Double French Manicure: 50 photos

The classic French manicure is beautiful, but sometimes it looks too boring. It will help to emphasize style and express individuality double French – in photos and in life it looks much more effective, and also allows you to experiment with colors.

Let’s figure out what varieties of double French manicure there are, and how to repeat them.

What Is a Double French Manicure?

Double French is a subspecies of two-color French, and it’s also an untried solution for fashionistas who want a beautiful, but stylish and original manicure. Replicating this design is easy – instead of one line of French manicure, you need to draw two – at a distance from each other or different colors, decorations or designs.

Nail Shapes for Double French

French manicure – universal and suitable for any nail shape: sharp, almond-shaped, square, oval.

Stylists recommend repeating the french lines on the cut of the nail plate – this is a universal option that will look great in any case. That is, if the nail is oval, then the color or glitter line should be the same.

But! Double French can also correct the shape of the nail if it does not suit you. For example, to make a square plate more pointed – for this you only need to make the lines a little wider at the ends and as if to extend them to the cuticle. But such a design is only suitable for long nails.

This works the other way as well. For example, if you want to make an oval or almond-shaped nail straighter, you have to make the lines straight and contrasting. Try and experiment, but in the meantime, we’ll show you the double French on different nail shapes and designs.

  • Sharp

  • Almond-shaped

  • Square

  • Oval


Short nails are in fashion now, because it’s comfortable. And the combined french looks great on short lengths, but still has a few peculiarities:

  • If you do not want to make the nail even shorter, then do not use similar colors – let the lines be contrasting;
  • Do not draw wide lines, otherwise the picture can be garish.

How short can nails be? Anything! The double stripe technique is even used for pedicures. But your nails must be straight, as a double french will emphasize the contour of the nail plate.


There is no denying that on long nails with a free edge of 5mm or more, the French looks much more exquisite. But here another point is important – that all the nails were the same length, and the pattern itself on both hands was symmetrical.

Color Combinations For Double French Manicure

Double-french can be called a truly universal, because the lines can be drawn in different colors, as well as in the colors of the same spectrum.

With white.

If white is chosen as the main color, then the additional tone can be almost anything:

  • from pastel – for a romantic mood or strictly dress code to the office;
  • to bright, dark and shiny options for a holiday or party.

With red and coral

The ideal colors to combine with red are white, black, and gold. Of course, you can find interesting options with blue, but it is the trio of red/white/black that looks most effective.

To enhance this effect, you can experiment with textures. For example, make one strip matte and the other glossy.

With green

Green is quite a complex color to wear on the nails, so you should also start experimenting with it with classic black and white tones or sequins. The best green manicure looks best themed, for example:

  • with palm leaves – on vacation;
  • with sequins – for the New Year.

Blue and Silver

A very spectacular combination not for every day, suitable for creative personalities or for a party or holiday. The blue and silver manicure will look especially spectacular with the addition of rhinestones, but it is not an option for every day.

For a more casual look, you can pick combinations with white, black or yellow.

Black and White

This is already so classic that it may even look boring, although it is as versatile as possible. We suggest not doing the classic double-french, but experimenting with geometric shapes – it will look much fresher and more interesting.


White with silver

A classic and delicate option that would look great at a party, in the office, or at the altar. Silver can be replaced with foil for an even more versatile design.

Black and Gold

Black and gold is originally a very expensive combination, so it will have to match all the images. Under such a luxurious manicure you will not wear sports pants and sneakers, a pencil skirt that sits perfectly on the figure, and a fine perfume will do here.

But the gold here, too, can be replaced by foil.

Double French Manicure Designs

If you think that a double-french is just two stripes, you’re wrong, so there are many ways to dilute and update such a classic. Let’s show you the novelties of 2022.


A great option for those who can’t yet dare to experiment much. The classic double french involves applying one white band on the tip of the nail (as in a regular french), and the other band can be gold, silver or a brighter color.

Rhinestones and sequins

A variation of the classic double-french, but which is more suitable for a party or holiday – the first line is still white, and the second was replaced by a country of various colors, from silver to the brightest.

The choice of color depends on the boldness of the girl and her outfit. But one thing is clear, a double colored manicure with sequins will attract maximum attention.


Another, almost classic option is to draw two wide stripes, but in this case, the first does not have to be white. It can be any two colors. No additional decorations or drawings are applied, that’s why this manicure is called minimalist.


A more complicated version of the minimalist manicure, because here it is important to come up with and observe the geometric design. The tip of the nail is decorated with strict geometric shapes and lines. If you keep the calm colors, you get a strict and original manicure, suitable even for everyday work.

Two strips

This variation of the double French also resembles a classic manicure: two narrow multi-colored lines are drawn on the tip of the nail. This manicure is sure to attract attention and leave no one indifferent.


A particularly original solution would be a drawing on a double french. This can be as serious images of flowers and butterflies, as well as simple patterns in the form of dots and stripes. Usually they are carried out with a contrast to the background varnish – it looks amazing.

You can choose a pattern according to the season: in summer – flowers, and in winter – snowflakes.


Asymmetry looks very interesting on the nails, so this double French at least once is definitely worth doing. The manicure looks exquisite and neat. The drawing seems to shift to one of the rollers and does not cover the entire tip of the nail.

Fine lines

A very original manicure that requires skill. The idea is to draw two thin lines, most often of the same color, at a distance from each other. And this distance can be made with the background color of the nail or another. The lines themselves can also be any color from silver to black.


If you are not confident in your own abilities to draw a thin straight line, you can resort to trickery and use a special foil. With its help, prints are made on the tip of the nail – it looks very stylish and original. And most importantly, even a child can do it!


The double French manicure is really versatile – it can be worn for holidays as well as every day. Now we are going to prove it!

New Year’s Eve

It seems that the New Year’s Eve manicure is never “too much”, so here you can make all your wishes come true at once. The New Year’s Eve double-french often uses white, red, blue and green. In addition, patterns in the form of dots and snowflakes are added. A great option to create a New Year’s mood!



Double French for a wedding is difficult to perform, but the manicure is definitely worth it, because it looks the most gentle and feminine. Usually the nails are made in soft pink and white colors with the addition of stones. The coloring goes perfectly with the dress.


For an everyday double-french, it is better to abandon bright and shiny details in favor of something versatile. Don’t forget the history of the French manicure. It was originally created as a universal option for Hollywood actresses and actresses in response to their complaints that it was difficult to choose a color that would fit all the performances.

Choose the classic double-french, leaving the main line white and adding colors or gold/silver shades to the second line. Such a manicure will always look neat and stylish.

How to Make It Yourself

To make a double French manicure without preparation is quite difficult. It is better to go to the salon for the first time and observe the actions of the master specifically on your nails. Accuracy and sensitivity are important, so it is better to practice doing the classic French first, and only then move on to the double.

Beginners are better to use gel-lacquers – they do not dry without a lamp, so an even, perfect line can be drawn and 10 minutes. In addition, this manicure is more durable and lasts longer.

The disadvantage of gel-lacquers is that they also require a special base, top, and a liquid to remove the sticky layer. And you have to dry it all in a special UV lamp.

This is what double French step by step looks like:

  1. Hands are degreased and disinfected.
  2. Nails are filed to the desired shape, and the main color is applied.
  3. A special thin brush is used to draw the lines. It is important to take a break between the first and second line (if you paint with regular polish) to mix the colors. You can simply dry the gel polish in the lamp.
  4. Cover the nail with a top or clear varnish.
  5. Treat the cuticle with oil.

Double French is a great solution for stylish and modern girls who want to be in trend regardless of the occasion and season.

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