Dresses In Velvet And Velour: Fashionable Models For Every Shape

Velvet is a luxurious, cozy fabric, pleasant to the body. Designers gladly use it to sew fashionable and stylish dresses and suits.

Fancy velvet dresses

In the store you can choose a velvet dress of any style – to your liking. Dressy things remain popular this season as well. Fashion designers offer luxurious and stylish products made of velvet for solemn occasions and for everyday life.

Fashionable Styles Of Velvet Dresses

Among the fashion trends is a stylish and effective velour dress with a “case” cut. Suitable for everyday and festive looks, it will hide the fullness of a woman. The most popular products always have an open back or one open shoulder. No man can resist a girl in such a seductive outfit. Fashion designers often combine velour with silk, lace, and satin. The result is a very elegant model.

You can choose a fitted or loose-style dress. The fitted models are suitable for evening or office wear. Products with thin straps are suitable for everyday wear. Dresses with an A-shape emphasize the chest, hide wide or narrow hips. Popular and baggy velvet dress and models with high waists are ways to make a seductive every girl. If you are a fan of youth style, buy dresses with a free cut.

Black velvet fitted dress

Red velvet dress

Among the most popular models remain:

  • Evening dresses made of velvet fabric. In fashion – close-fitting cuts, which will emphasize women’s charms. Such dresses are decorated with embroidery, beads, sequins, crystals and sequins. All the beauty of the female figure will be in full view. Long models are offered with flowing skirts, with a wide plume, with a tight section of the hips. We offer short dress styles with a sexy cut hem to the thigh, bare shoulders and deep cleavage.
  • Dresses for every day. Despite the fact that velvet is an elegant and dressy fabric, designers have developed models of dresses for every day. The fitted silhouettes, moderate length and wide skirts of products are the main characteristics of everyday style. Actual will be dresses, complemented by velvet – with velvet inserts and trim. The textured embellishments and free cut distinguish them.
  • Business dresses made of velvet will emphasize an independent style of a businesswoman, her social status and self-sufficiency. Excellent combination of strict classic cuts and luxurious velour material. A lady wearing such a dress is distinguished by fine taste. She will attract the admiring glances of business partners, regardless of gender.

Business velvet dress

Red velvet evening dress

Choose The Color – It’s Up To You

When sewing dresses made of corduroy, the fabric’s color is very significant. The model to choose depends on where you will wear the dress. Green shades are popular. At a youth party, they will be straight to the point. The scarlet dress is an excellent choice for older women, as it will give the impression of elegant femininity and presentability. Its owner has a good sense of style.

Choose a black velour dress if you visit a restaurant or the theater. Models can be short or long to the floor. This style of dress looks exquisite and luxurious.

Long Dress

A blue velvet dress is a great outfit choice for a business meeting. Girls and women are offered different shades, from rich indigo to light blue. A businesswoman looks beautiful in a dress made of sea wave velvet.

Gray velvet kimono dress

Of course, beige outfits will be popular, especially if the model combines velvet, lace, satin and chiffon. Floral ornaments and small attractive prints fit well in short and long dresses.

Accessories For Velour Outfits

They must be chosen very carefully and thoughtfully. A velvet dress is perfectly matched with satin shoes of a dim shade on stiletto heels or a neat high heel. Shoes should be light and delicate in their texture, so bright velvet or suede shoes are unsuitable for such clothes. Such a combination is a sign of ill taste.

Velvet dress with lace inserts

Velvet Dress

Jewelry to the velvet dress should also be light and elegant, to soften the image. Jewelry made of precious metal – for example, gold – can be combined with it. Natural pearls and other compact precious stones complement the image. The smooth shape of the jewelry suits the style of the velvet dress, but the bijouterie does not look with such an outfit, it is better to refuse it. Match a compact handbag or a clutch to your evening dress. A compact backpack is suitable for a casual style, while a handbag-portfolio is suitable for a business style.

Jewelry For A Velvet Dress

Depending on the additions, velvet dress is worn as a formal event, and at work or on a date with a loved one. It is only necessary to learn how to combine the colour and texture of different things.

Complement the velour outfit with such accessories and clothing elements:

  • With a cropped leather jacket – velvet and leather in one set create a winning combination that will tell about your good taste;
  • Velvet and fur – a luxurious tandem to create an evening chic look;
  • A classic jacket or vest is a great addition to a lady’s business image;
  • A satin or lace bolero will also look nice with a velvet outfit – it will give it solemnity and beauty;
  • Cashmere, chiffon or silk products will suit as a supplement to a velour dress.

For long outfits, choose shortened jackets or coats, and complement short dresses with things of any length – it depends on your style and taste. If you have a dress of a muted shade in your closet, wear outerwear of brighter and more saturated colors with it. A bright outfit requires a bolero or jacket of classic color.

Short red velvet dress

Blue velvet fitted dress

Black long velvet dress

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