Denim Pencil Skirts Are The New Business Casual

The relevance of things made of denim (jeans, overalls, jackets) over time does not decrease. Skirts have only recently acquired the importance of trendy clothing. And the popularity of a variety of models is constantly growing.

Features Of The Denim Pencil Skirt

The uniqueness of clothes made of denim is silly to deny. Stylish things are not difficult to choose for fashionistas of any age and build.

Denim pencil skirt has several distinctive features:

  • The rich colour palette allows you to create original images;
  • the product is slightly narrower at the bottom;
  • Fashionable women can wear thanks to an interesting cut “pencil” with any shape, the clothes delicately disguise body flaws and emphasize the advantages;
  • Thanks to the laconic style skirt successfully fits into closets of all styles and purposes.

For decorating models, you can use different techniques and decor: contrast stitching, torn or worn areas, rivets and buttons, embroidery and applique.


A special twill weave gives the material durability. As a rule, classic denim made of natural cotton fiber has a dark blue front side and a whitish back side.

Dense fabric of high strength is not always appropriate in an everyday closet. For sewing pencil skirts, use materials with Lycra, viscose, and elastane. It is a blended fabric that offers soft stretch and is comfortable to wear.

Stretch models nicely fit the figure and give the image a great look.

But we must remember that clothes made from thin denim “truly” accentuate the figure. Therefore, ladies with beautiful figures should buy a skirt of thick denim.

How To Fit Pencil Skirt

The model is a little narrow at the bottom. This is a great opportunity to give a woman’s figure an hourglass silhouette visually.

Stylists pay attention to some of the nuances of product selection:

  • Denim skirt with a high waist visually makes the fashionista higher, which is important for short girls. It is desirable to pick up shoes with high heels.
  • Plus size women will suit products made of thick denim, without contrast or bright decor (patch pockets, embroidery or large rivets). Optimal option – products in length slightly below the knees, with an high waist.
  • Slim fashionistas with a well-proportioned figure can choose a skirt of stretch or dense material and any style.

If you inflate the waist model “pencil” and apply contrasting vertical stitching, it is easy to visually “stretch” the silhouette.

To make the legs seem longer, skirts should be a bit longer than the knees.

Topical Styles

The fashion trend is skirts with an asymmetrical cut. Jeans are no exception: uneven hems, scuffs on the fabric – a must have for several seasons.

The current trend is high waist. This style, seductively emphasizing roundness of the female figure, is especially popular among fashionable women with a well-proportioned slender build. The skirts of such a cut visually elongate the figure.

It is therefore recommended to look at models for short girls. To complete the fashionable look, it is necessary to choose the right shoes.


Denim skirts come in a wide range of styles. The last thing to consider when choosing the right item is the length. Conventionally, products can be divided into three types:

  • Mini is a great closet item for a young slim fashionista with beautiful legs. Combine the pencil skirt with a tight-fitting top (tops, T-shirts) and loose (summer openwork sweater, dress shirt).
  • The product length “around the knee” is one of the most popular, because for ladies of any age it is easy to find something (in length just above/below the knee). Combine skirts with blouses, T-shirts, summer pullovers or cardigans, shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts.
  • Midi is recommended to wear with flat-soled shoes. Models up to mid-calf length can perfectly combine with tight or loose tops.

When choosing clothing, it is important to consider your height. As long products visually shorten the figure, low fashionistas should select shoes with heels to wear with midi skirts.

Trendy Colors

The modern palette of colours in denim products is very diverse. Blue is considered a classic. Models with neutral colors, however, fit into the trend.


Denim is primarily associated with the blue palette of shades. Such skirts are perfectly complemented by clothes of other colours.

A laconic “pencil” model with a length slightly below the knees and a white shirt (or pastel shades – pink, mint, sandy) will make an impeccable business image. Beige or black shoes will emphasize the office mood.

The pencil skirt fits perfectly into the casual style of everyday life. Combine the denim model with a plaid shirt, wedge sandals, and a leather backpack.

A mini electric shade is a convenient solution for going to the club. Complement the closet with a corset or silk strappy top, platform or high stiletto sandals, and ballet flats.


Bright light shades look fresh and dressy. Blue models successfully fit into business and romantic images with a denim skirt.

A bold solution – a knee-length skirt with a ripped section, a tight-fitting white shirt, beige stiletto heels and a brown tote bag. The right solution for a casual look – graphite shirt with rolled up sleeves, silver leather shoes.

A blouse skirt with an elegant cut in front and a tight-fitting white jersey shirt would be ideal for a date. Stylish white sneakers will modernize the image and give it a fresh, sporty look.


Creating neat images characterized by individuality requires black denim clothes. Moreover, the dark palette solves the problem of puffy shapes: a black pencil skirt will visually convey a slender silhouette.

A stylish version of the look is an orange loose-knit terracotta sweater, midi skirt, light brown shoes with leopard print.

You need to have the latest fashion season – white sneakers, which look good in various situations. Sporty shoes will add a hint of frivolity and creativity to this stylish pair of white sweater and black denim skirt.


Unusual look to any wardrobe will be a white denim skirt. Light-coloured models are most appropriate in summer looks. But we must remember that white visually adds volume to the figure. Thus, most stylists wear white skirts.

The look of a light denim skirt and a short white top with long sleeves looks impeccable. Black stiletto heels add a touch of elegance to the image.

The image of a blue top and pencil skirt looks stylish and fresh. Elegant dark gray leather sandals with heels and a blue clutch add a touch of classic.

How To Wear Denim Pencil Skirt

Denim clothes (laconic or decorated) and all sorts of summer and warm stuff can be combined to create organic and unconventional images.

With a shirt.

This skirt and tight-fitting shirt look both restrained and sexy together. A win-win combination is contrast. White or black shirts will always help to create a stylish image and give expressiveness to the image. When composing a denim-on-denim look, choose a shirt a couple of tones lighter than the bottom.

A plaid shirt and skirt look democratic. Loose cut shirt can easily be thrown over a tank top or top with lightweight straps. For warm weather, wear shirts made of lightweight fabrics (silk, cotton, linen, lightweight denim). In winter, models made of fleece, wool.

With a t-shirt, tank top, top

It’s easy to create all kinds of images, you just need to combine a denim skirt and a knitted, silk top. A stylish solution is to create layered looks with a denim pencil skirt (white T-shirt, skirt and denim vest / loose shirt with rolled up sleeves). Sloppy shoes emphasize sandals on a wedge or sports shoes.

With a blouse

The fashion trend is to combine a skirt and a blouse. Democratic street style suggests choosing blouses of different styles. Laconic blouses made from thick cotton, crepe in muted tones. A dark skirt and white crepe blouse of straight cut with a stand-up collar can be worn together in a business wardrobe if there is no dress code.

Pairing a loose, light blouse with ruffles with a worn mini is a chic look for a summer party. Glittery stiletto sandals, a small clutch, and a small necklace complete the look.


Denim will give a brand-new sound to even boring clothes. A straight jacket without a collar, free-cut, will give an elegant look to a blouse and skirt paired together.

For a business meeting you can wear a model made of navy blue or black denim, a linen single-breasted jacket over a white silk blouse. A pair of leather ankle boots in a beige shade and a clutch will support the image’s restrained character.

Sweater, pullover, sweater

Knitted in fine wool, Jerseys and pullovers can give coziness on a chilly day. Models of any length will look harmoniously in sets with midi or mini pencil skirts. Thin neck scarf or silk scarf will bring a note of aristocracy into the image. The original solution in the spirit of street style is to combine a shabby mini model and a shortened pullover.

A perfect solution – a denim pencil skirt (photo on the web) paired with any sweater. A thin cashmere sweater can be tucked into a skirt with an high waistline. Voluminous knitted sweaters look stylish with black models.

Turtleneck sweater

Thin knit sweater with neckline is a stylish closet item for cool weather. The turtleneck and skirt set can be used for a variety of images. Combination of midi skirt and striped black and white turtleneck looks more democratic and casual.

The look of a button-up denim skirt, a white loose turtleneck with three-quarter sleeves, and black suede booties with open toes is stylish.

Variants with a monochrome top elegantly fit into a business closet. The standard solution is a black turtleneck, navy midi skirt, heeled loafers and tote bag.


Knitted clothes of any length can be easily combined with denim. Knee-length cardigan will perfectly match a denim skirt and turtleneck. This is a great closet for the cool off-season, especially if you wear booties or demi-seasonal boots.

Fashionable trend – things knitted with thick yarn. Cardigans with voluminous sleeves are popular. To compose a stylish image is not difficult: blue knee-length skirt, mint-colored cardigan, white turtleneck and sandy loafers.

With outerwear

The cold season is not a reason to give up denim clothes. In the off-season, denim skirts are combined with a shortened jacket made of denim or leather. Original sets consist of skirts and bombers, cropped knit coats, and hoodies.

Midi models are chosen for the winter. Complement the closet with tights and knit sweaters. Warm fur jacket, sheepskin jacket midi or leather half-coat are excellent additions to the look with a jeans skirt. Street style suggests wearing a knee-length skirt with a leather jacket and suede boots.

How To Choose Shoes

When choosing shoes there are no restrictions. The most reliable reference point is personal preference. Naturally, in everyday life it is more convenient to move in shoes without heels (sneakers, sneakers, sandals, ballet flats, loafers or moccasins). Sabots with low heels, ankle boots, pumps are more feminine.

Stylists recommend taking the situation into account. For a restrained office image, wear classic-looking shoes. On a date it is better to wear feminine sandals. Walking around the city is comfortable in sports shoes or sandals with a low platform.

How To Take Care Of Denim Skirt

The beautiful appearance of the garment is maintained if it is handled correctly. The best option is to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations.
As a rule, denim items are washed in cool water. Since denim skirts can shed, other items are washed separately.

When washing in a machine, it is advisable to use powders without bleach. Rinse clothes better with the addition of conditioner. Spread the wrung out items gently and dry in the shade, as denim under sunlight can quickly burn out.

It is preferable to iron the clothes from the wrong side, through the gauze. The optimum temperature of the iron is 150-160˚.

Stylish Outfits

Midi models with a slim cut go best with bulky, spacious items. In everyday life, a skirt with the length just below the knee and a loose T-shirt are optimal. These shoes will look great with sneakers, ballet flats, and sandals with a wedge or flat-sole.

For the office wardrobe, a set of skirts up to mid-shin length, knitted turtleneck sweater, wide-heeled shoes.

A fashion element – a tunic-coat that will elegantly complete any outfit.

Stylist Tips

To create an organic image it is imperative to pair the top and denim. A few fashionable wishes of the designers:

  • Mini-skirts are chosen a simple and concise top, so as not to overload the image;
  • Skirts maxi stylishly complement the sweaters or pullovers with bright ornaments, products of large knitting;
  • Denim models with raw edges or decorated with fringes are good to combine with plain t-shirts, knitted turtlenecks, sweaters.

The trend of recent seasons – denim skirts with worn areas, patches. There are almost no restrictions on what to wear with the denim pencil skirt torn look: jumpsuits, knitted pullovers, oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts, and monochrome sleeveless blouses are excellent choices.

Denim pencil skirt is a must-have closet item to create flawless images. It is imperative to stick to a certain style when choosing accessories, other things and shoes.

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