar colour. The shape of the face in such a case is corrected with the help of other accents in the makeup, and the eyebrows remain invisible;
  • For owners of red hair, it is better to choose noble terracotta and chestnut shades. The main rule is that the base colour should be slightly more muted than the fiery curls of the woman.

The rules of eyebrow colour selection also involve taking into account the colour of the eyes. Cold tones are complemented with similar shades, the rule is the same for warm-coloured eyes.

Thickness And Shape

The right balance of colour, shape and thickness allows you to create the perfect eyebrow makeup. In the arsenal of professional makeup artists and linergists there are more than a hundred stencils “under the eyebrows.” In shape, eyebrows can be:

  • Round;
  • Straight;
  • Curved;
  • With a kink.

According to the curve’s height, eyebrows can be high, medium and low. If a girl wears glasses, you should take them to the master. He will be able to correct the shape of the eyebrows considering this aspect.

What To Do After Microblading

You should not forget the important eyebrow care procedure after the microblading procedure. Immediately after the session, the skin seems excessively swollen, inflamed and reddened. Such unpleasant manifestations will disappear completely in 1 to 3 days.

On days 5-7, crusts will begin to form on the skin’s surface, which will fall off as the dermal tissue heals. It is strictly forbidden to rip them off yourself. All this time, you must treat delicately with any suitable disinfectant solution – chlorhexidine.

The crusts that form should be taken care of. They usually fall off on their own by day 9-12. If you are severely bothered by dryness and itching, you can gently lubricate your skin with Pantestin or Bepanten. The usual makeup products are not used at this stage at all.

In 3 weeks (4 weeks maximum), the eyebrows will get their colour, and now you can evaluate the results. When the skin is completely rid of crusts, there is no inflammation or irritation. It is possible to brow lift if necessary. You should also not forget the obligatory, albeit routine, procedure – plucking.

Tweezers should be preliminarily disinfected, and the skin around the eyebrows is also treated with antiseptic. Excess hairs are removed only in those places where they go beyond the drawn contour. It is not expedient to make the eyebrows more sparse.

If there are difficulties, it is better to consult a master microblading or a smart makeup artist. They will be able to tell you the solution to any problem that has arisen in the course of eyebrow care.

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