Denim Skirt Is A Modern Classic

Denim skirts, an attribute of the exclusively teenage closet, are a thing of the past. This fall, designers have shown that a modern denim skirt is a central detail of an ultra fashionable image. The most famous fashion designers experiment with denim, so the conclusion is obvious: denim skirts are practical and fashionable!

Fashionable denim skirt with snap front

The best styles of denim skirts for women:

  • Short miniskirts are a great choice for a slender figure;
  • Trapeze skirt (A-silhouette) in midi or maxi length to create a feminine look;
  • A pencil skirt is a classic option for any occasion;
  • The maxi skirt is a bohemian choice, a comfortable and topical solution for every day.

Simple denim mini skirt

Denim mini skirt with shirt

Denim trapeze skirt with buttons in front

Denim mini sun skirt with a loose white t-shirt

“Ripped” denim pencil skirt with a white shirt

Classic denim pencil skirt

Denim maxi skirt with strap and loose white shirt

Image with a denim maxi skirt

Denim Skirts For Women How To Choose

To answer the question: “With what to wear a jeans skirt?” you must first decide on the style. After all, what is suitable for the mini will be quite inappropriate in combination with the maxi. Choosing a stylish denim skirt should approach seriously, focusing only on the proportions of his own body. Fashionable jeans and skirts complex styles may look great on the model in a magazine for women, but you absolutely do not fit. And it may turn out the opposite – models that you think are too bold will fit perfectly – so do not be afraid to experiment.

Turtleneck, high boots and denim miniskirt

White shirt and denim sun skirt with solid shoes

Denim miniskirt with buttons, white blouse and cardigan

Denim pencil skirt with slit

Black short sleeve sweatshirt and trapeze skirt in denim

Even women of royal forms today can find a fashionable denim skirt in large sizes. Famous brands and democratic brands launch clothing lines of “plus” size, so it is not difficult to find jean skirts for full girls. Short skirt suits girls with shapely legs, and denim models in classic blue – no exception. But women with a full figure should carefully choose a skirt style, because it should not just sit well, but also to emphasize the advantages, skillfully hiding flaws.

Denim skirts for the overweight are skirts with a high fit and loose fit. Very popular are mid-length (midi) trapeze skirts. Skirts of large size will look great with a t-shirt, white shirt or blouse, not overloaded with details. Such an outfit will allow you to look fashionable, preserving your individuality. And the trapeze skirt does not have to be blue – in the fall, tobacco, brown, gray and black colours are appropriate. Finish the image with comfortable shoes, heels, and an elegant jacket or jacket.

Image with a denim skirt for a puffy figure

Denim trapeze skirt for large women

Denim skirt with a high waist and black top

Styles Of Skirts

Pencil skirt – a universal model that will suit women with any shape. But there are nuances in the selection of a denim pencil skirt. To visually increase the growth, choose a model with an overstated midi-length waist and fastener in front. And if you want to emphasize the hips – give preference to straight and slightly tight models. Tucked-in T-shirts, blouses and white shirts look great with a blue pencil skirt, provided that the fabric of the skirt is thick enough. That is why designers like to complicate pencil skirts with additional cutting elements such as basques, ruffles, and bows. In the fall, completing the image will help with an elegant coat or a short jacket.

Denim pencil skirt with a white cropped top

Denim “ripped” pencil skirt and denim shirt

Business look with a denim pencil skirt

Denim pencil skirt with front slit

Denim pencil skirt, white print t-shirt and jacket

Denim pencil skirt with a high waist and loose denim shirt

The denim sun skirt will draw attention to the hips. Slender girls deservedly love this women’s model, but if you want to hide the rounded hips, it is better to prefer a classic pencil skirt. The wider the folds of the skirt, the more volume it visually gives. However, there is a skirt cut “sun” and its undeniable advantages. For example, they do not constrain the movement in contrast to the narrow “pencil.” A denim skirt with a lace sun will give a delicate and romantic image. To find the right set for such a skirt – eliminate asymmetry. In the fall, a white blouse or shirt, a stylish jacket, classic shoes, and a perfect business image for women are ready. A blue sun skirt with buttons in the front is perfect for a youth closet in the street style – sneakers and a t-shirt can complement it. Jeans trapeze midi skirts form a successful combination with high boots and suits jackets.

Denim sun skirt with a black blouse

Denim sun skirt with a black cropped top with sleeves

Image with denim sun skirt, white shirt and jacket with floral print

Blue gode skirt is considered to be universal. Such a thing will emphasize the waist and give femininity without increasing the volume. Midi is considered a standard length for a gode skirt. A piece of such length will be part of a stylish business look or suitable for walks. Long denim gode skirts – close to the hips and slightly flared to the hem – are the basis for a whole galaxy of modern fashion images. For those who want to assert themselves, there are gode skirts in the style of “boho” with lace and rich trim or “hippy-chic” with fringe and bright embroidery on the front.

Denim mini skirt in boho style

Skirt Length

This fall midi length has become the main intrigue of the season in fashion collections, and denim was unanimously chosen as the ideal material for the embodiment of fashion ideas. Fans of the avant-garde will be pleased with the denim skirt with buttons of maxi length. Many options represent the comfortable and incredibly fashionable maxi length. Especially popular among them is the maxi skirt flared from the hip trapeze silhouette in a classic or ethno-style.

Fashionable long denim skirt with large pockets

Women’s skirts are always relevant and fashionable, especially when it comes to denim models. A short denim skirt will never go out of fashion – so it is versatile and comfortable. Of course, only young girls with impeccable figures can afford such an outfit. And to denim miniskirt does not resemble a schoolgirl from the 90s. Note that today it is more relevant to wear a loose shirt or blouse with a skirt, not a bright, tight-fitting top, to the image in the country-style suit, wide boots and a leather belt. Make your legs slimmer and your gait lighter with graceful sandals, a thin heel, and a miniskirt.

Denim miniskirt with a light white top

In the ’70s, denim skirts were a favorite among hippies for their comfort, sense of freedom and versatility. They were worn with loafers and sneakers, by the way, it’s still one of the most current looks today. In addition, denim skirts will be perfectly combined with any classic closet. In the winter time of the year to the denim skirts will suit perfectly turtlenecks and tight monochrome tights.

Look with a boho-inspired denim skirt

Fall look – denim skirt and black turtleneck

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