DIY Halloween Photo Zone Ideas

Photo zone for Halloween, made with own hands – this is the easiest option for decor. Unusual photos will add bright emotions, and at the same time such a solution will not require serious expenses.

You can, of course, trust the professionals and order a themed photo shoot at any photo studio you like. Photos in this case will be of high quality and entourage, but the right mood is likely to be a problem. After all, you can not rejoice and have fun strictly by order, strictly in the paid period of time.

A home party looks better in this regard. You can decorate the house in advance. This will allow you to arrange a photo shoot in the style of Halloween at any appropriate moment. And by including your imagination, and periodically changing the decorations, you can construct several themed photo zones:

  • The scary one is for adults;
  • Sweet – for children;
  • Creative for young people.

It is also worth considering the location of the photo area.

Where to set up Halloween photo zone?

In the house, it is desirable to choose a place that gets the most natural light. This way the pictures will be clearer and brighter.

But the decorations should not interfere with free movement. Especially if the house is planning a party with many guests. In this case, it is worth limiting yourself to stickers or themed drawings.


They don’t have to be exclusively on the walls. Windows, doors, floor and ceiling – any available surface will do. The main thing is that such decorations can be easily removed without damaging the furniture and decorations.

If space allows, it is better to allocate a separate room, or at least a part of it, for the photo area. That way, there will be more available angles for original photos.

And by “playing” with the light, you can get completely different pictures, even using the same decorations. The absence of bright lights, will add gloominess to the images. The main thing is to have enough camera power to work in a dark room.

Do not forget about the older generation. They may not appreciate the idea of special posing in the decorations, but they will take a few photos at the table with pleasure. So it is advisable to decorate the dining area and the treats themselves. So banal photos will get their “zest”.

Residents of private homes can arrange an area for a photo shoot on the terrace or in the garden. But in this case, the attributes for the decor should be more durable and, preferably, moisture-resistant. After all, fall is the season of winds and rains. Decorations should be chosen so that they could “survive” possible bad weather without losses.

In this case, you can use everything, for example, to beat the outbuildings or any element of the landscape.

For inspiration, below are the most relevant and original ideas for 2021.


Even the scariest monster in inflated form is perceived as a cute toy. That’s why this photo area is best for children.

Black and orange balloons are great for emphasizing the atmosphere of Halloween. If there is a desire to dilute this color tandem, it is better to complement it with white, transparent, silver or gold balloons. Contrasting shades (red, green, pink, etc.) should be treated with caution. Photos with an abundance of bright accents look unprofessional.

It is not necessary to use only round balls. Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of shapes and sizes. Naturally, such a holiday as Halloween is also not left out of the attention of marketers, so you can find many types of inflatable pumpkins, bats, spiders and even witches on sale.

The downside of this solution is that a large, beautiful photo area would require quite a lot of balloons. In a school, cafe or children’s center it is quite easy to arrange. But at home, such an inflatable arch would be a very expensive treat.

But if you want, you can save a lot of money on this kind of decor.

It’s enough to buy regular round balloons instead of tinfoil and shaped balloons. Funny faces or angry grimaces are easy to make yourself. To do this, you can use a black marker or duct tape. So an ordinary balloon will quickly turn into a themed lantern of Jack or an evil skeleton. And complementing the black ball with “legs” of paper or tape, you can get a wonderful spider.

It is just as easy to make ghosts. To make them you need only a piece of white gauze or old curtains (solid color, no embroidery or flowers). Such balloon decorations will look no less interesting and atmospheric in the frame.


The pumpkin is almost the main attribute of Halloween. It was originally the day on which Pagans celebrated Samhain, the celebration of the end of the harvest.

Previously, only natural vegetables were used, gradually transformed into Jack lanterns with carved, angry grimaces. But now designers use anything that even remotely resembles a ripe pumpkin.

The photo area can be decorated with any available option.

The classic solution is to cut out the original Jack lantern. All you need is a sharp knife and the right pattern for the sketch.

Pumpkin is a dense vegetable, and cutting it is quite difficult. Without certain skills you can easily get injured. Therefore, you need to work with caution.

The design can be as sweet as it is downright sinister. It all depends on the composition of the participants of the future photo shoot. If you put a lit tealight candle inside, the photos will be more spectacular. But in this case it is necessary to observe safety precautions.

If there is no desire to carve, you can not cut out the desired pattern, but to draw or glue.

This solution will help to hide defects in the natural color of the pumpkin.

If there is no real vegetable at hand, it can be made from any improvised means: fabric, paper, thread, plasticine, twigs, cardboard or clay.

The beauty of the pumpkin is that it can be used to make a good children’s photo area, as well as downright scary and gloomy decorations that can scare even an adult.


It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have an autumn photo with yellow leaves. For Halloween, this kind of décor is also appropriate. It matches the event and fits in wonderfully with the color palette. Another plus is that these decorations are completely free. It’s enough to go for a walk in the nearest park or forest – and here it is, ready props for a bright photo shoot, literally under your feet.

Leaves will harmoniously dilute the gloomy entourage, black decor. Orange figurative leaves of maple or oak look best in the frame.

Another option is to make an arch of leaves around a fireplace or doorway. But in this case, a lot more “blanks” will be needed.

But this design has a few drawbacks:

  • The foliage dries quite quickly and loses its marketable appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to decorate the photo area just before the holiday;
  • Such décor leaves a lot of debris. Plus, along with leaves, uninvited “guests” can come into the house: spiders, beetles, butterflies and other insects. So the place for a photo shoot with the use of such decorations is better to arrange outside.

The solution can be to replace natural leaves with analogues made of colored paper. But it will take a long time to cut out such decorations.


Even unlit candles look very stylish and interesting in the frame.

But it is necessary to choose strict, laconic models. Cheerful candles left over from the birthday cake will not work in this case. It is also desirable to be concerned with suitable candlesticks.

If the children are not going to participate in the photo shoot, the candles can be gloomy. “Blood stains, nails, and “witch” pins are fine.

Another important point is the arrangement of the candles. With the right arrangement, the pictures will be complemented by spooky, ominous shadows.


But first of all, you need to pay attention to safety.

An open fire should not be left unattended, especially when surrounded by flammable decorations and not quite sober campers.

If in doubt, it is better to use modern LED candles. Such an imitation will look just as good, but will cost a little more.


The main difference between the vampire decorations is the color scheme. While the main hues of Halloween are orange and black, the main tone of “bloodsuckers” is red.

The rest of the attributes are the same: candles, spider webs, skeletons, and other “cute” decorations. That’s why the vampire theme easily fits into an autumn photo shoot. It is enough to add classic black cloaks with red trim to the already ready photo area – and the photos will play with new colors.

The usual pumpkins such outfits do not interfere at all, organically complementing the composition.

And, using small tricks, you can actually create two different photo booths in one. The simplest option is to use white candles in the light and make a photo with lit red candles in the dark. Such a small thing, will completely change the appearance of the decorations. And if you add different makeup and costumes, success is guaranteed!


Bats will be an organic addition to any photo area. It is easy to create such decorations, it is enough to cut out blanks from black paper. You can hang them anywhere: on the walls, on a “web” of gauze or by stringing them on strings to make “floating bats.

If you do not have time for such crafts, you can just buy ready-made stickers for decoration.

Spiders and cobwebs

Before choosing this type of decoration, it is worth checking with the intended guests, whether there are no arachnophobes among them. Otherwise, the scary photo area will remain unclaimed. After all, not everyone likes spiders.

You can buy ready-made decorative cobwebs for decoration. In the packaged version it somewhat resembles absorbent cotton. Prices for this holiday attribute range from three hundred to several thousand rubles. It all depends on the quality and size of such decorations. The color palette is quite rich, there are even options that glow in the dark.

Old gauze and curtains will serve as a substitute for store-bought cobwebs. The only point is not to take guipure with patterns. A spider web in a flower will look, at least, unexpected.


A full-length silhouette is only suitable for an outdoor photo area. Old rubber boots and garden tools can be used here. The main thing is to make sure that the witch does not turn into a scarecrow.

For the home it is better to use drawings on the glass or themed stickers.

Another option is to use only witch paraphernalia. A hat, a broomstick or a cauldron will perfectly replace the wicked witch in the picture. And if there is also a real black cat – it will wonderfully complement the magical photo.

For children’s photo shoots, it’s better to choose kinder analogues. After all, playing witches can also be good fun. It will fill the holiday photos with bright emotions.


The Halloween lantern is a perfect addition to any shot. This decor is suitable for both home and outdoor photo areas.

Another interesting solution is small themed lanterns or entire garlands. You can hang them on the branches of trees, decorating the photos with bright highlights.

Ghosts and ghosts

A simple but original element of the photo area is ghosts and ghosts. They can be made of transparent tape, white sheets or gauze.

Outdoors, these decorations will flutter incessantly in the wind, so all the photos will have a unique backdrop.


Photo area with a skeleton looks creative and atmospheric. Such photos are sure to attract attention and get a lot of likes.

The only disadvantage is the price of the issue. A full-length skeleton costs more than a thousand rubles. Of course, you can build it out of improvised materials. But to make such an epathetic character out of sticks and fabric is not an easy task.

A simpler option is to cut a blank out of wadding paper or cardboard. It will not look as natural, but it will be fine for a photo shoot.

Another option is to turn yourself into a skeleton. Colorful makeup, a little imagination – and the owner of the house will be the main decoration of the photo area.

In any case it is worth remembering that the main attribute of any photo session is a good mood. After all, a photo, first of all, captures the moment and the atmosphere, and any photo area serves only as a background for positive emotions.

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