Evening Makeup For Brunettes

We are all so different, and what suits one person may not suit another. The theory of color types guides someone, and someone just intuitively selects their clothes and makeup, guided by their taste. One thing is for sure, the colors look very different for blondes and brunettes. And makeup is no exception, even more so when it comes to makeup.

Cool Tones In Makeup

Most brunettes belong to the so-called cold and high-contrast type of appearance. It is also commonly referred to as the “winter type.” Unlike blondes, whose skin color is often close in tone to the color of the hair, brunettes’ hair and skin are usually quite contrasting. The task of evening makeup for brunettes is to emphasize this contrast and to show all their advantages. How should we do this? Let’s see.

Brunettes traditionally go for cold tones in makeup. The skin of natural brunettes most often has a shade of ivory, cream, or, less often, olive. The glow of the natural pigment is most often bluish and grayish, and the veins on the temples and wrists are purple. This all tells us that the most effective on brunette will look makeup in rich cold tones.

Makeup Basics For Brunettes

The foundation of any makeup is the perfect skin tone of the face. If your skin is thin and prone to couperose and redness, you should take a concealer under makeup with a green undertone. The green color will neutralize the redness, and your face will look perfect after applying the foundation. An evening makeup version allows a soft glow and sparkle, which can be achieved using shimmer, bronzer or powder with reflective particles. Also, you can’t do without blush. The optimal color for blush is a color that is close to the natural lip color. And in the evening makeup, you can use a little brighter and deeper shades of blush – cherry, scarlet, ruby and deep pink. Do not use warm and golden colors – they will give a brunette pale look, especially in the evening and in artificial light.

Eye And Lip Makeup

For the eyes, it is worth trying to use colored, contrasting colors – brunettes, and especially in the evening, it is quite allowed. Cold turquoise, violet, ultramarine, the whole range of silver shades – whatever you want. The main thing is that the eyes should be decorated with a pencil or liquid eyeliner. To draw an arrow or not is a matter of taste and desire. But without a pencil, do not do – the evening light, as they say, “eats” makeup and makes a face paler. Lightly colored eyes in the evening and even more festive lighting on the background of dark hair can look inexpressive. Very effective in the evening light look eyes, painted in the style of “smoky-eyes.”

If a complete makeup set is used for the eyes – eye shadow, eyeliner, arrows, or even artificial eyelashes, then the lips should not be painted too brightly – a shade balm or gloss will be enough. If, on the contrary, you want to place the main emphasis on the lips, then you should use a full lip makeup kit – make sure that you use a foundation so that the lipstick stays on longer; after applying the foundation, your lips should be covered with lipstick, emphasizing the contour with a lip liner if you wish. Then blot your lips with a tissue, powder your lips and apply another layer of lipstick. This way, your lips can keep a rich color despite the festive table, various drinks and even kisses. Finish with a light, transparent powder, and you can feel like the queen of the evening.

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