Detachable Collar: Beautiful Styles For Dresses And Coats

The collars, strangely enough, have been on trend for several seasons in a row. However, few people dare to buy them. Why? The answer is banal: not all fashionable women know how and with what to wear such accessories.

What Is Detachable Collar

The main purpose of any detachable collar is to decorate the neckline and neck area (whether it is worn on a coat or blouse). This product serves as a “necklace.” Also, with the collar, you can create the illusion of a blouse or shirt – it looks exquisite and original if you compare, for example, with the same toppings, which are the top of a blouse.

Detachable collars are bright enough by themselves, which means they can be classified as full-fledged jewelry that does not require any additional accessories or accents.

Detachable Collar Types

To choose a stylish collar for a dress or coat, it is desirable to know the most popular models and, in general, the width of the range.

It would seem, well, what is there to study? Most likely, the concepts of such products are somewhat limited. And this is a deep misconception. Designers do not cease to amaze the sophisticated public with more and more new models of overhead collars.

So, removable collars are divided into the following types:

  • With a rack. These products resemble the regular shirt collar and fit the neck similarly.
  • The lapels are a straightforward form but a wide field for imagination – you can wear and combine them with anything. In addition, the size of such collars is easy to adjust at will.
  • The collar is equal in width to the entire length, and the style is borrowed from the royal outfits of the Byzantine rulers. Usually, the detachable collar has a bright “evening” décor as a decoration.
  • With sharp corners. There are pointed shapes here, making the collars seem austere and a bit daring. But at the same time, they visually elongate the neck, making it more beautiful.
  • With rounded corners – products can be worn only by very young girls.
  • With a clasp in the front, back, or in the form of a bow. In this case, the clasp performs the main aesthetic function. The bows can be very different: white, green, red, blue, etc.
  • Multi-layered. Due to the layering, the volume of the collar visually increases.
  • Made of beads and chains. This jewelry is very reminiscent of a necklace. Especially lovers of pearls and dresses will like such a detachable collar (a great combination).
  • Furry or with feathers. And here, it is necessary to be cautious – the rich texture of these products requires a competent choice and the rest of the outfit. This, of course, does not apply to the usual fur collars for coats.
  • Knitted and textile. Thanks to the use of textiles, collars are made in the most bizarre forms: lace collars, vintage products, etc.
  • Fully decorated. These are models that have a large number of decorations. With the arrival of the new trend, women’s collars have become a favorite place for decor: buttons, rhinestones, meringues, embroidery, beads and more.
  • With partial decorations on the edge or the corners. Another popular type of embellishment for overlay collars, although somewhat lazy.

Why Detachable Collar

  1. It will add finality and some gloss to any dress. It can be a romantic, elegant, chic, evening, austere or playful collar patch.
  2. As a rule, many outfits without additional decorations look boring and simple. Using a layered collar will remedy the situation.
  3. A detachable collar accentuates the face and thus distracts from other parts of the body that you would like to hide.
  4. The model with a high stand in the white or black color is a full-fledged “tuxedo.” Such a collar will instantly turn an ordinary dress into an evening gown.

What To Wear fbeDetachable Collar With

Here, as mentioned earlier, there is a vast choice. But for this stylish accessory to look harmonious, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few rules for its use:

  • Wearing such a product with clothes with their own “native” collar (e.g., coat) provides the choice of model completely covering it.
  • The collar is best combined with a simple cut and style without additional and even more fanciful decor.
  • Almost all models fit a variety of neckline options: coats or dresses with a high neckline, V-neck, asymmetrical, drop-shaped, boat and heart-shaped.
  • A great solution will also be a collar, ideally in harmony with the color of the main clothes. And products with sharp corners will look beautiful not only in casual but also in simple outfits.
  • A detachable stand-up collar is suitable for an evening dress and just as an ordinary accessory.
  • The model with lots of decorations is the best choice for those with a thin, graceful neck.

Designers advise to take into account the shape of the face when choosing collars. For example, ladies with round facial features will suit triangular models, and girls with an oval shape should look at the traditional slightly rounded products and stand-up collars – an ideal choice for winter coats.

Shoes, Bags And Other Jewelry

It is important to choose the proper footwear for the patch collar and any other outfit. If the product is quite strict (office style, etc.), it is better to wear low-heeled pumps or women’s boots with it. Of course, the design of shoes directly depends on the collar trim and the main garment – a simple outfit (coat or blouse) is desirable to complement a brighter shoe (not in terms of color) and vice versa.

As for the bag, its models are also determined by the style of the applied collar. Too voluminous bags with many decors do not suit the layered options. The color should be contrasting.

In this case, jewelry on the neck is not required, but complementing the image with products such as silver or gold earrings, bracelets, etc., would not hurt. It will be quite appropriate to wear original costume jewelry, but not too bright and, especially, not vintage.

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