Eye Makeup Step By Step For Beginners

All girls and women use decorative cosmetics, but not everyone is familiar with the basics of makeup application. Meanwhile, these rules help not only look “one hundred percent” but also protect the skin from early aging.

Using Eye Makeup: Basic Rules

The main thing in makeup is a perfectly even complexion, well-groomed eyebrows, and the desire for naturalness.

  1. The color of the eyes will become more expressive or, on the contrary, will be dimmed by the choice of shades of cosmetics.
  2. Techniques for applying shadows and drawing arrows depend on the structure of the eyes and eyelids.
  3. Beginners will be helpful with improvised means (scotch tape, napkins, plastic card) to make up neatly.
  4. Using a basic set of brushes is an important skill. At the initial stage, you need a thick brush with a soft pile to apply shadows and less tight – for their shading.
  5. Do not neglect the cream shadows. It’s good for monochrome makeup and as a base for dry makeup.
  6. Eyelid primer prolongs the staying power of the applied makeup.
  7. It is essential to use the right shades of cosmetic products.

When using cosmetics, the peculiarities of appearance are taken into account. Light-haired and light-eyed girls should choose products in warm colors (peach, light green, brown). Brunettes need a cold range of colors (blue, plum, dark green, purple). Red-haired girls with brown and green eyes choose bronze, gold, and peach colors. A bright accent on the background of ash hair looks gray, blue, lilac, and golden shades of shadows. Pink best suits the owners of gray, blue, and dark brown eyes.

Professional makeup artists pay a lot of attention to the choice of blush, powder, and lipstick in harmony with eye makeup.

Cosmetics Application Steps

Consistency is critical in makeup.

Initial stage

Make sure to prepare your face for makeup application. If you neglect this, the result will not be happy. Acting based on the photo.

  • Clean your face of old makeup or refresh it with a toner, splash it with thermal water, and apply a moisturizer according to your skin type.
  • Mask problem areas, if any. Treat red pimples with a green corrector, blue veins with yellow, and an earthy complexion with pink. Dark circles and bags under the eyes should be concealed with concealer, which is lighter in tone than the complexion.
  • Apply foundation of the perfect color with a moist beauty blender or brush.
  • Fix the tone with loose powder. Apply it with a large fluffy brush.
  • Now the face should be given a correct form using dry correctors. We move the brown one under the cheekbone, under the chin, a little under the lip, and on the sides of the nose. The back of the nose, the chin, the prominent part of the cheekbone, the middle of the forehead, the place under the eyebrow, and the inner corner of the eye are highlighted with a highlighter. It is thoroughly shaded.
  • We comb the eyebrows with an eyebrow brush upwards. Draw a line under the eyebrows with a white pencil and shade it.

Eye makeup step by step

This is a light daytime makeup look. Casual makeup is designed to emphasize the eyes, make them more expressive, and attract attention. In this case, do not need arrows, bright eyeliners, or thick mascara. Choose means light colors.

  1. Apply the base. The primer will help better apply and evenly blend the shadow.
  2. Apply dark matte shadow to the eye’s outer corner and the upper eyelid’s crease, with light shadow on the inner one. Smooth the border with a brush. Highlight the under-brow area with a highlighter.
  3. Let’s outline the eyes with black eyeliner or a pencil. We make a soft arrow on the upper eyelid, pointing it up. The eye will look bigger.
  4. Paint the lashes from the base, trying to curl them.

It is helpful for beginners makeup artists to study relevant video tutorials.

Eye Makeup Types And Their Features

You can proceed to the complicated when learning and mastering the basic makeup.

Evening Makeup

It is recommended to use shimmery shadows to prepare for a festive appearance in the world.

  • After cleansing your face, prepare your eyelids for makeup application. We distribute the primer over them and apply a beige shadow. Then choose a matte shade darker than the skin, emphasize the contour of the lower lashes, and, very noticeably – the entire orbital line.
  • Even darker shade deepens the crease of the upper eyelid, the corners of the eyes, and the outer corner of the lower eyelid.
  • The untinted mobile eyelid is colored with bright, radiant shadows. Under the eyebrows, we highlight the area with a highlighter or light shimmer shadows.
  • A black pencil underlines the eyes’ inner contour, and mascara on the lashes.

You can get a restrained result using shadows with a shimmering light effect. If you want to get a more spectacular and even extravagant look, take a saturated glitter.

Wedding Makeup

Classic wedding makeup is the same as evening but more delicate and lighter.

  • Apply light bronze eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes, blurring to the center. Apply dark bronze eyeshadow closer to the outer corners of the eyes. Brush, blending shades’ borders. If you wish, add a middle shade. It is the same for the area under the bottom lashes and the arrow.
  • To paint over the space between the lashes with a brown eyeliner pencil with a shining effect.
  • Paint the lashes with mascara, twisting, and zig-zagging.

When choosing cosmetics for wedding makeup, exclude bright red lipstick and dark shadows.

Everyday practice will help you learn how to make up quickly and beautifully. It is important to know makeup basics, stick to them, and follow the trends. Then makeup will take a little time and add to your good mood.

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