Expensive Looking Manicure On Short Nails

Monthly trips to manicures have become an integral part of almost every girl’s life. The variety of possibilities in this area is impressive – for a couple of hours, masters are able to create almost masterpieces.

For some people a manicure is one of the most important and affordable means of self-expression. Others value a well-groomed hand look and often don’t bother choosing colors and designs.

But of course, every girl is interested in the fact that her nails do not spoil the overall impression of the appearance and do not look cheap. How to make a manicure on short nails look expensive and stylish – let’s talk in this article.

What does it mean to have an expensive manicure?

The biggest misconception concerning this topic is the belief that a manicure that looks expensive will justify its name in terms of cost. No, the markup does happen, because self-respecting masters work exclusively on high-quality materials: they use expensive gel-lacquers and bases, inlaid nail plates with “Swarovski” rhinestones and the like.

As we remember the world-famous phrase, beauty is in simplicity. Therefore, an abundance of precious stones on the nails and flashy designs will look tasteless rather than expensive.

In addition, in recent years, the fashion world very much appreciates naturalness in all manifestations of the beauty industry. That is why many girls give preference to short or medium length of their nails, as well as choose the shape of a soft square or oval.

The best manicure options for short nails

Almost any monochrome or classic manicure, carefully applied to short nails – will look elegant and stylish. Let’s take a look at 6 design options that are suitable for both everyday looks and for dates and outings.


Short pearly nails will fit in perfectly on a social occasion, and at work with a dress code, and at school, and on vacation. The effect of radiance in the manicure is achieved with a pearlescent varnish or wax applied to delicate colors, for example:

  • white;
  • peach;
  • beige;
  • pink;
  • lavender.

However, no one forbids the use of wax on brighter shades, if they are in harmony with your image and mood. But you should still give preference to monochrome types of coating or ombré, imitating French.

Thanks to the play of light, this manicure will look very expressive on short nails, giving them depth and pearly glow.


One of the main types of manicure, which in any case looks irresistible is the nude. You won’t be mistaken if you prefer bright designs to a covering of restrained tones.

A neutral nail palette is unlikely to ever leave the trends due to its practicality and versatility. This variant of manicure perfectly harmonizes with any style of clothing and makeup.

The choice of nude shades is quite diverse. In addition to flesh tones, it includes beige, cream, milk, pink and even coffee shades.

This coating can confidently be called a unique basis for many winning nail designs: it can be combined with a variety of waxes, geometrics, foil, gradient and simple drawings or stickers.

You can also experiment with applying a matte top or using rhinestones.

The combination of different variants of tops – matte and glossy – is very popular and looks simple, but elegant.

The main difficulty in creating such a manicure is its application, because all the bumps or irregularities immediately catch the eye.


The next universal color that never loses its relevance is red. It is a true classic, because a manicure in red will complement any image and will look equally stunning both at an important event and in everyday life.

On short nails will look great all kinds of design: French, incrustation with rhinestones, “foam” and many others.

The most popular variants of red manicure are a matte top with the addition of geometry or simple neutral-colored drawings.

Pay attention to the palette of its shades: burgundy will add luxury and glamor, and in combination with rhinestones or black will look most effective and attract a good half of the attention.

The main thing is not to overdo it, because it is easy to make a flashy design vulgar.


As with red, black nail polish on short nails is a timeless classic. The perfectly flat shape of the nail plate combined with a glossy black sheen will look flawless and expensive both in business style and for the evening look.

When choosing a design, it is necessary to take into account that such color in any case will attract attention, so you should not go overboard with the addition of rhinestones or choose bright shades in the patterns. It will be more than appropriate to use nacreous wax or “cat’s eye”. A matte top will add a touch of charm and soften the harshness of color.

Contrast lovers will be interesting to try out the black and white manicure version, because the combination of these two colors is relevant at all times and is often found in the designer collections of the fashion world.

French Manicure

The classic French manicure is one of the most popular and well-known types of manicure, which remains indispensable in any case and is perfect for every style of dress.

One of the important arguments in favor of French is its relevance among brides, because it complements the wedding image and looks neat.

French manicure can be easily combined with absolutely all styles and techniques: openwork and geometric design, stamping and airbrushing, minimalism, marble and volume design, gradient and ombré. The appropriate use of any technique combined with French nails will make your nails look flawless.


One of the most “expensive” styles in manicure, very popular with its owners regardless of age. The preference in the coating is often given to neutral shades, and designs are chosen such as geometry, French, “moon” manicure or ombré. Also, different variations of the same color on the nails are used. Rhinestones and other similar decorative elements are rare.


Expensive manicure is, first of all, healthy and well-groomed nails, because even the most trendy shades and high cost work will not look good against the background of rough skin on the hands and untidy cuticles.

Women of a number of “businesswomen” can be seen more often with clear nail polish and straight trimmed nails – rather than with the design, on which a lot of money and time has been spent.

Luxury and status is not overdoing it, but rather minimalism, so the most relevant manicure options in recent times remain laconic designs and minimal length nails with an oval or almond shape.

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