Elegant And Practical Tablet Bag: The Perfect Accessory

The clip-on bag is a fashion accessory in the closet of stylish women of all ages. This model can be worn with casual outfits, for work or study, for shopping or for walks.

Product Features

Clipboard bags are constructed on a frame basis. According to shape, there are variations of rectangular, trapezoidal, square, with a rounded body. Many brands provide a pocket for a smartphone in the interior plane of the model. The classic tablet bag has a zipper or flap on the button. Among the variety of proposals there are original configurations with an open top, frame lock or button fastener. The product is equipped with a long strap with adjustment.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Emergence Of Tablet Bags

The appearance of the accessory of this style is associated with the development of courier activities for the delivery of documents in the early twentieth century. The format of the model is convenient for storing and transporting paper archives.

The presence of a long strap allows the bag to be worn over the shoulder, with hands free, which is helpful when traveling on horseback, bicycle, motorcycle. Later the idea of the accessory began to be used for the comfortable storage of helpful documents in the military field conditions, and a leather shoulder bag appeared in the officers’ uniform.

The model also enjoyed success with those whose profession involves working with papers and documents – typists, stenographers, accountants, archivists, letter carriers and couriers. In the second half of the XX century, tablet bags became mainstream and successfully competed with their analogues in the form of briefcases and handbags.

Traditionally, the shoulder bag is made of leather or imitation leather, suede, canvas or textile. Products made of genuine leather are especially in demand due to the durability of the material and presentability of the product. It is most often used in the production of raw calfskin. For exclusive premium class tablets, natural materials such as crocodile skin, python, and ostrich skin are used.

Suede models are characterized by their luxurious execution, expressive design, and pleasant surface texture. Animal protection advocates will love the synthetic leather products. In the production process, raw materials are processed with special technologies to ensure the material’s durability against external influences. Progressive young people choose tarpaulin models more often: the product fits harmoniously into bold looks, mischievous outfits or rebellious images.

This season, textural versions of the accessory are appropriate for the closet. Women’s denim sling bag is a complement to the congruent basics. This is both a graceful dress of thin denim in a set with sneakers, and jeans-skinnies with a top and ballet flats, and shorts with a shirt and democratic shoes. Wear this accessory with a romantic knee-length dress with a half-slip skirt or a midi free-cut model. Flat-soled shoes with a laconic design are probably the most ideal addition to such an outfit.

Current Design Options

In the fashion collections are models of different sizes in horizontal and vertical version:

  • Small shoulder bags are in demand by fashionistas who prefer to complement their everyday outfits with a compact-sized accessory. The perfect model for those who need to carry a minimal set of things, including a purse, cell phone, cosmetic bag, keys;
  • Classic format versions have a medium size and repeat the size of a netbook or tablet. The capacity of the product allows a girl to have her favorite gadget on hand along with a purse, compact cosmetic bag, and other small items;
  • The oversized samples are an interesting variant of a business bag. The model looks more compact than a classic briefcase or messenger, bribes with excellent capacity and comfort of use. Women’s large-size messenger bag allows you to carry a lot of necessary things, including electronic gadgets and even books of traditional format;
  • Vertical shoulder bag of compact or medium size, because of the directional lines visually stretches the silhouette, it is in demand by fashionable women with a petite figure;
  • Accessory of horizontal design is suitable for slender girls of taller stature. Women with curvaceous forms should pay attention to flat versions of the tablet to avoid a visual burden in volume.

Manufacturers offer versions of the accessory with a rigid frame, semi-rigid and soft variations.

Classic models are presented in monochrome. Leather clutch bag is mostly made in black or brown colors. The trend for 2022-18 variants in saturated shades of the current gamut, including chocolate, cognac, white. You can choose from dark brown solutions if you are not satisfied with the brevity of black.

The beige flatbed bag pairs well with outfits of almost any shade. Eco-leather burgundy branded accessory in terms of aesthetic properties is not inferior to the accessory of the premium segment made of natural base. A white tablet looks elegant and is able to enhance an image. There are also fashion models in noble shades of blue and green.

Summer images in lush tones suit fabric solutions with original decorations. In winter wardrobes, leather shoulder bags in basic monochrome versions are popular.

Compositions: How To Combine

The accessory blends easily into a variety of looks:

  • In casual wear of the tunic denim and skinnies with wide-heeled shoes looks good cloth slats over the shoulder;
  • The accessory blends harmoniously into a street look of a short jacket, a top, and a knee-length skirt in a large pleat. The cute ballet flats in laconic design of matte base are perfectly complementing the image;
  • A brown shoulder bag is complemented with a quilted vest over a warm sweater in fashionable shades of blue and a beige skinny to match with high lace-up boots.

As stylists have noted, tablets in leather look great combined with classic office suits. So easy to diversify outfits at work, of course, but not in the case of a strict dress code.

Most bags of this style go well with outerwear, with the exception of fur coats made of natural fur or imitation, or coats cut from delicate wool.

In casual looks

The iconic design accessory looks great with casual clothing and comfortable shoes. Even combinations with high-heeled shoes are possible, if it is a variant with a low wide block heel, not a stiletto heel.

Experiment by making compositions for walking around the city with comfortable clothes complete with ballet flats, sneakers, thick-soled boots. Combination of casual with platform shoes and a shoulder bag.

In military compositions

Canvas models of the accessories will fit perfectly into the militaristic images that are popular with students. A khaki jacket with pockets and a belt, straight wide pants in the same spirit or skinny pants, lace-up tread boots, and a shoulder bag are a perfect combination for a young city girl. This image is also relevant for middle-aged fashionistas with progressive views.

In safari outfits

Safari kits in the form of comfortable travel clothing include a handy bag for storing documents. Complement your travel closet with an accessory of the right size:

  • Choose a small leather clutch bag, as it will be more reliable to keep your travel documents than in your pockets or suitcase;
  • If you need to have a tablet, netbook or e-book gadget on hand, use a classic format accessory with a rigid frame;
  • as a model for hand luggage fit accessory of large size, the volume that allows you to put all the necessary travel attributes during the flight: organizer with documents, wallet, cosmetic bag, medicine cabinet, duty-free shopping.

The clip-on bag is a convenient choice for travel on a train, airplane, or ship. Wear it with laconic travel clothes and comfortable flat-soled shoes.

In sports kits

The model is relevant for active women who are engaged in recreational running and sport walking, rollerskating, cycling and skiing. Put all your essentials in the clip-on bag and wear the accessory over your shoulder, while keeping your hands free and your movements uninhibited. Sports models are equipped with a wide adjusting strap, most often made of canvas or imitation leather.

Women’s leather shoulder bags are also available in oversize sets. Choose a model of current color in a democratic coat cut mid-thigh and boyfriend trousers with boots that are deliberately rough.

This Is What A Tablet Bag Doesn’T Go With

In today’s fashion there is a strict ban on certain combinations, the bag-planet should not be worn as a set:

  • with evening gowns;
  • a strict business suit;
  • with stiletto stiletto heels;
  • with outerwear in a classic style;
  • with pumps.

In the bohemian environment it is not uncommon to see flamboyant images with a leather biker jacket, guipure half-length skirt and high-heeled stocking boots, complemented by a backpack or clip-bag. In urban images it is customary to combine this accessory in laconic compositions.

Check Out These Brands For Some Interesting Offers

The Polo brand offers sports brands in the medium and budget segment. The models are made in classic colours, there is a line of checkered designs. There are variants of horizontal and vertical cut.

A wide range of Lenovo-branded products impress with their stylish design and reliable solutions. The accessories of this manufacturer are made of quality materials, equipped with a convenient belt, and zippered pockets for small items. There is a spacious compartment for equipment and accessories.

The Italian brand Wenger offers elite products made of cowhide leather. The models feature luxurious design, reliability and practicality. A unique solution with an aged leather effect emphasizes the products’ special status. Wenger models are equipped with additional sections for electronic gadgets, inner and outer pockets. A laptop compartment with a tough impact protection is also included.

S.Lavia produces stylish accessory models made from artificial leather of exceptional quality under its brand. Creative design, interesting combination of textures and colours, reliability of solutions. The brand is popular among pretentious consumers and can compete with the finest offers of famous leather goods suppliers.

Choosing a collection of interesting tablet handbags that go well with basic clothing is important.

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