Elegant Skirt With A High Waist: A Few Stylish Images Of The New Season

Originally, the high-waisted skirt style echoed the silhouette of the garments of beautiful women of the ancient era. Later the idea was reflected in the sensual outfits of the empire style. In the middle of the XX century, the famous designer Christian Dior put into fashion an original model of the skirt with an offset waistline, which looks like a half-dress with a wide placket under the bodice. The outfit is completed with a turtleneck or a blouse tucked into the skirt. A high tight placket emphasizes the waistline, visually slims the silhouette and introduces a touch of charm and sexuality to the image.

Such detail as a high bar at the waist is used in models of different cuts.

Pencil skirt with high waist

The model is used with great success in creating stylish compositions for business ladies. It is completed with an elegant blouse or shirt in a laconic scheme. Silhouette just above the knees is harmonically combined with the American top and a shortened jacket with 3/4 sleeves. Midi style can be combined with a turtleneck and finish the business look with high-heeled shoes. If you decide to wear a pencil skirt with a high waist in a set with a strappy top, complete the composition with a thin cardigan or bolero.

For street looks, suit the trendy combination of a high-tight skirt with a cropped body. Also fashionable to combine below-knee-length models with a shirt, long sleeve, knitted sleeves, and T-shirts of the original cut.

Tulip skirt with high waist

The tulip-shaped silhouette features elegant draping under the waistband and a slightly tapered hem. In combination with the high waistline, the model contributes to the visual elongation of the figure and creates the effect of perfect slimness with expressive forms of hips. A Tulip skirt with a wide placket looks especially good on thin girls with a “rectangle” shape. It accentuates the elegant waist, and the drapery gives you a hint of femininity, slightly adding volume to the hips.

Tulip style just above the knee looks organically in office suits. Relevant composition with feminine blouses with original collar and narrow sleeve 3/4. It’s good to complete such a skirt with a tight fit top with shortened sleeves and sensuous neckline. For democratic sets suit tandem model to the middle of the thighs with ultra fashionable body.

High-waisted sunny skirt

The feminine cut of the skirt draws attention to the thin waist, so the outfit is particularly popular for creating spectacular images for ladies with narrow hips. The model allows you to visually correct the figure’s proportions, accentuate the advantages and emphasize the style and elegance of the composition.

For evening wear, choose long versions of the sun style of noble fabrics. In a holiday look, elegant silhouette of languid satin or sensual chiffon to the floor. For a youth party suit skirt-sun with a high waist to the knee made of lace fabric. Opt for a midi model of delicate silk if you want to create a stylish image for a romantic dinner in a fashionable cafe.

Straight skirt with high waist

High-fitting maxi length with a slit brings harmony to the image, visually stretches the legs and is slim. The straight cut midi skirt is often included in strict suits for business meetings. This is perhaps the most advantageous solution for the full ladies of the “triangle” type. The mini model is actively used in perky sets of young ladies in a set with sports-style clothing. A straight maxi skirt with an elevated waist in a spectacular combination with the top is in the trend of 2022. The shortened top line allows you to show an open strip of the body. Such a composition can afford only slender girls with a beautiful tan.

Bell skirt with high waist

Slender ladies with conservative views love this model, romantic people have tender feelings for it, and it is adored by young fashionistas, whose priority is femininity and style.

Bell skirt with a high waist sits well on girls with slender hips. With its help, you can make a visual balance in the image of ladies with an “inverted triangle,” characterized by broad shoulders with narrow hips. A short model is especially advantageous to combine with a laconic shirt and shoes on a wide block heel. The romantic midi outfit is advantageously combined with a feminine top or blouse in tandem with classic stiletto pumps.

High Waist Skirt: Materials And Decor

The fashion collections feature luxurious models made of natural and artificial bases:

  • In evening dresses, priority is given to noble plain fabrics. Especially presentable look bouffant skirts with high waist made of silk, satin, chiffon and guipure. Lace, velvet and velvet and jacquard fabrics are topical for straight-cut silhouettes;
  • Laconic office compositions are made of suit fabric, knitwear, cotton, velour and matte jacquard. Flared skirts with an elevated waist made of fine wool and tweed complete a stylish business closet for the cold season;
  • In everyday looks, cotton, linen, polyester, knitwear, and wool fabrics with an addition of synthetic fibres are used. In casual closets, denim skirts with high waists are in special demand. Samples of fine denim perfectly combined with t-shirts and shirts of the original style. Effectively looking leather skirts with high landing in trendy outdoor looks for young people.

Interesting techniques are used in the decoration of models with a raised placket at the waist. Intriguing and seductive look images in a corset version. This decorative element with laces does not draw the waist but provides a bright visual effect. Another type of trimming of the belt area uses applications, lace inserts, and compositions made of beads and rhinestones. The high waist is also decorated with embroidery, strings of beads or a stylish belt.

High Waist Skirts: How To Choose And Wear Them

When choosing a model with an inflated fit must be taken into account:

  • features of the figure;
  • closet style;
  • the nature of the application.

The range is represented by various styles and colours, varying in length.

In a short skirt with a high waistline, a beautiful young lady with a slender figure looks. At the same time, the mini variant is not very successful for a girl with high growth, as it worsens the perception of body proportions. You can create a presentable set with this outfit if you are a petite and average-height young lady. Complete a mini skirt with a raised landing with a top of a contrasting shade. Match platform shoes with a stable heel in beige colour, and you will be a success even in the most demanding circle of friends and girlfriends.

A short model with a raised waistline is strictly contraindicated for older ladies to eliminate the risk of vulgarity in the image. Midi silhouette is universal and looks effective on fashionistas of all ages. If you want to look your best, opt for a French-length composition.

Midi compositions are presented as straight-cut images, puffed skirts and flared silhouettes. In creating suits for business meetings and clothes for the office, pencils, godets, half-slung, and bell shapes are in particular demand. If the dress code is not strict, the topical options are tulip, sun and klesh. Not bypass the attention in the office attire pleated midi skirts with a raised landing, pleated silhouettes and patterns in a large fold.

Large women should pay attention to the straight cut models just below the knees. For ladies with narrow hips suit voluminous midi solutions, by which the effect of a feminine figure is created. Also relevant here is the trapeze skirt with an elevated waist.

The Maxi version with a high fit is most often in demand for elegant evening wear or looks for festive events. Slim ladies should look closely at the trendy styles to the floor, skinny and sensual cut. The long narrow skirt with a high waist slightly flared at the bottom is no less presentable for them. Girls with a shape of inverted triangle type are dressed to the floor with flaring from the high waist.

Long skirts with an offset waistline are also relevant in the closet for the warm season. Floor models of light-flowing fabric will look beautiful with an American tank top or strappy top with an expressive neckline. Maxi outfit with pleats under the raised waist and voluminous bottom can be completed with a longshirt with the original cut and short sleeves.

High Skirt: Colour Accents

A black pencil skirt with a high waist looks strict but is relevant in business images. With the help of successfully selected silhouettes-companions, it is easy to create a composition for a special celebration or a street set of a stylish person. Suitable is a white shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt with an elevated fit if a laconic look for the office is planned. Complete the set with classic high-heeled shoes and a dark-coloured briefcase bag.

A spectacular composition for a festive event can be composed with an elegant blouse in light shades, a black pencil skirt in tandem, and high-heeled shoes in soft cream shades. For an ultra-trendy urban set, choose a top with an interesting print in a bright palette and matching platform shoes with an original heel.

If you combine the silhouette with a black top with an American armhole, red flared skirts with a high waist look bright and attractive on a lady. The top combination of light beige colour will also suit. Also interesting is the duo with a striped T-shirt in a nautical style tucked into the flared skirt of elevated fit.

High skirts in the white version are very popular, as outfits with prints effectively combine with monochrome tops and cropped jackets. The images should pick up small handbags or clutch on a chain, to the midi silhouette suit, classical shoes or sandals with stiletto heels, wedges or models on a platform with a stable heel. Compositions of mini and maxi will make fashionable company shoes on a low running or high platform.

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