Dresses In Gold: Beautiful Options For Prom Or Wedding

You can become the highlight of the evening if you wear the right gold dress for the prom or celebration in 2022. But if you don’t follow the measure, the consequences will not be pleasant. People who love everything in sequins and gold do not always understand the appropriateness of such outfits. As a result, others consider them magpies, chasing bright sparkles, not taken seriously. What are the nuances in the choice and combination of a gold dress?

Who Is This Luxury For?

Such an outfit suits owners of light skin and soft hair (blonde, red, brown). The gold dress enhances the warm colors and the naturalness of the image. This is not a business dress, this kind of dress will not go to a conference. Whatever the cut, even if worn with a blue or black jacket, still looks solemn. Therefore, such attire is typically worn for a solemn event such as a wedding or graduation ball.

A long gold dress with sleeves fits any dress code for the evening. Follow these tips to make sure the gold outfit suits you:

  1. V-neck emphasizes the cleavage area, but keep in mind that the image will be more candid, so it is unnecessary to epithet unnecessarily.
  2. Light drapery will give it if there is not enough volume in the neckline area.
  3. If you open the back, cover the chest. Otherwise, the image will be vulgar and uninhibited.
  4. A thin rhinestone belt accentuates the woman’s waist.

Short dresses are a more clubby option. How to choose a short gold dress to look attractive?

  1. Flaws of the figure will help hide a short loose cut dress, which would look unobtrusive.
  2. A dress that is flared at the bottom or slightly puffy will help hide wide disproportionate hips.
  3. A draped neckline will give volume, but the woman will not be vulgar.
  4. Over-the-waist line will emphasize the shape, cover flaws or vice versa, and highlight the advantages.

Choosing A Gold Dress

Lurex in golden tones is a gorgeous option for a gala evening. Satin and silk decorated with lace, embroidered with patterns and sequins are also suitable. Try not to choose too complicated models. This will look like a hodgepodge – a bright dress, cutting the eye, should be simpler.

And the best combination is gold with black, red, blue or pink. Pink shoes or a strap will look lovely with such an outfit. Famous couturiers with world names advise to dress in a golden dress to conquer an event or a prom. Any dress will be the theme of the evening or day, especially with long sleeves and a bare back.

It is a misconception that gold outfits are frivolous, that windy individuals wear them. However, even the most luxurious outfit can be ruined by the wrong accessories, such as excessive amounts of sequins in addition to gold. A dress with gold looks harmoniously in 2022 with any occasion and at any time, both with long sleeves and short sleeves.

What Goes With Gold Dress

Because the colour is luxurious and rich, the accessories should only highlight its beauty. A light delicate shawl or cape of beige-neutral colour will not spoil the image, and it can be removed at any time. A large load of accessories can spoil the appearance, and the dress will become aggressive. If the dress is worn on a youth evening, a short loose or fitted piece will look gorgeous with a black or red clutch and the same shoes in beige. It is best to remove the bag if it is a belt, and the shoes should be soft pink.

A golden floor-length dress with a bare back is unbeatable. Soft beige or pink shoes are suitable, as well as a small handbag to match.

You can buy a coloured dress with gold inserts if it’s a prom night. For a club option – a red dress with gold accessories and black shoes. A romantic date should be feminine, a pink or white dress, and the same shoes will help. Each option reveals an image in its own way. Couturiers in 2022 do not recommend wearing additional jewelry, using handbags with gold chains and inserts. But shoes and straps for each image are different.

What Shoes To Choose For Gold Dress

If you cannot decide on a shoe’s color, choose beige and a gentle shade. This is a win-win variant that will not spoil, will not add zest, it will just look nice. It is advisable not to choose a wedge because it weighs it down.

If the dress is black or red and has gold inlays and sequins, it is better not to wear shoes of the same scale, it blends. Black shoes with original inclusions or designs can be experimented with. Cocktail dresses with lace require shoes in a calm colour. It is better for brides to avoid gold shoes and puffy shapes, especially if the dress is floor-length.

If it is difficult to choose a favorable shoe for yourself, take the outfit with you to the store. Ask for advice from consultants, they will be happy to select the right option for you, suggest possible combinations.

Accessories For The Golden Dress

The gold fabric looks very dressy and sometimes even luxurious, so do not wear unnecessary costume jewelry. The dress will not tolerate metal accessories and bracelets with gilding. It will be oppressive and catchy. There should be lightness and airiness.

  • Bright jewelry should not be on a cocktail dress with gold embroidery, especially in large quantities. Discreet amber earrings or a pendant made of a dark stone will do.
  • For a short dress, tights are important, they should not be rough (no more than 20 denes). The colour is either black or beige-bodied.
  • The belt can contain gold or rhinestones, if it is thin, try black leather, which would emphasize the loose shape of the dress.


Makeup must be carefully chosen, as the skin looks painfully pale or completely changes its appearance.

Shades of gold will help even out facial irregularities if the outfit is of a different colour. In contrast, gold in appearance will make one look like a pale toad. For a bride, it is better not to wear such shades, as in the evening all the beauty will lose colour and will fade. Use a liquid eyeliner to highlight the eyes. A golden dress does not look good with light and delicate makeup (natural). You can wear false eyelashes, and abandon the shadows or do a tuxedo-eye.

A gold dress is a very complex option but quite successful. A woman experienced in fashion can try such an experiment. Remember that minimalism is subordinate to gold, so a girl in a gold dress will literally shine at the gala.

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