Doing Burgundy Makeup Right: The Secrets Of The Masters

There has always been an ambivalent attitude toward burgundy makeup. Girls and women for a long time thought that makeup with burgundy colours looked too bold, and not wanting to draw attention to themselves, refused the wine lipstick and shadows. About four years ago, that all changed: top Channel stylists said burgundy shades are now mandatory not only in evening makeup but all kinds of daytime makeup.

Who Is Burgundy Makeup For?

Before you take tips from fashion designers, you need to determine whether makeup in burgundy tones suits you.

With this colour, you can set accents suitable for girls with perfect facial proportions. If you have a prominent lower jaw, for example, then using burgundy lipstick will draw extra attention to this part of the face. If you do not want to ruin yourself with burgundy shades of cosmetics, consider that it:

  • Not suitable for those with bags and circles under the eyes;
  • Not suitable for blue or gray eyes;
  • Not suitable for girls with fair skin;
  • should be used with caution by blondes.

How not to make a mistake and find your image? First, you must study and analyze the best makeup ideas in burgundy tones. So, note that blondes and beauties with pale skin suit rose gold and cosmetics in bright red tones. But to keep your eyes from looking weepy, you should use mascara and eyeliner in brown.

For brunettes it is much easier to make a beautiful burgundy makeup, because absolutely everything from this colour range suits them. You can use a rich burgundy colour or choose pastel shades for a casual look. Both bright and calm shades of burgundy suit brunettes, but to make the look expressive and not tired, you should use black eyeliner and mascara.

Choosing Cosmetics

At the beginning of the last century, fashionistas had only red lipstick in their arsenal. Today, much has changed, and now the cosmetic bag can hold red lipstick:

  • red mascara;
  • red shadows;
  • scarlet lipstick;
  • red eyeliner;
  • burgundy pencil;
  • red blushes.

It is important to understand that you should not use all these cosmetics simultaneously. Just use one or two products to make an accent – that will be enough. Red mascara suits both brunettes and blondes. But to make your eyelashes look beautiful, you should correctly pick up the shadows. Red mascara combines well with gray and red shadows. Also, with bright red or burgundy mascara, you can make an incredibly stylish smokey eye using brown and gold shades together with gray. This is a great idea for evening makeup. It will go perfectly with a black floor dress and gold jewelry with garnet.

Red arrows haven’t gone out of style for several seasons in a row. They can be done with a hard pencil or liquid eyeliner. Red arrows are often present in the makeup of fair-haired or fiery redheads. The arrows do not need to be supplemented with bright shadows for the image to turn out stylish but not screaming. For the expressiveness of the look, it is enough only on the inner part of the eyelid to apply a light shadow. You can accentuate the lips in the makeup with red arrows – with the right choice of shades. It will look luxurious.

Just use red arrows and pale matte lipstick to create the perfect daytime makeup. The arrow, slightly upward, makes your look incredibly feminine and romantic.

Burgundy Eyeshadow And Lipstick: How Not To Make A Wrong Choice?

Almost all brands offer a very rich palette of shadows for burgundy makeup. And to choose the right colour and shade for you, you need to try and find your combination. If you still do not have the skills to create burgundy makeup, you can opt for palettes of shadows from Korean manufacturers. They are inexpensive, not bad to wear and look good. You can buy them to try them out, and if it turns out that red shadows suit you perfectly, next time, buy a palette from a luxury manufacturer.

By the way, the famous European and American brands of burgundy eye makeup offer shadows in restrained shades. These shades are so calm that they can create daytime makeup. And to highlight the eyes, you need to do bright burgundy makeup and use black eyeliner and mascara. First, apply a light matte shadow on the inner eyelid for a cocktail look, which gradually changes to a powdery red. The eye contour can be emphasized with a very thin black eyeliner. You can do sunset-style eye makeup for a dinner party – use red and all sorts of warm brown and golden shades.

Bright burgundy makeup can be done with the right lipstick. Surprisingly, the makeup with burgundy lipstick suits the vast majority of women. You need not make a mistake with the choice of shade and be able to apply the lipstick correctly along the contour. To make it last a long time, it is better to apply a protective wax or balm, and the lip contour should be marked with a pencil, which is a couple of shades darker than the lipstick itself – then the lips will be even more expressive.

Burgundy-coloured cosmetics can not only accentuate but also highlight flaws, so before you make fashionable burgundy-coloured makeup, you should cure any inflammation and skin tone. The makeup itself must be applied on a special foundation for makeup. The burgundy makeup suits many people. You need to choose it correctly.

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