Denim Vests For Women: What To Wear

Fashion jeans came to us in the last century, and now it isn’t easy to imagine modern life without such a comfortable everyday fabric as denim. Denim surrounds us everywhere: these are pants and skirts, bags and jackets, shorts and breeches, cardigans and accessories. Everyone is accustomed to seeing jeans on us as an everyday and ordinary item of clothing, and standing out from the crowd can help with fashionable denim vests. Such a vest can be handmade by you without much hassle and can also be bought in a store.

A denim vest is easy to combine and wear because it will suit almost any item in your closet. It can be a light-coloured dress, airy blouse, monochrome maxi dress, little black dress, jumpsuit, strict pants or breeches, usual turtleneck or asymmetric tunic. A vest will not only decorate the spring and summer closet but also suit under warm autumn and winter sweaters, boots and scarves. A fashionable denim vest will make even the simplest combination of things profitable and modern.

The number and variety of models of purchased denim vests is incredible. They can be short and elongated, asymmetrical, with a collar and pockets, with a hood and with sleeves of all kinds of variations. However, the most fashionable and stylish vest you can create from scratch yourself or update an existing one.

The elongated hooded vest with a warm lining is a trend this fall and spring. It is warm and cozy, fashionable, and easy to wear with any clothes. A denim vest with lace and beaded embroidery combined with a lightweight dress is the best look for a first date. You can also create your perfect vest yourself!

How To Create A Unique Fashion Vest Yourself?

The first way is to update an existing women’s vest. For this, we may need the following:

  1. Lace
  2. Beads, beads, rivets, buttons
  3. Thermal applications, patches
  4. Brooches
  5. Paillettes
  6. Lace
  7. Patterned fabrics
  8. Monochrome fabrics
  9. Leather and Fur
  10. Silk threads

Thanks to the lace, you can make beautiful inserts on the back, sleeves and the lower contour of the vest. White lace inserts will give a romantic look, and black ones will make them fashionable and even a little daring. Don’t forget that you can replace pieces of denim with lace, but you can also sew it on top of the fabric.

Beads can be used to create a fringe at the hem of the vest or, for example, to make a beaded collar, sleeves or hood. Such a look is suitable for cheerful and active girls. Vest with embroidered with sequins sidewall, combined with a monochrome T-shirt is perfect for going to a club or a party. Rivets and studs on the vest, as well as its large size, are suitable for creating a provocative and brutal image.

Thermal appliques and patches are easy to use. They are very easy to create a bright and fashionable image. You can rip them off and change the image completely if you want. It is even easier with brooches: you can change them more often, creating new fashionable images. Brooch in the form of flowers, butterflies, and birds will make the image very gentle and feminine. Lizards, and abstract or monochrome black brooches, will add elegance and absence of constraint to the classic image together with a denim vest. However, appliques are more suitable for sports and casual styles, and brooches for romantic and classic styles, so you should also choose and wear the appropriate clothes.

The lace will look good if you embroider creative patterns on the vertical line of the clasp or the hood seam. Silk threads can embroider floral or abstract patterns on the back with an edging in the form of a star or heart. Everything is limited only by your imagination and patience when updating your vest.

Fabric with a pattern can make an interesting bright lining, sew a hood or replace the pockets. You’ll get a stylish accent that is not conspicuous but decorates and complements the image. The vertical fur on the vest will stretch your figure and make the image modern, stylish and ultra fashionable. If you make an edging of black or brown leather along the elongated vest, this piece can be worn instead of your favourite raincoat or windbreaker with a dress, pants or another favourite thing.

Patchwork Vest

The second option is more labor-intensive, but if you resort to it, then no one will have such a unique thing – it is to make a vest with your own hands in patchwork style. Patchwork is a type of needlework, when small pieces of fabric are used to create large masterpieces.

To create a patchwork denim vest, we will need the following:

  1. Old denim things: jeans, raincoats, handbags, vests, or just scraps.
  2. Sewing machine and sewing accessories.
  3. The pattern of the vest.
  4. Your imagination and a little patience.

Patchwork is a labour-intensive but fascinating process. For a vest, you can take old worn jeans in different shades. When creating a unique thing, it is important to remember that initially, it is worth sketching a rough sketch of the pattern, preferably several variants, especially if the model is planned from small parts. Choose one sketch and bring it to a constructive conclusion. Also, take matching colours of jeans, because in any case, the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to look complete nonsense.

Divide the pattern into parts, and let it be a kind of puzzle in front of you. All that remains is to cut out the pieces of your mosaic fabric, sew it together, smooth it out and finish the seams. For your piece to be sturdy, fit well and be a pleasure to wear, place each patchwork on the fleece fabric – this will give strength to the piece and look very neat on you. This is how easy it is to create the perfect patchwork denim vest.

Don’t just limit yourself to store-bought items. Create new ones from the material you have in your closet. Create your perfect fashions and wear them with pleasure!

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