Effective Makeup For Deep Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are not a problem at all. Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz and many other stars live beautifully with this feature and are the standard of female beauty. So if you have deep-set eyes and you’re often complex about it – you’re doing it in vain! Especially for eyes of this type is a special makeup technique. Let’s discuss in detail how makeup looks for deep-set eyes.

What kind of makeup will work if my eyes are planted deep?

Basic Rules In Makeup

Shades. We all know the rule in clothing: dark shades make you look slimmer, and light shades make you look fuller. In makeup, it is the opposite: light shadows make the eyes look bigger, and dark shadows make the eyes look smaller. For this reason, pastel, beige, cream, and creamy shades are suitable for small eyes. But the pink tones in the makeup for small eyes are better to avoid – the look will seem unhealthy. You can add a little pearl to the light shadows – it will not hurt your makeup.

We choose a shadow, mascara and lipstick for the makeup.

Eyebrows. It is better to have thick eyebrows for deep-set eyes, but if the shape of the face and other features such as eyebrows do not suit you, it is better to look for an alternative.

Mascara – deep set eyes need voluminous, long lashes, so it is better to use mascara, lengthen lashes and give volume, and, best of all, to make extensions or use false eyelashes.

Eyelashes on deep-set eyes should be long and voluminous.

Eyeliner. The arrows on small eyes are drawn in a thin line, very close to the growth of the eyelashes. It is possible to go beyond the eyelid and draw the arrow to the temple. It allows you to “open” the look.

Lips. As there is no accent on small eyes, the lips can be highlighted as you want. All shades of scarlet lipstick, glosses – anything is suitable.

Matching Shadows And Texture

It is known that the colour of shadows matches the shade of your eyes. This is a general rule; it doesn’t matter if you have deep-set eyes.

  • For green eyes suit gray, purple and brown tones.
  • Blue eyes are pastels, blues, blues, greens, navy blues and charcoal black shades.
  • Gray eyes – purple, brown, dark gray shadows.
  • Brown eyes – beige, brown, gray, charcoal black tones.

When it comes to texture, you need to pay attention to texture, too. In makeup for small eyes, light, weightless textures are important. For this reason, creamy, dense shadows are unlikely to work. But dry shadows with a light texture will do!

Use light shadow textures.

Arrows And Smokey Eyes For Small Eyes

So, you’ve learned the rules of makeup for deep-set eyes, choose the right shade of eyeshadow with the right texture, and now it’s time to do the makeup. Let’s start with daytime makeup.

  1. Prepare your eyelids for makeup by applying an eye shadow base.
  2. Apply shadow to the moving eyelid and blend it in.
  3. Draw arrows – they are very popular now. To begin with, you draw the inter-arrow line with a regular black pencil. The eyeliner will not cover the gaps between the lashes – they will not shine beautifully. The arrow’s upper border should be a continuation of the lower edge of the lashes. Then trace the arrow with eyeliner. Do not put pressure on the brush. Otherwise, it will be wavy. It is possible to draw arrows without a pencil, directly with the eyeliner, but in this case, you will need a stencil. You can take a plastic card as a stencil. We put it on the lower eyelid and draw it under the lashes. Using the stencil, we draw the length of the arrow.
  4. Since the arrows are only part of the full-fledged makeup, you should put a little shadow on the crease of the upper eyelid. A little dark shadow should be put on the lower eyelid so the eye does not seem too narrow. Remember: the longer the arrow, the longer the eyebrows and eyelashes should be.
  5. Lighten the inner and outer corners of the eyes with highlighter or very light shadows.
  6. Accentuate the lips – take a bright shade of lipstick or lip gloss. Draw the contour with a lip pencil, gently flatten it, and apply lipstick or gloss. It’s ready to go!

The makeup for deep set eyes can be used not only arrows. It is surprising, but owners of small eyes will suit even a smoky eye, but only on the condition that the right shade and comply with all the rules of makeup for these eyes.

Smokey Ice is suitable for owners of deep-set eyes, as well as for all others.

How To Make Smokey Eyes For Deep-Set Eyes

  1. The basis of such makeup is a white or light pencil, which should draw a line along the growth of the lower lashes. This way, your eyes will look more voluminous and expressive.
  2. Put a light shadow on the moving eyelid.
  3. Draw the crease of the upper eyelid with dark shadows.
  4. We put a little dark eye shadow on the lower part of the eyelid and underlined the lower lash line with a dark pencil.
  5. Lighten the inner corner of the eye with a highlighter.
  6. Paint your lashes with mascara – done!

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