Evening Shoes For Women: Creating A Look For February 14

As a key accessory to the dress for special celebrations, evening shoes play a vital role in enhancing the festive image. Shoes for exquisite outfits are chosen especially carefully, as the “wrong” version of the model can spoil even the most luxurious composition.

Shoes To The Evening Dress: Features Of Models

Shoes for evening wear are significantly different from solutions for everyday outfits. Moreover, the difference between them is not in the style of the product: it can be ballet flats, and wedges, and classic pumps. Material and decor are all determined here. Models for a holiday outing are made of genuine leather or imitation, suede, as well as samples for every day. The majority of evening proposals are presented in the form of luxurious shoes made of velour, satin, lace, have a refined decor, and have striking elements.

It is unlikely that such shoes are appropriate with office outfits or appropriate for walks. They are designed exclusively for holiday toilets, and will perfectly complement a dressy composition, for example, on Valentine’s Day.

Fancy Evening Shoes

Fashion collections include holiday style shoes in various styles.

Evening shoes with stiletto heels

Expressive stiletto heeled shoes can be harmoniously combined with any cut dress. Through the elegant lines of the heel, the model emphasizes the femininity of the image, resulting in a slim figure. Under the evening dress you can pick up high-heeled shoes, if, of course, you are used to walking in them. Most of the fans of stylish shoes with a chiseled heel prefer a spike heel of medium height.

If you are looking for evening shoes to wear with a dressy dress, pay attention to classic stiletto heeled pumps. A model with an ankle strap is also a stylish option.

Open shoes for evening wear

Want to effectively emphasize the beauty of slender legs? Choose trendy shoes for the evening with an open toe. For a festive exit in the summer, there are relevant and stylish versions with an open heel. However, they are winning only for long-legged ladies with a narrow ankle.

Tango boats

Elegant women’s night out shoes with ribbons, which are tied at the ankle, suitable for dance parties. Offer models and with a strap, which is similarly fixed at the ankle. Most often, “tango” pumps are made with a medium-height heel.

Elegant evening platform shoes

Fashionable shoes for a festive evening – models on the platform. It is the choice of a confident lady with progressive views who knows how to enhance the femininity and elegance of a festive outfit to advantage. In the original version, designers offer platform-tanket evening shoes with a stiletto or high heel. Their outfits are interesting because they have bustier dresses to the knees, long straight cut outfits with a high cut, and tight midi models.

Evening sandals

The festive composition of flowing fabric will perfectly complement the evening sandals. They are made on a high stiletto heel or on a platform, models on the original wedge heel also look great.

Slender female legs in sandals with straps, exposing the foot. If you wish, you can view silhouettes in a more closed version.

Ballet flats and sandals in outfits for the evening

Dressy models without heels feature an eye-catching decoration. Slim beauties of high height are charming in stylish ballet flats in a duet with a floor-length evening dress. Such shoes are well paired with empire dresses with a tight bodice and flowing bottom to the knee line. Miniature ladies can wear ballet flats with evening dresses with a puffy skirt to the knees or midi. Wear sandals with an original design if you have chosen a laconic look with a long dress in the Greek style.

Shoes For The Evening: Popular Base Materials And Fashionable Decorations

Evening shoes are made of different materials:

  • Leather models – with a matte surface or lacquered, perforated leather or compressed texture, reptile or rare animal skin;
  • Suede products – stand out for their luxurious look and comfort;
  • from imitation of natural materials – the artificial surface duplicates the texture of natural raw materials, but the product is inferior to the original both in quality and decorative characteristics;
  • Fabric models are made of satin, velour, brocade, with lace fabric.

We also produce women’s holiday shoes from combination materials.

In the design of dressy shoes are relevant various decorative details:

  • metal overlays, buckles;
  • applique, patch;
  • artificial flowers, bows;
  • sequins, beads, stones, beads;
  • lace, fur, feathers.

It is not only the toe of the shoes that are decorated, but the sides and the back as well. Particularly stylish are models with a catchy heel design and a laconic design of the upper part of the shoe.

Evening Shoe Color Accents

If you find it difficult to choose the right color of shoes that will fit harmoniously into the dressy image, take note of the following points:

  • Beige shoes – a universal version of shoes – suitable for outfits of all shades. Buy a nude evening pair and feel free to complete your holiday toilets in red, white, green and other colors of the palette;
  • Gold-colored models look advantageous with dresses of a warm shade;
  • Silver shoes are better combined with outfits of cold colors;
  • The accessory of silver color in any case do not complete the gold jewelry or costume jewelry of copper-gold shades;
  • Black evening shoes will make an elegant party to the toilets of saturated tonality. They are not “friendly” with the fashionable images of pastel colors, unless the dress has elements in black or selected consonant jewelry and accessories;
  • Red shoes are usually chosen for an evening closet in pastel colors. Moreover, previously it was relevant to complement the festive image manicure and lipstick of a similar shade, but now the combination of red with nude color is in fashion. Red shoes look well in the evening composition of contrasting tones. Especially beautiful is the union of elegant red shoes with an look in shades of blue.

Keep in mind that a stylish pair of shoes in beige looks effective with a white evening dress. In contrast, if you complete a creamy and beige image with white shoes, the composition will look absurd.

How To Choose The Right Evening Shoes

When choosing this accessory, it is imperative to consider the following factors:

  • The format of the event – a formal celebration, a trip to the theater, a family celebration at a restaurant, a youth party in a trendy cafe;
  • the features of the dress, under which shoes are chosen – the length of the model, style, color, material;
  • time of year.

Choosing a dressy pair for a holiday outing, be guided by the format of the event. Complement your look with shoes of classic design in accordance with the etiquette of the official reception. For example, pumps with a medium heel. Informal parties choose democratic models. If this is a youth party, trendy high-heeled shoes are relevant.

If a celebration is going to take place where most of the time is spent sitting, feel free to wear evening shoes with high heels. Even a very high heel is acceptable here. Choose stylish evening shoes on a medium heel with a comfortable heel shape if you will be on your feet most of the time at an event.

An imperative rule when choosing a pair of shoes for the dress is the principle of contrast:

  • Shoes with rich decorations, for example, with rhinestones, perfectly complement a stylish outfit laconic design;
  • Wear shoes with a matte texture and no embellishments, if you choose a dress with shiny decorations. Suede shoes and matte leather models will do.

A long silhouette with a fluffy skirt looks stylish with classic shoes without expressive embellishments. With a laconic knee-length outfit, the accessory will make a stylish duo.

In the trend of shoe fashion are dressy ankle boots, boots and even boots, which are designed for evening out. You can pick up to the knees spectacular leather ankle boots with an original decoration on the heel, if the format of the event allows. With a narrow skirt to the knees, the boots are perfectly matched with a tight cuff. Looks interestingly flamboyant with a mini dress in empire style and charming jackboots.

Spectacular, Memorable Images

If you choose a festive dress in a beige shade, choose satin low-heeled shoes in ripe cherry. A beige and gold clutch and large openwork earrings with an identical pearl bead decoration will beautifully complete the romantic look created for February 14.

Tender pearlized satin dress looks especially elegant with classic high-heeled pumps in rich pink. The expressive shade of the shoes adds to the sensuality of the tandem and sets the composition’s dynamics.

Floor-length gray-green dress with a tight silhouette and open shoulders will make an interesting duet with smart silver shoes with an open toe on a high stiletto heel. The weekend look is completed with elongated earrings and delicate silver clutch to match.

Finally, choosing a stylish pair for a dressy look, keep in mind that the chiffon dress is ideal for the shoes with stiletto heels. In contrast, the dress with dense fabrics should look for a model with a stable heel.

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