Dresses With Prints: Topical Options For 2022

Every year the print dress strikes the imagination of fashionistas, and 2022 was no exception. This year, designers offered many unique patterns, but also the classic prints have not been forgotten. Among them are plaid, stripes and small and large polka dots.

Long Dresses With Prints

Such a model as a long dress with a floral print should have every girl, as it can be called, universal. In addition, it is romantic and very feminine. Want to feel like a real woman? Wear a floor-length dress with a floral print, and you will look like a queen on any holiday.

Interestingly, any girl can wear a maxi dress with a print – both tall and short. Suffice it to pick up the appropriate shoes with heels. However, the dress’s fabric with a print should be light and flowing, such as thin cotton or chiffon. Thanks to such material, you will get a delicate and fragile image.

Fashionable Midi Dresses

No less effective looks and midi dress with a print. Such a midi length is always popular and attracts women because of its versatility. Midi dresses with a floral print can be used for various festive events and daily office visits. The style of a midi print dress can be called universal because it is not as pretentious as the long models of dresses with a print, but at the same time and does not have a touch of vulgarity as short dresses with a print.

For the midi size suit, almost any fabric depends on where exactly you will wear this dress with a print. For example, a light and flowing chiffon dress with a print will be suitable for a holiday or evening walks in the city. For the office, the ideal option would be a thick knitted dress with a print. You will feel easy and comfortable. A silk dress with a print will be perfect for a festive event. If you visit a restaurant or a banquet – give preference to a velvet dress with a print.

Short Print Dress

Looking for an option for a cocktail party, holiday event or just for summer walks? Then a short dress with a floral print will be the best fit for you. And here, you will find an unprecedented variety. For example, it could be a shortened straight dress with a print, but maybe you’ll be more attracted to a puffy dress with a print.

For the image to look full, choosing the right and interesting combination of shoes and accessories is important. With a short dress, you can wear anything, from ballet flats and sandals, ending with the usual sneakers, and certainly pumps – it’s a classic.

Particularly interesting look a dress jacket with a print, which is ideal for a cocktail party, and shirts with a print are a great option for walks in the city. But don’t forget to choose shoes and accessories to match the dress!

Floral Print Dress

A fashionable dress with a floral print is one of the most common in 2022. And it is relevant not for the first year. The fashion for such models appeared in the seventies when women began to be attracted by all things natural. Interestingly, in the year 2022 will be fashionable summer dresses with a print in the form of flowers, not a single type, but the whole family of flowers. For example, it could be roses and peonies or cornflowers or daisies.

Original seem and models with flowers of unexpected colours or shapes, which, incidentally, can be complemented by nets, applications and other 3-D effects.

Such dresses will be relevant at any event. This can be both a long evening dress with a floral print and a simple sundress of daisies.

Beautiful dresses with a print in the form of flowers are perfectly combined with a fashionable cardigan or jacket. Here’s just need to make sure that the addition to the dress was as simple in style as possible and, preferably, monochrome. If you wore a bright dress, pay attention to shoes and accessories of calmer colours.

When choosing a style, choose the model that best suits your figure. For example, a dress with a large print is undesirable for plump people, as it visually makes the figure even heavier and more powerful. If your figure is far from ideal, try to avoid models with a pattern like many small roses. Choose the style based on your figure and not on the current fashion.

Leopard Print Dress

This dress used to be considered excessively provocative. Now it is believed that this combination of colours is most suitable for resolute and determined girls – real predators. However, it is not. Stylists manage to create with such models a lot of feminine and romantic images.

How to choose accessories for such unusual “animal” outfits? There is nothing complicated here. Ideally, look with such outfits, accessories and shoes of sandy or black colour. For example, you can buy beige pumps, which are available in almost every store.

It should be understood that such specific colours will not be appropriate everywhere. For example, they will look perfect at some party, but they will not be suitable for a business meeting, no matter how austere the outfit looks.

Large Print Dress

A dress with a large print is sure to attract attention because everyone is used to a small pattern, and a large one is rare. However, there is a slight nuance here. So, it is undesirable to purchase models with a large print for girls with the puffy figure because a large print visually aggravates it. If the girl still decides to bet on a large print, the picture should be placed so that it can emphasize the advantages of women.

Original Print Dress

The Tie-Dye print dress has been popular lately. Even though such outfits appeared in the sixties, the rainbow print is still relevant today, especially in recent years.

No less relevant are the models with abstraction – for example, on some dresses you can see the whole pictures, as if descended from the paintings of famous artists. No less interesting are the patterns that create the effect of optical illusion.

Different elements flowing into each other, contrasting colours and 3-D graphics make you think the dress is constantly in motion.

Very effective look at geographical patterns and beckons to go on a trip around the world. Such models are in the collections of almost all eminent fashion designers. Printed typography does not tire of pleasing us – various inscriptions and texts are still in fashion.

And, of course, dresses with geometric prints seem to be very interesting. Such models are suitable for a party and the office – you need to choose the right length and not too flashy colours.

Colourful Print Dresses

Long gone are the days when only little black dresses in monochrome were in fashion. Pick a black dress with a floral print, and it will not look as gloomy as the usual monochrome model. By the way, many designers like to experiment with this particular colour, as black is combined with almost any shade of patterns, whether red roses or graphic combinations. But, of course, yellow, red or white are ideally combined with black.

In 2022 the colour blue will be very relevant. It only seems that the blue colour does not combine with anything. A correctly chosen blue dress with a contrasting print can look very attractive. No less effective will look a blue dress with a print. Such a model is suitable for both casual attire and evening visits to events.

For those who like gentle and pastel colours, a white dress with a print is ideal. It allows you to look more youthful, as, from ancient times, white was associated with innocence and purity. White can be easily used as a party dress, as well as an everyday dress, as it makes its owner brighter and younger.

A red dress or dress with a red print will suit bold girls who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the model with this shade, you will look as bright as possible and, accordingly, will be able to attract attention to yourself.

Flannel Print Dress

This elegant style is suitable for almost any event. Its highlight is that it can emphasize the girl’s waist and make her visually as thin as possible.

Depending on which print you choose, it will be clear where to wear it. Have you bought a jacket dress with a geometric figure print? Then feel free to go to the office. Is this dress with a floral print? You can wear it to an evening outing, cafe or date.

Knit Print Dress

Do you want to please yourself with not only fashionable but also the most practical product? Then get a dress made of jersey with a print, because this material is as if created so you can experiment on it. In addition, many girls are also attracted by the fact that the model from this material can be worn in warm and cool seasons.

Evening Print Dress

Of course, when recalling evening dresses immediately come to mind the thought of models to the floor, but for the exit in the world may well suit and midi or even mini-length outfits.

As prints look interesting long, large patterns that immediately attract attention. The classic options are, of course, flowers and checks. You can combine such an outfit with a monochrome cape or bolero.

A dress with a velvet print of deep colours looks spectacular. A classic option is blue or purple. No less attractive look than a dress made of silk with a print, but for this material, as a rule, choose light shades.

Other Spectacular Prints

Recently, more and more fans have appeared in dresses with drawings in the style of pop art. Pick yourself a suitable model, and you will not be able to go unnoticed! You can soften your bold choice a little if you buy accessories and shoes in neutral colours.

No less relevant is the star print, which looks especially spectacular on a shirt dress. Match the look with sparkling earrings, and you can emphasize the shimmering stars in your image.

On the runway this year, the number of ethnic prints surpassed all expectations. Bracelets and earrings in the same style will go perfectly with this pattern, but choosing a cardigan thrown over the shoulders in a neutral colour is desirable.

Do you want to look more fashionable than ever this summer? Then pay attention to tropical and exotic ornaments. Pineapples, tropical flowers, birds of paradise and palm trees – that’s what should decorate your dress this season.

And, of course, we can’t help but mention the birds, also fashionable this season (as well as in all previous years). Pick up a white dress with a bright “bird” print, and to make your image more vivid, add coloured ballet flats and earrings to match the outfit.

Whichever dress with a print you like – be guided primarily by your figure and then – by fashion trends. Do not be afraid to experiment by combining different prints, and do not forget about the accessories that can accentuate your style and make the image brighter and more effective.

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